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Applied Chemistry (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Thermochemical properties of small oxygenated sulfur hydrocarbons and kinetics - reaction pathways of methylthiomethyl radical with oxygen Jin, Fei Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-130
Synthesis and application of novel chiral ionic liquids derived from alpha-pinene Wang, Yun Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-103
Novel synthesis of 2-methyl-3, 4, 5-trichloropyrimidine Goldman, Daniel M. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-032
Coating of aluminum powder with polymers in supercritical carbon dioxide Yuan, Li Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-030
Thermochemical properties of methyl and chloro-methyl hyplochlorites and ethers and reaction of methyl radical with CLO Jung, Dawoon MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-057
Structures, intermolecular rotation barriers, and thermodynamic properties of chlorinated methanols and chlorinated methyl hydroperoxides Sun, Hongyan MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-085
Sustainable green manufacturing of energetic materials Formeza, Ted Alex MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-015
Role of zeta potential in micro-carrier process Mehta, Pallavi MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-080
Comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) of phenyl ring substituted methylphenidates Misra, Milind MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-002
Catalyctic reduction of nitric oxide by copper catalyzed granular activated carbon in the presence of oxygen Xiao, Shan MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-108
Catalyctic reduction of nitric oxide by carbon monoxide and copper loaded granular activated carbon in the presence of oxygen Ma, Kaiwen MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-073
In vitro cytotoxicity study of glutaraldehyde and no-react treated bioprosthetic heart valves and the aortic wall Ongosi, Roger MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-083
Development and field testing of pulse introduction membrane extraction (PIME) for measurement of ground water contamination San Juan, Anthony MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-097
Thermodynamic properties of chlorocarbons and kinetic analysis for a- and b -addition of OH+C2H3CL Zhu, Li MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-117
Oxidized sterols in patients with diabetic heart disease and microwave-mediated stereoselective synthesis of 3-keto cholesterol and cholesterol epoxide, cholesteryl ester epoxides Kothavale, Meenakashi N. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-063
Catalytic control of nitric oxide with gaseous or solid reducing materials Tang, Xiaoyong MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-096
Continuous monitoring of volatile organic compound emissions using microtrap based injection technique and gas chromatography Chen, Wenjun MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-088
Speciation and determination of trace lead : methodology development and analysis of natural waters using Chelex-100 and GFAAS Ma, Xidan MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-066
Construction of accurate molecular models using laser stereolithography and determination of NMR spectra for amiloride hydrochloride and its free base Ofsievich, Ana Deborah MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-073
The reactions of NOX with diesel soot over Cu-ZSM-5 catalyst Sun, Shu MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-121
The effect of deposition of H2S on the catalyst activity of 1.5 % Pt on [gamma]-Al2O3 Zhu, Ping MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-116
Synthesis and characterization of silicon dioxide thin films by plasma enhances chemical vapor deposition from diethylsilane and nitrous oxide Chen, Lan MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-074
Removal of chlorinated hydrocarbons from water by air stripping and solvent sublation Gami, Alpana MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-082
Volatilization of contaminants from wastewater Wu, Shaoyan MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-123
Factors effecting calcification of bioprosthetic heart valves Yu, Sumei MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-125
The application of stereolithography to the creation of molecular models of amiloride and its analogues Busanic, Thomas John MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-066
Oxidation of Cyclohexene with aqueous potassium peroxymonosulfate at pH < 1.7 Sun, Wen-Qing MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-140
Catalytic oxidation of chlorinated hydrocarbons over powdered transition metal oxide Xu, Sanmei MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-144
Nitric oxide absorption from flue gas with cumene hydroperoxide solution Chen, Chung-Der MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-067
An elementary reaction model for thermal decomposition of CF2Cl2 in a H2 atmosphere and experimental studies on oxidation of CH3OH plus CH4 under fuel rich, stoichiometric and fuel lean conditions Guo, Cheng MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-088
Selective no absorption from gas streams with tertiary organic hydroperoxide solutions Ao, Huihong MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-034
I. Removal of chromium from a highly contaminated soil/slag matrix by soil washing at low ph, II. Removal of chromium from impregnated clay matrices by soil washing at low ph Gotlieb, Erez MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-039
Design of stable Di and tetraradical nitroxides as magnetic resonance imaging agents Iyer, Radha V. MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-049
The removal HCl from hot gases with calcium compounds Lao, Qian MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-041
The use of Henry's law constants in the determination of factors that influence VOC concentration in aqueous and gaseous phases in wastewater treatment plant Yu, Hui-Zhi MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-013
Investigations of substitution of Bi and Tl for rare earth elements in superconducting RBa2Cu3Oy Tang, Jian MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-071
Synthesis of cyclobutenyl ketals Boulos, Atef Z. MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-021
Applied Mathematics (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Bright light therapy and depression: assessing suitability using entrainment maps Mainwaring, Charles A. Contact the author MS ©2023 njit-etd2023-008
Finite element modeling of underwater acoustic environments and domain decomposition methods Ozochiawaeze, General Contact the author MS ©2021 njit-etd2021-025
Dynamical systems associated with particle flow models : theory and numerical methods Samulyak, Roman V. PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-050
Bootstrapping TSMARS models Chen, Liangzhong MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-045
Microwave heating of fluid/solid layers : a study of hydrodynamic stability and melting front propagation Gilchrist, John PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-024
Diffusive and wavelike phenomena in thermal processing of materials Pelesko, John A. PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-032
Applications of binary sequence of order k Jiang, Xulun MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-093
The flow approach to swept volume Jiang, Haitao MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-096
Finite-element ray tracing Liu, Yong-chun MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-114
Bayesian methods in preoperative risk assessment for cardiac surgery Teng, Huey-chung MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-149
Deconvolution techniques with applications in cardiovascular systems analysis Rajaram, Lakshminarayan MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-011
Random genetic drift diffusion model and deterministic and stochastic models of epidemics Loney, Norman W. Contact the author MS ©1985 njit-etd1985-007
Applied Physics (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Exploring topological phonons in different length scales: microtubules and acoustic metamaterials Chen, Ssu-Ying Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-037
Coronal magnetometry and energy release in solar flares Wei, Yuqian Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-031
Waves and oscillations in a sunspot: Observations and modeling of noaa ar 12470 Chai, Yi Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-012
Photonic monitoring of atmospheric fauna Genoud, Adrien P. Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-053
Understanding the role of magnetic field evolution in the initiation and development of solar eruptions Liu, Nian Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-039
Diagnostics of energy release in solar flares with radio dynamic imaging spectroscopy Luo, Yingjie Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-041
Helioseismic diagnostics of active regions and their magnetic fields Stefan, John T. Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-058
Interactions of amyloid peptides with lipid membranes Yang, Yanxing Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-062
Radio diagnostics of particles and plasma in the solar corona Chhabra, Sherry Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-003
Assembly and detection of 3-D QR codes through additive manufacturing and terahertz imaging Dunn, Patrick Contact the author MS ©2021 njit-etd2021-021
Solar flares as observed in the low frequency microwave gyrosynchrotron emission Shaik, Shaheda Begum Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-047
Global MHD and acoustic solar modeling and helioseismic analysis Stejko, Andrey M. Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-017
Flare emission observed in high resolution and comparison with numerical modeling Huang, Nengyi Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-031
Small-scale dynamics of photospheric magnetic activities and their chromospheric responses Wang, Jiasheng Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-067
Amyloid proteins and fibrils stability Mahmoudinobar, Farbod Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-076
Multi-wavelength investigation of energy release and chromospheric evaporation in solar flares Sadykov, Viacheslav M. Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-035
Investigation of small-scale energy release and transfer processes in the solar atmosphere with high-resolution observations in infrared Yang, Xu Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-073
Passive planar terahertz retroreflectors Desai, Dhruvkumar Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-045
Investigation of mass motions above and around sunspots with highest-resolution observations Li, Qin Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-037
Theoretical studies of photoinduced dynamics and topological states in materials with strong electron-lattice couplings Zhu, Linghua Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-043
Electrical properties of metal semiconductor contacts - metals on MoS2: a case study Chang, Xiao Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-134
The analysis and the three-dimensional, forward-fit modeling of the hard x-ray and the microwave emissions of major solar flares Kuroda, Natsuha Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-090
Inkjet printing polymerized pcda as a means of serialization Stavrou, Constantino Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-033
Roles of cosolvents on protein stability Su, Zhaoqian Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-119
Opto-mechanical design of synchrotron radiation-based far-infrared spectroscopic ellipsometer with strong magnetic-field Chaudhry, Ahmad Abbas Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-001
Magnetic reconnection in small and large scales on the sun Chen, Xin Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-029
Terahertz wireless communication through atmospheric atmospheric turbulence and rain Ma, Jianjun Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-007
Radiative properties of silicon related materials Sanowitz, Scott Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-065
New facet of solar activities revealed by high-resolution imaging at he i 10830 Ĺ Zeng, Zhicheng Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-044
Mueller matrix spectroscopic ellipsometry of multiferroics Basistyy, Roman Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-014
Characterizing alma for solar observation Chai, Yi Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-064
Electronic, thermoelectric and optical properties of vanadium oxides: VO2, V2O3 and V2O5 Lamsal, Chiranjivi Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-022
A comprehensive study of evolution of photospheric magnetic field and flows associated with solar eruptions Wang, Shuo Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-034
Mems approaches in infrared imaging Papavieros, George Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-035
Analysis of far-infrared optical spectra of multiferroics Standard, Eric C. Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-056
Investigations into b-o defect formation-dissociation in cz-silicon and their effect on solar cell performance Basnyat, Prakash M. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-066
Mechanical, electronic and optical properties of multi-ternary semiconductor alloys Chen, Dongguo Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-071
Extension to pv optics to include front electrode design in solar cells Guhabiswas, Debraj Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-015
Study of deep level defects of N+-CdS/P-CdTe solar cells Kharangarh, Poonam Rani Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-076
Validation of solar flare forecasting & evolution of magnetic helicity of two active regions Li, Qin Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-050
A statistical study of plasmawaves and energetic particles in the outer magnetosphere Min, Kyungguk Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-083
Development of correction algorithm for pulsed terahertz computed tomography (THz-CT) Mukherjee, Suman Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-084
Theoretical studies of structural and electronic properties in transition metal oxides Seman, Tsezar F. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-061
Solar eclipse observation on may 21, 2012 from JVLA Shaik, Shaheda Begum Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-096
Evolution of 3-d magnetic topology in flare-productive active regions Li, Yixuan Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-052
Terahertz wireless communication Su, Ke Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-008
Utilization of a tropospheric-stratospheric lidar system to study mountain induced gravity waves over jenny jump state forest Teti, Anthony Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-095
Non-destructive evaluation of agglomerated cork products using THz spectroscopy and imaging Zhang, Han Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-013
g-factors for ternary crystals of groups iii and v Mateescu, Liviu Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-114
Modeling of magnetic field driven simultaneous assembly Rivero, Rene David Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-015
Analysis of Mueller matrices of metamaterials and multiferroics Rogers, Paul D. Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-059
Radio-derived three-dimensional structure of a solar active region Tun, Samuel D. Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-019
Integration of electronic and optical techniques in the design and fabrication of pressure sensors Padron, Ivan Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-034
Study of magnetic helicity in solar active regions and its relationship with solar eruptions Park, Sung-Hong Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-112
Relationship between photospheric magnetic fields and coronal activities Tan, Changyi Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-037
Synoptic variability of a CIR-driven open-closed boundary during solar minimum Urban, Kevin Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-108
Probing the complex magnetic, electronic and structural properties in correlated manganese oxides Gao, Peng Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-070
Terahertz response of microfluidic-jetted fabricated 3D flexible metamaterials Hor, Yew Li Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-006
Synchrotron radiation-based characterization of GaN- based MQW structures and strongly correlated materials O'Malley, Sean M. Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-013
Carbon nanotube electronic structures as anti-corrosion coatings Sreevatsa, Sreeya Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-078
High resolution solar observations from first principles to applications Verdoni, Angelo P. Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-080
Synthesis and characterization of plasma enhanced chemically vapor deposited tantalum films Chen, Weizhong Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-059
Flexible electronics : materials and sensor fabrication Duncan, Katherine J. Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-105
Automatic prediction of solar flares and super geomagnetic storms Song, Hui Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-046
High resolution studies of complex solar active regions Deng, Na Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-017
Small and large-scale magnetic fields involved with solar flares Liu, Chang Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-025
Construction of FASR subsystem testbed and application for solar burst trajectories and RFI study Liu, Zhiwei Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-066
Design and application of near infrared tunable filter for ATST and NST Ma, Jun Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-071
Long exposure point spread function estimation from solar adaptive optics loop data Marino, Jose Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-048
Design, fabrication and testing of a fiber optic stress/strain sensor for soft stretchable materials using polarization imaging technique Zheng, Jianjun Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-075
Study of propagation and detection methods of terahertz radiation for spectroscopy and imaging Bandyopadhyay, Aparajita Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-072
Earthshine : Photometry, modeling, and spectral observations Hickey, Jeffrey Patrick Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-098
Novel characterization of materials using THz spectroscopic techniques Sengupta, Amartya Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-084
Feasibility of superconductivity in semiconductor superlatices Walsh, Kenneth P. Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-114
Hybrid explicit-implicit FDTD-FEM time-domain solver for electromagnetic problems Abdijalilov, Kakhkhor Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-017
Characteristics of nanocomposites and semiconductor heterostructure wafers using THz spectroscopy Altan, Hakan Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-018
Dynamics of filaments, flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) Jing, ju Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-073
Emissivity of patterned silicon wafers in rapid thermal processing Rabus, Markus Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-115
An analysis of changes in the magnetic field of active region 9415 after the 2001 April 6 Solar Flare Stoltz, Juli Marya Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-121
An optic fiber sensor for partial discharge acoustic detection Wang, Xiaodong Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-040
Studies of solar white-light flares and small-scale magnetic structures observed in the near infrared Xu, Yan Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-140
Understanding the origin of the recovery of superconductivity in halogenated YBCO single crystal : atomic structure study Dieng, Lamine Mohamed Kollakoye Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-081
Characterization of ultrathin gate dielectrics and multilayer charge injection barriers Dons, Edwin M. Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-082
Statistical study of solar radio bursts Nita, Gelu-Marius Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-029
High resolution solar observations in the context of space weather prediction Yang, Guo Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-037
High pressure effects on electron transport and structure of colossal magnetoresistive materials Cui, Congwu Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-071
Application of adaptive optics to the spectroscopic investigation of small-scale solar structures Hartkorn, Klaus Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-073
Nonlinear optical properties of novel nanostructured ion implanted laser ablated silicon using femtosecond pulse excitation Lalanne, Elaine Nicole Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-077
Understanding the origins of metastability in thin film growth; tantalum and the early group VB-VIB metals Nnolim, Neme Okechukwu Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-113
Measurement of the nonlinear refractive index (n2) and stimulated Raman scattering in optical fibers as a function of germania content, using the photorefractive beam coupling technique Oguama, Ferdinand Anayo Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-114
Experimental and theoretical study of an integrated silicon Mach-Zehnder interferometer for chemical sensing applications Hor, Yew Fong Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-046
Two-dimensional reflectivity polarization elastometry imaging techniques (PIET) of soft tissue Lim, Hee Chuan Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-050
Resonances of periodic metal-dielectric structures at the infrared wavelength region Sternberg, Oren Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-081
Modeling hydrogen diffusion for solar cell passivation and process optimization Zhang, Yi Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-024
Ultrathin silicon wafer bonding physics and applications Beggans, Michael H. PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-065
Broadband whole package FDTD simulation Li, Shenjun PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-075
Near-field imaging with terahertz pulses Mitrofanov, Oleg PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-079
Gated multi-cycle integration (GMCI) for focal plane array (FPA) applications Ou, Haijiang PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-080
Detection of vapor phase mercury species by laser fluorescence methods Tong, Xiaomei PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-105
A near-infrared filter system and study of solar umbral dots at 1.6 µm Wang, Jingshan PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-090
Structural, transport and magnetic studies of perovskite Bi1-x Cax Mn O3 Woo, Hyungje PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-108
Electrostatic micro actuators for mirror and other applications Wu, Xingtao PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-109
Software and hardware improvements for digital solar magnetograph system Yang, Shu PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-091
Experimental and phenomenological study of persistent photoconductivity in YBa2Cu3O6 thin films Bubb, Daniel-Dennis McAlevy PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-099
Modeling, design and fabrication of thin-film microcrystalline silicon solar cells Chen, Wei PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-013
Time domain measurement of the nonlinear refractive index in optical fibers and semiconductor film Garcia, Hernando PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-018
Production of pulsed low energy electron beams Das, Shyam MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-020
Emissivity measurements and modeling of silicon related materials and structures Abedrabbo, Sufian PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-025
Investigation of potential oxygen defect mechanism of persistent photoconductivity and photoinduced superconductivity in YBa2Cu3Ox Chew, Denise Catherine MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-049
Surface phenomena on the Tin-dioxide polycrystalline layers Fluerasu, Andrei A. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-052
Degradation and breakdown in ultra-thin silicon oxides Franck, Christopher MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-053
Design and fabrication of a miniature pressure sensor head using direct bonded ultra-thin silicon wafers Statler, Chad Eugene MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-097
Microaccelerometer with mechanically-latched memory Ma, Zhenyu MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-094
Silicon optical fiber pressure sensor Pan, Jian MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-101
Ultra-thin silicon wafer bonding Yan, Diyu MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-124
A high temperature pressure sensor based on magnetic coupling and silicon wafer bonding Zhu, Deguang MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-128
A theoretical study of the semiconductor laser structures with lateral discontinuity in the optical cavity Cai, Yi MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-067
External cavity laser power stabilizer Ding, Jie MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-078
Photoluminescence study of gallium arsenide, aluminum gallium arsenide, and gallium antimonide thin films grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition Koons, John Mark MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-008
Calibration of photoluminescence experiment Lee, Chihchuan Daniel MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-096
MBE growth of InxGa1-xAs/GaAs/Si heterostructure system Liu, Jun MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-102
Subthreshold channel leakage current in GaAs MESFET's Long, Wei MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-104
Measurement of the Hall coefficient and electron mobility using Van Der Pauw type Hall effect measurements Luo, Hong-Sheng MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-105
A thermoelastic model applied to stress control in laser heating of ceramics Wagner, Jeff Alexander MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-136
NMR computer simulation of glassy and powdered samples : application to studies of sodium borovanadate glasses Zhang, Xian-Quan MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-150
Low temperature performance of field effect transistors Zhu, Wei MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-020
Non-contact measurement for thermal conductivity of diamond-like and hard carbon thin films Qin, Ganming MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-135
Far infrared fourier transform spectroscopy using ring interferometer Qiu, Changqing MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-136
A theoretical study of the subband structures and tunneling in polytype heterostructures Chen, Hong MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-061
A theoretical model for biased superlattice devices Ferner, Michael MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-032
Quantitative measurement of pyrolysis and combustion species concentration by molecular-beam-sampling-mass-spectrometry Zhong, Xian MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-017
Architectural Studies (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Exploring the potential usefulness of binary space partitions in architectural representations Hoon, Michael Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-034
Ramirez solar house : a case study of early solar design Kendig, Joanna MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-035
Doing business in China : a primer for foreign architects Wu, Shijie MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-007
Sensitivity analysis in energy responsive design Biswas, Bratati MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-016
The design thing : a study of design in practice and theory Donia, Magd MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-008
Office technology : a determinant in the organization of spaces Kim, Se Hun MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-006
Towards a theory of planning aesthetics : application to university commons, Newark Gonzalez, Kathy M. MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-005
First impression : the study of entry in architecture Polpuech, Siriwan MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-007
Computerize data information for architecture design Yu, Syau-yi MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-008
Architecture (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Portable housing for Mexican migrant workers Corzo, Janet Contact the author M. Arch. ©2008 njit-etd2008-011
The making and meaning of gay space : the case of the Castro in San Francisco Lesher, Scott Richard Contact the author M. Arch. ©2008 njit-etd2008-015
Learning environments : redefining the discourse on school architecture DeGregori, Alessandro Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-034
Transformation of the urban fabric in Siena during fascism : Sventramento and Risanamento of Salicotto, formerly known as the Jewish Getto Szymanska, Joanna M. Arch. ©2000 njit-etd2000-087
Transforming nature of place and Route 280 Ratas, Peteris M. Arch. ©1999 njit-etd1999-111
Vital communities criteria for urban neighborhood development Smith, Peter Frederick M. Arch. ©1999 njit-etd1999-096
Flexibility and responsiveness in the design of research/office buildings : a proposal for the Los Alamos National Laboratory research park Achaibar, Bhebishan M. Arch. ©1998 njit-etd1998-012
Value engineering for the practice of architecture Akoud, Husam M. Arch. ©1998 njit-etd1998-013
Indifférance Pohorylo, John F. M. Arch. ©1998 njit-etd1998-014
Lived body architecture : an argument for lived bodies in architecture and an exploration of women's lived bodies in society Scribner, Sherri A. M. Arch. ©1997 njit-etd1997-004
A critical analysis of the new urbanism Yildirim, Metin Cihan M. Arch. ©1997 njit-etd1997-007
Bringing ideas back to the evolution of design Tuzmen, Ayca M. Arch. ©1996 njit-etd1996-006
The architecture of Ricardo Porro : questions of form and content Alemany, Mariano M. Arch. ©1995 njit-etd1995-006
The cyberspace workplace : an argument and design for the virtual office Jones, Richard C. M. Arch. ©1995 njit-etd1995-087
Recombinant architecture on materiality in architectural methods O'Brien, James P. M. Arch. ©1995 njit-etd1995-005
Butler center : a case for the adaptive reuse of industrial buildings Ryder, Lori J. M. Arch. ©1995 njit-etd1995-004
Networking high-end CAD systems based on PC/MS-DOS platforms Brinkmann, Dagmar Antje M. Arch. ©1993 njit-etd1993-007
A knowledge-based design system for a housing project for altzheimer's [sic] disease patients and their caregivers Bannier, Karin S. M. Arch. ©1992 njit-etd1992-003
Every day art : demonstrating a new approach to visual arts for children Jones, Abigail Andrea M. Arch. ©1992 njit-etd1992-004
User interface and data structure design for architectural expert system Ma, Yonghua M. Arch. ©1992 njit-etd1992-005
The poetic streetscape Profeta, Joan Wegman M. Arch. ©1992 njit-etd1992-006
Integrated component-based computer design modeling system : the implications of the representation of control parameters on the design process Jablonski, Allen D. M. Arch. ©1990 njit-etd1990-005
Toward a model of instruction for architecture design studio Perryman, Garry Allen M. Arch. ©1989 njit-etd1989-006
Planning design change : focus on Ottawa, Illinois Carney, Donna Jean M. Arch. ©1988 njit-etd1988-006
The architecture of automobile and building design : learning from 100 years of parallel processes Ristic, Vojislav M. Arch. ©1988 njit-etd1988-007
Establishing and utilizing the concept of socio-technical-spatial systems in the 21st century work environment Gami, Asmita M. Arch. ©1987 njit-etd1987-003
Bioelectronics (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
fMRI assessment of ischemic stroke in humans Yuan, Rui Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-096
Bioinformatics (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Hypoxic and viral contributions to the etiopathogenesis of schizophrenia: a whole transcriptome analysis Gorski, Kathryn A. Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-005
PolyA DB3: a database cataloging polyadenation sites(pas) across different species and their conservation Nambiar, Ram Mohan Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-053
Gene network understanding and analysis Somoza, Maria E. Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-059
Uusing the KDJ as a trading strategy on biotech companies Zha, Shijie Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-063
Rice and mouse quantitative phenotype prediction in genome-wide association studies with support vector regression Aljouie, Abdulrhman Fahad M. Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-002
Exact genome alignment Ghosh, Nandini Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-071
Cancer risk prediction with next generation sequencing data using machine learning Patel, Nihir Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-010
Unsupervised gene regulatory network inference on microarray data Radia, Nidhi Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-083
Identifying modifier genes in SMA model mice Xu, Weiting Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-092
Risk prediction with genomic data Jadhav, Bharati Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-070
Comparison of different differential expression analysis tools for rna-seq data Zhu, Junfei Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-040
Polyaseeker: a computational framework for identifying polyadenylation cleavage site from RNA-seq Ling, Xiao Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-049
Performance comparison of five RNA-seq alignment tools Lu, Yuanpeng Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-047
RNA-sequence analysis of human melanoma cells Miya, Jharna Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-045
A GPU program to compute SNP-SNP interactions in genome-wide association studies Ramakrishnan, Srividya Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-114
Genome wide search for pseudo knotted non-coding RNAs Vasavada, Meghana S. Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-039
Data mining of tetraloop-tetraloop receptors in RNA XML files Ramazanoglu, Sinan Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-075
Phenotype prediction and feature selection in genome-wide association studies Roberts, Andrew Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-074
A comparative analysis of machine learning algorithms for genome wide association studies Singh, Neha Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-072
Aminormotiffinder - a graph grammar based tool to effectively search a minor motifs in 3D RNA molecules Malhotra, Ankur Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-034
Fast program for sequence alignment using partition function posterior probabilities Prasad, Meera Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-081
Type-1 diabetes risk prediction using multiple kernel learning Garg, Paras Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-054
In silico prediction of non-coding RNAs using supervised learning and feature ranking methods Griesmer, Stephen J. Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-001
RNA secondary structure detection programs with an emphasis on covariance models Slotman, Justin Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-031
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
The role of trees in reducing the urban heat island effect on the New Jersey Institute of Technology campus, Newark, NJ Mansour, Dahlia Contact the author MS ©2023 njit-etd2023-009
The evaluation of carbon benefits produced by urban street trees Wang, Hanyu Contact the author MS ©2023 njit-etd2023-013
Flexibility vs consistency: Quantifying differences in neuromodulatory elicited patterns of activity Cronin, Elizabeth M. Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-034
Regulation of activity patterns in astyanax mexicanus cavefish Nwosu, Udodirim Contact the author MS ©2022 njit-etd2022-006
Brainless but smart: Investigating cognitive-like behaviors in the acellular slime mold physarum polycephalum Ray, Subash Kusum Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-043
These fish were made for walking: Morphology and walking kinematics in balitorid loaches Crawford, Callie Hendricks Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-005
The role of irak-1 transcripts in sepsis Subramanian Sahasranamam, Adithya Contact the author MS ©2021 njit-etd2021-031
The interplay of the physical landscape and social dynamics in shaping movement of African savanna elephants (loxodonta africana) Wisniewska, Maggie Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-050
The roles of inhibition in c. elegans locomotion Deng, Lan Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-083
Genetic population structure and microbiome of german cockroaches in urban environments Fan, Xueyang Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-028
Plant evolution and urbanization: quantifying the effects of natural selection in shaping shepherd’s purse (capsella bursa-pastoris) populations in New York City Panko, Rebecca Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-016
Predictive modeling of influenza in New England using a recurrent deep neural network Amendolara, Alfred Contact the author MS ©2019 njit-etd2019-065
Improving methods to estimate time of death from body temperature Berdan, Carly Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-044
Direct and indirect controls on bee community composition DeVan, Caroline Marie Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-070
Characterizing co-modulation of multiple components of an oscillatory neural circuit Li, Xinping Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-038
Biophysical mechanisms of frequency-dependence and its neuromodulation in neurons in oscillatory networks Fox, David Michael Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-125
Using a bio-inspired model to understand the evolution of the remora adhesive disk Gamel, Kaelyn Mykel Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-068
Otolith morphologies in the genus sinocyclocheilus Iqbal, Iqra Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-025
Regulation of mTORC1 by homocysteine and its effects on autophagy in human and mouse neuronal tissues Khayati, Khoosheh Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-042
Changes in morphology during the development of the horn and hump of the Chinese cavefish sinocyclocheillus furcodorsalis Pluviose, Michelle Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-028
Regulation of voltage-gated K+ currents in motor neurons: activity-dependence and neuromodulation Salloum, Dalia Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-006
Moths fight back: arms race in the cloud forest Rivera, Diana Pamela Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-083
Multisensory integration in weakly electric fish Roeser, Andrea Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-057
Attraction and risk in urban bird habitats Litwhiler, Megan E. Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-106
E pluribus unum: what individual whales can tell us about enigmatic species' distribution and social organization Lubansky, Tanya Marie Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-023
Determining how stable network oscillations arise from neuronal and synaptic mechanisms Martinez, Diana Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-109
Translation and transcription are required for endogenous bursting after long term removal of neuromodulators Eisenbach, Stefanie Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-086
Formation of branching angles at bifurcations of ant trail networks Ray, Subash Kusum Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-088
Deer impact and plant resistance traits Fan, Xueyang Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-098
Astrocytes modulate microglial phenotype and dendritic cell-like properties Padala, Nischal K. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-019
The effects of theophylline on the in vitro respiratory response to hypoxia Geng, Ke Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-082
Consequences of stochastic mrna synthesis in a gene regulatory pathway Shah, Khyati Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-015
The functional effects of barium and hypoxia on the in vitro respiratory activity Xu, Gaofeng Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-068
Mechanisms of ionic current changes underlying rhythmic activity recovery after decentralization Khorkova Sherman, Olga E. Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-035
Mutational studies in the dNTP binding pocket of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase Shukla, Smita Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-091
Bioinformatics study of mammalian MRNA polydenylation Zhang, Haibo Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-092
Non-parametric algorithms for evaluating gene expression in cancer using DNA microarray technology Aris, Virginie Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-077
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Quantifying balance: computational and learning frameworks for the characterization of balance in bipedal systems Akbas, Kubra Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-033
Neural correlates of post-traumatic brain injury (TBI) attention deficits in children Cao, Meng PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-018
Biomechanical and psychophysical underpinnings of balance dysfunction in individuals with traumatic brain injury Ehrenberg, Naphtaly Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-019
Improving the stimulation selectivity in the human cochlea by strategic selection of the current return electrode Cakmak, Ozan Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-052
The interconnection of the vestibular and oculomotor systems analyzed in healthy young adults by examining postural sway Cassandra Martin Contact the author MS ©2022 njit-etd2022-005
Sensorimotor content of multi-unit activity in the paramedian lobule of the cerebellum Cetinkaya, Esma Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-032
Alcohol as a catalyst for hiv-associated neuroinflammation and tbi-induced iron toxicity Agas, Agnieszka Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-080
Real time analysis of eye movements using computer aided software Ahmad, Farhan Contact the author MS ©2021 njit-etd2021-020
Drug releasing hydrogels for opioid use disorder Crowe, Kaytlyn M. Contact the author MS ©2021 njit-etd2021-036
Selective neural stimulation by leveraging electrophysiological diversity and using alternative stimulus waveforms Ghobreal, Bemin Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-007
The effects of design parameters on the neural recordings with micro-ECoG arrays Sethia, Manan Amish Contact the author MS ©2021 njit-etd2021-027
Modulation of cerebellar purkinje cell activity with low intensity electric and ultrasound stimulation Asan, Ahmet S. Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-007
Lithium as a possible therapeutic drug in posttraumatic brain injury Das, Tulika Contact the author MS ©2020 njit-etd2020-077
Neurobiological markers for remission and persistence of childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Luo, Yuyang Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-013
A model for thermal diffusion and local tissue damage from the measurement of temperature in electrosurgical incision Vira, Marek Contact the author MS ©2020 njit-etd2020-055
Comparison of longitudinal changes in resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging between alzheimer’s and healthy controls Yilmaz, Berk Can Contact the author MS ©2020 njit-etd2020-049
Experimentally linking head kinematics to brain deformation Algharbi, Imouline Contact the author MS ©2019 njit-etd2019-049
Modulation of corticospinal excitability induced by paired associative stimulation combined with movement Alokaily, Ahmad O. Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-039
Developmental and sex modulated neurological alterations in autism spectrum disorder Azeez, Azeezat Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-040
Perivascular waste metabolites clearance in central nervous system (cns) Cheng, Yiming Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-059
Longitudinal investigation of disparity vergence in young adult convergence insufficiency patients Crincoli, Patrick C. Contact the author MS ©2019 njit-etd2019-050
A multimodal approach to investigate brain reorganization after spinal cord injury using functional magnetic resonance imaging and functional near-infrared spectroscopy Karunakaran, Keerthana Deepti Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-032
Micro pipes – a portable integrated platform for electrochemical sensing using essence architecture Kim, Hansin Contact the author MS ©2019 njit-etd2019-069
Cerebro-vascular disruption mediated initiation and propagation of traumatic brain injury in a fluid percussion injury model Ma, Xiaotang Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-081
Vergence eye movement parameters for pre/post-obvat and sham therapy on binocularly normal controls Rajah, Joel V. Contact the author MS ©2019 njit-etd2019-015
Submandibular mechanical stimulation of upper airway muscles to treat obstructive sleep apnea Erdogan, Ferhat Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-065
Prediction of forelimb muscle activities and movement phases using corticospinal signals in the rat Gok, Sinan Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-023
Cardiac regenerative medicine: insights from healthy and diseased engineered tissues Hitscherich, Pamela Grace Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-068
Temporal and spatial effects of shock overpressure on blood-brain barrier permeability in blast-induced traumatic brain injury Kuriakose, Matthew Joseph Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-067
Head impacts in the A7FL McGeever, Stephen Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-010
Changes in nadph oxidase (nox) protein isoforms and downstream reactions as function of time and overpressure in blast TBI Shah, Smit Prakash Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-047
Assessment of a hand exoskeleton on proximal and distal training in virtual environments for robot mediated upper extremity rehabilitation Abbruzzese, Kevin Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-001
Profiling the neurovascular cell interactions in alcohol exposure and HIV-1 infection Agas, Agnieszka Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-058
Hand control of bipedal balance in quiet standing: implementations for lower extremity exoskeleton Al-Rashdan, Ala’a Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-036
Spatial and temporal deformation pattern of the brain from blunt trauma Ali, Abdus Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-100
Carbon fiber electrodes for in vivo neural recording Cetinkaya, Esma Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-107
Experimental study of bubble rupture during shock-fluid interaction Chandrasekaran, Subhalakshmi Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-063
Denoising techniques reveal neural correlates of modulation masking release in auditory cortex Chaubal, Sahil Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-022
A novel approach to increase upper extremity active range of motion for individuals with duchenne muscular dystrophy using admittance control Corrigan, Madeline Catherine Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-038
Measurement of finger coordination during a motor learning task Ebel, Robert Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-066
Interaction of voluntary activity and functional electrical stimulation in the upper extremity as a method for short-term alteration of corticospinal excitability and force control Gerton, Katherine Maia Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-101
Subject and group level changes and comparison in functional connectivity under low vs. high cognitively demanding naturalistic viewing conditions using fmri Hafiz, Rakibul Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-102
Modeling subconcussive and cumulative subconcussive impacts using a lateral fluid percusion injury device Long, Mathew Todd Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-127
The use of audio stimulation to affect sensorimotor learning Ranky, Gregory Nicholas Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-094
An electromechanical system for characterization of piezoelectric materials Asan, Ahmet Sait Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-047
Antibacterial efficacy of nanometals in conjunction with electrical stimulus Hussain, Syed A. Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-051
Response of stretch-injured schwann cells Iring, Stephanie Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-052
A multimodal investigation in eye movements Jaswal, Raj Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-097
A novel approach to user controlled ambulation of lower extremity exoskeletons using admittance control paradigm Karunakaran, Kiran Kartika Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-034
Plasticity of the cortical representation of finger extensors induced by paired associative stimulation LaFond, Ian Anthony Gerard Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-005
Continuum mechanical analysis of space and time dependent deformation pattern of brain with blunt injury Miao, Chen Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-078
Rodent testing device surrogate for shockwave blast testing Misistia, Anthony C. Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-086
Investigating neural mechanisms of hand movements in virtual reality Mu, Chuang Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-017
A study of kinematics and kinetics in time-constrained arm movements Owoeye, Oyindamola Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-019
Realization of dynamixel servo plant parameters to improve admittance control for a compliant human-robot interaction Rao, Ahmad Zahid Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-020
Fabrication of 3D hydrogel-based microscale tissue analog chip with integrated optofluidics Rengarajan, Venkatakrishnan Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-098
Effect of melt method on thoracolumbar connective tissue Sanjana, Faria Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-058
Comparison of muscle synergies elicited from transcranial meganetic stimulation (tms) and voluntary movements Wei, Yifei Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-085
Biomimetic and vascularized 3-d liver cancer model Yip, Derek Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-093
Piezoelectric scaffolds for osteochondral defect repair Damaraju, Sita Mahalakshmi Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-041
Fem of electrospinning compared to inkjet printing model Ghaly, Maikel Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-006
High frequency field potentials of the cerebellar cortex Groth, Jonathan David Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-047
An electrospinning apparatus for the production of heterogeneous scaffolds and their application in cartilage regeneration Hollingsworth, Andrew Ryan Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-007
Developing an insulin producing tissue using mouse embryonic stem cells Jain, Neha Mahendrakumar Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-020
Visualeyes 2020: a software suite to integrate instrumentation to study the near triad of vergence Lestrange, Stephen J. Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-100
Differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing cells: optimization to enhance the overall differentiation efficiency Ma, Xiaotang Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-075
Tendon reflex protocol for exploring the mechanisms associated with whole body vibration Okeke, Ikechukwu Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-079
Monitoring of cerebellar injury using micro ECoG signals in ketamine/xylazine treated rats Ordek, Gokhan Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-027
Behavior of deformed dermal fibroblasts seeded on a silicon membrane under high levels of strain Osorno, Laura Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-080
Using the piezoelectric backscatter signal for remote sensing of neural signals Alay, Eren Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-041
Optimizing alginate-chitosan microcapsules using co-axial air flow method as 3d stem cell microenvironment Alfonso, Noel Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-063
The effect of mechanical vestibular stimulation on muscle tone and spasticity in individuals with neurological impairment Androwis, Ghaith J. Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-003
Differentiating schizophrenic patients from healthy control; application of machine learning to resting state fmri Ebrahimi Nezhad, Hossein Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-030
Characterizing motor control signals in the spinal cord Guo, Yi Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-091
Evaluation of methods to account for release from nanofiber scaffolds Moy, Jennifer Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-073
Construction and assessment of a computer graphics-based model for wheelchair propulsion Odle, Brooke Marie Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-017
Mathematically modeling the mechanical constants of thoracolumbar fascia under compression, in vivo Patel, Vrajeshri Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-037
The effect of vergence vision training on binocularly normal subjects Talasan, Henry Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-076
Developing a labview based thermally stimulated current (tsc) controller to measure residual charge in electrospinning Veezhinathan, Jai Abhishekh Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-038
Rate alterable traumatic brain injury device for rodent models Wahab, Radia Abdul Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-001
Short term modification of vergence ramp eye movements in the convergent direction Yaramothu, Chang Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-080
Quantification of neural substrates of vergence system via fMRI Alkan, Yelda Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-016
Quantification of human motion on roller coaster rides Burman, Chirag Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-001
Admittance control of the intelligent assist robot manipulator for people with duchenne muscular dystrophy Corrigan, Madeline Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-057
Brain computer interface based neurorehabilitation technique using a commercially available EEG headset Mishra, Abhineet Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-046
NIR light transmission through skin and muscle Ozgulbas, Deniz Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-044
Effect of scan time on resting state parameters Patel, Dhruti Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-043
Fabrication and evaluation of a collagen-based fiber-gel three-dimensional construct for peripheral nerve repair Siriwardane, Mevan Lakmal Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-011
Fuzzy logic for task space telemanipulation of a five fingered robotic hand Srinivasan, Raaghavann Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-007
Finite element modeling of temperature elevation due to NIR exposure in neural tissue Yucel, Atabek Can Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-032
Diffuse axonal injury effect on myelinating cells and axons Zalk, Jennifer Alison Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-008
Analysis of tissue engineering strategies for bone-related applications Buirkle, Timothy Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-085
Temperature elevations due to NIR exposure in the brain tissue Ersen, Ali Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-028
Alendronate treatment elicits a reduction in fatigue-life of canine cortical bone Geissler, Joseph Ryan Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-036
Neural differentiation of pluripotent stem cells and applications to micropatterned agarose hydrogel for nerve guidance Gittens, Jamila S. Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-023
Theoretical prediction of joint reaction force in a dynamic general 3-d pendulum tree model for human or animal motion Goyal, Sucheta Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-020
Alterations in brain connectivity after spinal cord injury using functional MRI Noor, Yamin Ahmed Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-077
Experimental evaluation of near infrared light penetration into neural tissue Parikh, Ujwal Anil Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-086
Quantifying prehension in persons with stroke post rehabilitation Puthenveettil, Saumya Sara Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-076
Upper extremity rehabilitation using interactive virtual environments Qiu, Qinyin Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-047
Development of 3-d liver model for drug screening applications Rajendran, Divya Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-024
NeuralSTA: a software tool for neural stimulation and recording applications with a laser control Sahu, Rimi Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-018
Virtual reality visual feedback and its effect on brain excitability Saleh, Soha Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-045
Cerebral spasticity modeled as disorded equilibrium point control Simon, Darnell Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-002
Soy protein-poly (l-lactic acid) blend nanofibers for drug delivery of nardostachys jatamansi Tiwari, Swetha Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-030
Non-invasive interventions top reduce low back dysfunction Atalla, Nadi Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-026
Development of a centrifugal microfluidic device for separation and sorting in biological fluids Bagwe, Gaurav Sunil Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-027
Neurorehabilitation of the hand using the cybergrasp[TM] and mirror image Boos, Amy Frances Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-070
Modeling of equilibrium point trajectory control in human arm movements Chen, Kai Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-003
The impact of dynamic and passive standing on bone mineral density and appositional growth in immobilized children Damcott, Megan Diane Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-090
The effect of dynamic standing on the bone mineral density of non-ambulatory children: a pilot study Damcott, Megan Diane Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-116
Tilt simulation : virtual reality based upper extremity stroke rehabilitation Damodaran, Harish Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-088
A 3-dimensional vascularized cardiac tri-culture model using chitosan nanofiber scaffolds Hussain, Ali Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-052
EMG-based determination of upper extremity virtual trajectory Korgaonkar, Akshata Anand Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-033
Motor planning for reach memorization task in 3D space Narkhede, Atul Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-035
Effects of hypertension and aging on vascular smooth muscle cell contribution to reconstituted aortic tissue stiffness Sehgel, Nancy Lisa Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-039
Use of fluorescent micropsheres to measure coronary flow reserve in rat animal model Shah, Riddhi Harsh Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-115
A microfluidic culture for two populations of dorsal root ganglia for differential staining Sidhu, Ishnoor Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-083
Influence of rear wheel tire type on wheelchair propulsion biomechanics Yarossi, Mathew Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-106
Comparison between different techniques of preprocessing for resting state fMRI analysis Girdhar, Megha Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-104
Axon guided axon growth in DRG neurons from the spinal cord of rat embryos Jain, Neha Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-057
Motor data scaling by respiration frequencies in rest Kamble, Amit Madhukar Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-117
Stiffness of vascular smooth muscle cells from aged primates measured using reconstituted tissue model Nagendra, Shilpa Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-008
Exploiting the concept of hysteresis in ankle dysfunction and ankle strengthening Pujara, Akshay Narendra Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-070
A comparative analysis of haptic and EEG devices for evaluation and training of post-stroke patients within a virtual environment Ranky, Gregory Nicholas Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-010
A haptic control system for functional electrical stimulation of paraplegic legs Shaker, Mark R. Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-109
Automation of anatomic torsion monitor for evaluation and improvement of low back dysfunction Singh, Vishal Kumar Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-076
Development of a device for whole body stimulation of the otoliths Weimer, Jon Edward Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-012
Sensorimotor experience in virtual environments August, Katherine Grace Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-068
In vitro comparison of a new stand-alone anterior lumbar interbody cage device with established fixation techniques Chawla, Nitin Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-044
Reliability of resting brain networks using FMRI Gohel, Suril Rajeshkumar Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-036
An in vitro study to characterize a new automated high throughput neuronal stretch injury system Hususan, Nicolae Valerian Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-037
Aptamer-based nano-scale dielectric sensor for protein detection James, Teena Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-020
Deciphering the biology of axon stretch-growth Loverde, Joseph R. Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-023
Development of a toolbox for the kinematic evaluation of hands-up video games Odle, Brooke Marie Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-085
Study and development of ultrasound monitoring of skeletal defects Patel, Kavil Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-025
Evaluation of medical alarm sounds Philip, Elizbha Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-019
Finger walking control of a two-dimensional walking model through inverse kinematics Ratcliff, Jordan Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-027
Assessing trainer hand forces for manual body weight supported walking Raval, Manish Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-028
Dual parametric sensors for highly sensitive nucleic acid detection Sebastian Mannoor, Manu Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-030
Development of an experimental system to determine the contribution of titin and collagen to passive stiffness of myocardium Shah, Saurin Bharat Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-041
Altered brain activity in autistic children versus healthy controls while performing simple tasks using fMRI Adams, Jr., Donald Martin Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-078
Design and fabrication of a microneedle for the implantation of floating microstimulators Ahmed, Faysal Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-111
Cortical location of saccadic and vergence oculomotor learning using fMRI Alkan, Yelda Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-003
Design of three-dimensional axon stretch growth device Assanah, Fayekah Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-004
Thermal and morphological analysis of collagen-plla electrospun blends Banerjee, Angana Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-079
Pattern recognition of brain fMRI images for various physiological states Bhatt, Priyanka Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-007
Fracture healing : the effects of local insulin delivery via calcium sulfate and tricalcium phosphate Buchala, Sarah Elizabeth Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-009
Dexamethasone- and age-sensitive genes in neonatal small intestine Cerqueira, Carla Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-049
Automated multi-well neural injury device Chen, Linda Y. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-080
Multi well uni-axial stretch injury device Choudhury, Mridusmita Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-010
Creating new visualization and human interface devices for theraputic video games Doshi, Kunal Jayant Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-012
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Surface recordings of evoked field potentials from the cerebellum with a flexmea microelectrode array Groth, Jonathan David Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-083
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Classification of hand held shapes and locations in continuous signing Karri, Swetha Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-093
The use of instrumented measures to describe lower extremity joint mechanics Kaufman, Steven Thomas Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-050
Derivation of the respiratory rate signal from a single lead ECG Lakdawala, Murtaza M. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-084
A virtual training environment for wheelchair mounted robot Leichtnam, Elizabeth Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-100
The synergistic effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields and demineralized bone matrix on the osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells Manocchio, John Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-087
A comparative study of common crosslinking agents for electrospun collagen scaffolds Masih, Pallavi Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-088
Design and construction of a novel transpalpebral ophthalmic tonometer Moinot, Philippe R. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-095
Interactions between adult human mesenchymal stem cells and nanofibrous scaffolds of different compositions Moore, Lisamarie Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-089
A stereoscopic system using knowledge propagation to achieve accurate depth calculation Mulay, Chaitali Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-017
Mapping inter-subject and inter-regional brain connectivity during free viewing of novel natural scenes Nagaraj, Sheela Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-018
Process-structure-property relationships of resorbable desamino tyrosine derived polymers : effect of backbone chemistry and assembly on drug delivery Nebol, Pinar Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-090
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Finger joint impedance control applications to investigate spasticity Paglia, David Naisby Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-019
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Photoplethysmorgraph-derived respiration Shah, Priyanka Pankaj Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-098
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Biomechanical testing of upright range of motion versus overhead supine range of motion Uko, Linda Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-113
In vitro feasibility testing of floating light-activated minroelectrical stimulators Abdo, Ammar Riad Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-033
A dynamic supine stander for subjects with disabilities leading to prolonged immobility Espina, Luis Alberto Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-005
Adaptable videogame platform for interactive upper extremity rehabilitation Jensen, Sally M. Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-036
A kinematic analysis of sign language Koech, Chemuttaai C. Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-007
Automatic registration and segmentation of abdominal images and detection of pancreatic cancer Maniprasad, Girish Kumar Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-037
Novel model of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics based on hemodynamically driven cyclic brain compliance variation Mantilla, Bruno A. Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-067
Central and peripheral autonomic influences : analysis of cardio-pulmonary dynamics using novel wavelet statistical methods Petrock, Anne Marie Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-053
Theoretical framework for predicting joint reaction and ground reaction forces in a dynamic pendulum tree model of human motion Rajai, Peyman Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-060
Multi-degree of freedom telemanipulation in an unstructured environment Ramirez, Diego Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-011
Vibrotactile sensory substitution for post-stroke rehabilitation Rosado, Carlos X Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-040
Implementation of stereo correspondence algorithms for multi-baseline vision system Shivram, Navaneetha Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-012
Inverse dynamic modeling for characterization of spasticity Swift, Katharine Markel Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-061
Individual cell pressure control in an air mattress for the prevention of the pressure sores Anand, Kapilchandra Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-100
Osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells on thin film tyrosine derived polycarbonates Briggs, Tamunotoyne Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-051
Auto detection in autism Chandar, Gayathri Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-052
Characterization of hypertension through multivariate analysis utilizing linear and nonlinear methods Donnelly, Diane L. Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-108
Medical equipment planning and construction of a interventional neuroradiology suite Elahi, Furqan Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-001
The complex behavior of poly(dte) carbonate and its blend properties Elvin, Christopher George Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-053
Automatic detection of qt and related intervals Gowdar, Divya Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-055
Impact of missed beats on heart rate variability using time-frequency analysis Hailu, Kilbrom T. Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-005
Direct application of the least action principle to solve (human) movement dynamics without using differential equations of motion Kumar, Amitha Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-057
Non-invasive monitoring of bone health using ultrasound Meem, Nashit Jahan Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-011
Fabrication of aligned nanofiber yarns, mats and isolation of single nanofiber in electrospinning Nathilvar, Venkatesh T. Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-062
In-vitro characterization of boronized titanium alloy by means of corrosion and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy methods in simulated body fluids Panus, David Anthony Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-103
Development of a system to measure cardiac function in the drosophila melanogaster animal model Reinhardt, Heather Anne Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-065
QT variability calculation using a template matching algorithm and power spectral analysis Rizkalla, Theodore Sami Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-014
PDA based ambulatory pulse oximeter Shah, Arpita Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-066
Fabrication of hydroxyapatite-biodegradable polymer scaffolds by electrospinning for potential bone tissue application Suzuki, Satomi Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-105
Relationship between the autonomic nervous system and the recovering heart post exercise using heart rate variability Asselin, Pierre Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-045
Haptic induced motor learning and the extension of its benefits to stroke patients Coppa, Adrienne M. Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-100
Growth behavior of fibroblasts influenced by small changes in polymer structure Doddi, Saraswathi Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-101
Parameter based synthesis of sign language Irving, Amanda Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-009
Multifractal analysis of heart rate variability using wavelet-transform modulus-maxima method Jani, Chirag Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-107
In vitro evaluation of human mesenchymal stem cell neural differentiation on tyrsine-derived polyarylates and polycarbonates Lee, Yee-Shuan Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-108
Obtaining optimal data length for FMRI images Natarajan, Vikram M. Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-012
Combined effects of prozac and hypothalmic mediated response on masseter muscle activity in the cat Nwaorgu, Chika P. Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-111
Non-linear digital control of a McKibben muscle system Patel, Surinkumar Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-052
Ambulatory biopotential measurement Penugonda, Lakshmi Chitra Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-054
Wet-spinning and thermal analysis of collagen fibers incorporating hydroxyapatite in mixed and coated form Prakash, Sandesh Nathaniel Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-114
Quantification of long-range power law correlations among healthy and pathologic subjects using detrended fluctuation analysis and multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis Raval, Hardick Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-117
The creation and testing of a mock functional magnetic resonance imaging facility for pain patients Reid, Gladstone Vincent Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-118
Quantification of regularity in RR-interval time series using approximate entropy, sample entropy, and multi-scale entropy Shah, Nirvish Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-120
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Analysis of acceleration and deceleration during cyclic exercise Vadi, Jeena Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-059
Labview controlled study of the propagation properties of ultrasound in synthetic fog environment Venkataraman, Aparna Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-001
Ambulatory measurement of body position Vennamaneni, Swetha Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-016
Electrospinning of biphasic biopolymer and polymer : a feasibility and characterization study Wang, Sherry Hsiu-Ying Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-144
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Parametric synthesis of sign language Allen, Jerome Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-041
Transmission of light and audible sound in a synthetic fog medium Babaria, Bhavin Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-131
Application of bootstrap resampling in fMRI Bappal, Arthika MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-043
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An in vitro evaluation of tyrosine derived polyarylates and polycarbonate as polymeric scaffold for human mesenchymal stem cells osteogenic differentiation Godbole, Manish Suresh Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-051
Characterization of electrospun DLPLGA nanofibers for a drug delivery system for intracranial tumors and AVMs Griswold, Kimberly A. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-052
Measurement of the effectiveness of enhanced external counterpulsation on heart rate variability for patients with myocardial ischemia Jayaraman, Kripa Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-005
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Voice onset time variation in stop consonant to vowel transitions Parikh, Abhishek Gunvant Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-063
Extending the boundary method for solving human motion problems using a 3 dimensional coupled pendulum model Patel, Avani Janardan Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-064
Extrusion and evaluation of degradation rate and porosity of small diameter collagen tubes Patel, Bipinkumar G. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-065
Evaluation of effect of extrusion process variables on mechanical properties of extruded collagen tubes and effect of post extrusion treatments Patel, Mayank K. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-067
Characterization of mechanical behavior of electrospun non-woven mats Patlolla, Ajitha Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-115
Thermal analysis of poly(desamino arylates) Recber, Ali Cem Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-120
Fabrication of nanofiber scaffolds by electrospinning and it's potential for tissue engineering Shanmugasundaram, Shobana Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-069
A kinematic analysis of hand configurations in static and dynamic fingerspelling Sherry, Gillian B. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-070
Evaluation of postural stability using sensory organization test Sims, Tiffany Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-015
Biomimetic sensor for in-vivo applications Sooryadas, Daya I. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-071
Investigation of heart rate variability during sleep apnea Subramanian, Sekar Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-016
Particle size dependence on immobilized molecular sensors : assay of nucleic acid probes attached to paramagnetic particles Sunny, Celin Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-073
Spinning of collagen fibers and characterizing thermal, mechanical, tensile and structural properties Tatagiri, Grace Evangelin Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-074
Wavelet transform methods for identifying onset of SEMG activity Wilen, Janina Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-017
The development of a biodegradable scaffold for a tissue engineered heart valve Alheidt, Thomas Adam Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-001
LabVIEW-controlled stimulus presentation on a monitor for smooth pursuit eye movement experiments Chua, Florence Bautista Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-039
Data recording and analysis of American sign language DeMarco, Robert Michael Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-041
Study of baroreceptor sensitivity index in chronic fatigue syndrome Donnelly, Diane L. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-084
The influence of exercise on oxygen uptake in mild hypertension Herban, Matthew Joseph Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-089
Implementation of cyclic exercise protocol on two study groups - AIDS and insomnia Kalambur, Ujwala G. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-090
Interaction of disparity and accommodative vergence Kung, Michele Liu Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-092
A biologically inspired joint model using engineering methods to enhance understanding of muscle activity Paradiso, Richard Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-098
Study of the trajectories of visually guided movement of unimanual and bimanual tasks Anand, Deepthi Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-002
Cortical response to facial expressions of young adult males with autism spectrum disorders and controls using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) Arora, Jagriti Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-059
Development of a method to examine shear stress on cardiomyocytes Desai, Dhawal Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-030
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A computational model of spasticity based on a decoupling of the alpha and gamma efferents Mantilla, Bruno A. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-035
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A real time frequency analysis of the electroencephalogram using Labview Patel, Rupal MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-011
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Masseter muscle activity resulting from stimulation of hypothalamic behavioral sites : wavelet analysis Petrock, Anne Marie Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-071
Partial characterization of extruded collagen tubes with varied material deposition and orientation based on rotation rate and linear draw speed Hoppe, Richard Peter Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-019
Initial Hertzian characteristics of the human tooth as a damage tolerant bio-ceramic/bio-compostie bi-layer Kilpatrick, Ivory Camille MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-036
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Model and clinical device development for noninvasive diagnosis of low back pain and dysfunction Patraju, Ravi MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-011
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Design of a mode of delivery for macrobead transplantation Desai, Jagdip MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-010
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Electrophysiologic studies of hypothalamic adenosine-5'-triphosphate-sensitive potassium channels Hernandez, Dinora MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-057
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Relative dentifrice abrasivity on dentin and enamel Marchetti, Laura MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-002
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Wear of polyethylene and hylamer on cobalt-chromium : a knee simulator study Canonaco, Alessandro F. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-070
Wear and friction of hylamer and polyethylene against cobalt chromium a pin-on-disc study D'Alessio, II, Jerry MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-009
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Effect of fiber-matrix coupling on the mechanical properties of a totally bioabsorbable composite Perez, Barbaro Jesus MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-103
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Application of signal processing techniques for measurement of muscle fiber conduction velocity Swaminathan, Satheesh Kumar MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-016
Area and perimeter measurements of cells with bound fluorescent antibodies Weiss, Aicha MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-120
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Patient, disease and surgical parameters in the prediction of histologic nodes and recurrence of squamous cell carcinoma Ferreira, Adolfo A. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-084
Three dimensional diaphragm simulation model for the relationship of the tension, pressure and shape He, Zhangming MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-087
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Modeling, simulation and hemodynamic response analysis of arteriovenous malformation occlusion Mao, Huijuan MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-005
Computerized scoring of sleep stage data Narayana, Subbarao MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-111
Biomechanical comparison of interosseous and subperiosteal flexor tendon reattachment Olin, Alisa Beth MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-113
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Characterization of sleep EEG Sateesh, Seetharamiah MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-009
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3-d reconstruction and morphological analysis of normal rectum Sundaresan, Saritha MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-130
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Study of EMG frequency behavior Fiedorowicz, Mark Steven MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-080
Computer assisted molecular modeling of thymidine nucleoside analog inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase Fisher, Mark A. MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-081
Dynamics of blood coagulation Gao, Jie MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-084
An analysis of a custom expanding total femoral prosthesis with a rotating hinge knee Gundlapalli, RamaRao V. MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-087
A review of energy storing prosthetic feet and computer aided structural optimization of a below-knee prosthesis Lalwani, Poonam Gope MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-104
Optimization of flow in the collecting duct during the concentrating mode and the diluting mode in a nephron population of two different length with the renin angiotensin system and ADH mechanism Subramanian, Sivakumar MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-146
Computer simulation of intracranial hemodynamics during the induction phase of anesthesia Sundaram, Gopinath P. MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-148
A multicompartmental model for the simulation of soluble gas exchange in the lungs Varadhan, Chitaranjan MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-155
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Fingerprint pattern recognition for medical uses You, Feng MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-166
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A computer implementation of a multi-neuron expandable network Aleksza, Mary Ellen MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-051
Slow, red-green counterphase (PARVO) and fast, black-white MAGNO) snow in the detection of scotomata in primary open-angle glaucoma Favis, Rey MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-073
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Quantitative assessment of myocardial oxygen supply and demand using a dynamic model of the cardiovascular system Puranic, Badrinath R. MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-008
Burn wound healing evaluation by infrared imaging Chen, Shang-Yuan MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-038
Image enhancement and analysis of leukocyte adhesion Lin, Yee-Ruh MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-022
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EEG data compression Wu, Yun-Chu MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-037
Mathematical modeling and simulation of the progression of AIDS Nagpal, Anju H. MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-028
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Automated EEG spectrum analysis system Laguna, Marinela C. MS ©1985 njit-etd1985-006
Preparation and testing of blocked isocyanate dental adhesives Sweitzer, George W. MS ©1985 njit-etd1985-030
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Computational and experimental determination of the mixing efficiency of a microfluidic serpentine micromixer Arockiam, Siril Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-132
Novel experimental method for the determination of the minimum agitation speed for solids suspension in flat-bottomed stirred tank reactors Shastry, Shriarjun Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-031
Hydrodynamic CFD modeling of a pharmaceutical reactor vessel provided with a retreat-blade impeller under different baffling conditions Foehner, Christopher G. Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-068
Business Data Science (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Representation learning in finance Uddin, Ajim Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-028
Twitter sentiment analysis: applications in healthcare and finance Wang, Jiali Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-061
Entrepreneurship and heterogeneity among firms' strategies: Three essays Zhang, Xi Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-031
Chemical Engineering (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Cu/BNx catalysts for electrocatalytic reduction of nitrogen and nitrate waste Huo, Siming Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-021
PBM and DEM simulations of large-scale closed-circuit continuous ball mill of cement clinker Muanpaopong, Nontawat Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-025
Microhydrodynamic, kinetic and thermal modeling of wet media milling for process optimization and intensification Guner, Gulenay Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-054
Effect of process control agents used in mechanochemical synthesis on properties of the prepared composite reactive materials Mursalat, Mehnaz Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-023
Hydrodynamic investigation of the discharge of complex fluids from dispensing bottles using experimental and computational approaches Teoman, Baran Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-059
Effect of current density ramping on the anodic reaction and morphology of aerospace aluminum alloys Totaro, Peter, Jr. Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-073
Itraconazole nanocomposites prepared via rotary evaporator drying of nanomilled suspensions Coelho, Alexander Santos Contact the author MS ©2021 njit-etd2021-058
Feedstock powders for reactive structural materials Hastings, Daniel Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-043
Advances in modeling gas adsorption in porous materials for the characterization applications Maximov, Max A. Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-045
Fluorine-based inorganic oxidizers for use in metal-based reactive materials Valluri, Siva Kumar Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-018
Calculating elastic properties of confined simple fluids Dobrzanski, Christopher D. Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-087
The aging and impacts of atmospheric soot: closing the gap between experiments and models Enekwizu, Ogochukwu Yvonne Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-090
Preparation and characterization of reactive composites combining boron with mixed oxides Gandhi, Purvam Mehulkumar Contact the author MS ©2020 njit-etd2020-073
Development of novel inks and approaches for printing tissues and organs Ji, Shen Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-061
Modeling mass transfer and chemical reaction in industrial nitrocellulose manufacturing processes Sullivan, Francis Patrick Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-066
Improving boron for combustion applications Chintersingh, Kerri-lee Annique Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-042
Speciation of gaseous oxidized mercury molecules relevant to atmospheric and combustion environments Guzman, Francisco J. Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-064
Customized boron and magnesium-based reactive materials prepared by high energy mechanical milling Liu, Xinhang Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-062
Impact of stirrer speed and media type-loading on the breakage kinetics during wet stirred media milling of griseofulvin Parker, Nathaniel Contact the author MS ©2019 njit-etd2019-072
Roles of surfactant and binary polymers on dissolution enhancement of bcs ii drugs from nanocomposites and amorphous solid dispersions Rahman, Md Mahbubur Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-074
Modelling in vitro dissolution and release of sumatriptan succinate from polyvinylpyrrolidone-based microneedles aided by iontophoresis Ronnander, James Paul Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-048
Glass transition temperature of particles for drug delivery Yang, Yiqing Contact the author MS ©2019 njit-etd2019-021
N8- polynitrogen stabilized on carbon-based supports as metal-free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells Yao, Zhenhua Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-084
Interactions between polymer nanoparticles and blood plasma applied to drug delivery systems Bannon, Mark Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-048
Overcoming conventional modeling limitations using image- driven lattice-boltzmann method simulations for biophysical applications Kadri, Olufemi E. Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-057
Mechanochemical nitration of aromatic compounds Lagoviyer, Oleg Shlomo Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-007
Combustion of nanocomposite thermite powders Monk, Ian Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-028
The cooperative effects of channel length-bias, width asymmetry, gradient steepness, and contact-guidance on fibroblasts’ directional decision making Pham, Quang Long Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-060
High performance lattice boltzmann method yield-stress calculations based on intravital images of clot formation in live mice Chandran, Vishnu Deep Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-061
Nanocomposite thermite powders with improved flowability prepared by mechanical milling Huang, Ci Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-072
Thermal swing membrane based method for CO2 capture from flue gas Kamad, Mukesh Kumar Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-074
Formulation and dissolution of polymer strip films for the delivery of poorly water-soluble drug nanoparticles Krull, Scott Matthew Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-009
Assessment of nanocomposites vs. amorphous solid dispersions for dissolution enhancement of bcs class ii drugs Li, Meng Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-115
Eis analysis of shear enhanced microfluidic lab-on-a-chip device Mursalat, Mehnaz Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-026
Investigation of NH3 and no adsorption over Cu/SAPO-34 and Cu/AlOo3 catalysts for NH3–SCR system Rawah, Basil Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-078
Real time, integrated, paper based temperature sensor for lab on a chip device Shekhar, Vignesh Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-032
Characterization of microporous ECTFE membranes exposed to different liquid media and ?-radiation and nanoparticle microfiltration through such membranes Yao, Na Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-120
CO2 reduction over noble metal/carbon nanotube catalyst Zhu, Yuan Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-122
Custom engineered nanomaterials for energetics and energy applications Abraham, Ani Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-045
Laboratory studies of the biodegradation of chemically dispersed oil: effect of droplet size and nutrient amendment D'Ambrose, Christopher Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-006
Synthesis of a renewable sourced thermotropic polyester with 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid Hurst, Alicia Marie Marguerite Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-012
Dissolution kinetics of model api in molten polymer excipients during batch processing Ji, Shen Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-053
Experimental and modeling studies in membrane distillation Li, Lin Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-108
Processing of CdS/CdTe solar cell and the growth model of CdTe thin film Liu, Guogen Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-096
Oxidation kinetics of metallic powders Nie, Hongqi Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-038
A preliminary investigation of the sterile-filterability of BCS class II drug nanosuspensions prepared via wet stirred media milling Ohri, Parul Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-018
Development and analysis of aluminum-PTFE reactive composite material Valluri, Siva Kumar Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-061
Preparation, ignition and combustion of reactive metal-sulfur nanocomposites Zhong, Ziyue Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-064
Principles and applications of mechanical dry coating - review and state-of-the-art Bhaumik, Sayani Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-063
Combustion dynamics of metal powders in mixed gas flows Corcoran, Amy Lee Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-004
The kinetics of drug dissolution in polymers during hot-melt extrusion Fang, Huayang Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-068
Molecular modeling of sigma 1 and sigma 2 receptor ligands: pharmacophore development and comparison using discotech and bioactivity prediction comparison of ab initio and density functional comfa studies for spiro and other receptor ligands Kardos, Lisa M. Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-021
Hydrodynamics, dissolution, and mass transfer effects in different dissolution testing apparatuses and laboratory systems Wang, Bing Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-111
Synthesis and characterization of metal-based reactive powders Aly, Yasmine Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-093
The photophysics properties of lanthanide luminescent probes Li, Ke Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-087
Preparation and characterization of fast dissolving pullulan films containing griseofulvin nanoparticles for bioavailability enhancement Ma, Zhelun Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-089
Novel scrubbing systems for post-combustion CO2 capture and recovery Mulukutla, Tripura Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-098
Kinetic analysis of thiol oxidation to study the effects of fluorinated groups on metal phthalocyanine catalysts Reid, Nellone Eze Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-051
Discrete element method based scale-up model for material synthesis using ball milling Santhanam, Priya Radhi Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-019
Evaluation of environmental materials as thermal witness materials Vummidi Lakshman, Shashank Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-099
Combustion of fine magnesium particles Wang, Song Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-078
Ignition mechanism in nanocomposites thermites Williams, Rayon Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-100
Batch and continuous production of stable dense suspensions of drug nanoparticles in a wet stirred media mill Afolabi, Afolawemi Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-113
Reaction mechanisms of hydrocarbon and mercury systems in the atmosphere and in combustion: A theoretical study of thermochemical and kinetic properties Auzmendi Murua, Itsaso Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-064
Power dissipation and mixing time in a partially filled pharmaceutical reactor equipped with a retreat-blade impeller at different fill ratios Banerjee, Aniruddha Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-029
Pressure swing membrane absorption process for separation of low temperature post-shift reactor syngas Chau, John Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-108
The effect of nanoclays on the properties of aspirin modified enteric polymer prepared by hot-melt mixing Chomcharn, Nonjaros Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-072
Particle engineering via surface modification during micronization for pharmaceutical applications Han, Xi Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-021
Effects of API particle size on the dissolution rate in molten polymer excipient matrices during hot melt extrusion, conducted in a co-rotating twin-screw extruder Li, Meng Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-052
Mathematical modeling of heavy metals diffusion and removal from cylindrical cement forms coated with bio-film Tabatabaie, Mojdeh Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-060
Separation of various organic-organic and aqueous-organic solutions via pervaporation Tang, John Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-020
Production of stable bcs class ii drug suspensions by melt emulsification and subsequent incorporation into polymer strip films Vizzotti, Emanuel Joseph Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-036
Batch foaming of hot melt extruded excipient/disintegrant/API pharmaceutical formulations and the study of the effects of the resulting cellular structures on API dissolution Yao, Na Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-034
Heterogeneous combustion of condensed particles in transition regime Yildiz, Deniz Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-035
Metal based reactive nanocomposites prepared by cryomilling Zhang, Shasha Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-095
Methane partial oxidation over phthalocyanine catalyst Zhu, Yuan Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-033
Combustion dynamics of individual reactive material particles Badiola, Carlo Francisco Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-021
Single and multiphase mixing in partially filled stirred vessels Motamedvaziri, Shilan Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-009
Investigation of the fracture phenomena during the milling process of inorganic particulates and brittle fracture of polymer composites using fractal theory Qian, Zheng Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-048
Desalination of brine and produced water by membrane distillation at lower as well as higher temperatures and pressures Singh, Dhananjay Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-042
Hot-melt mixing of partially miscible active pharmaceutical ingredient-polymer mixtures Yang, Min Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-107
Effect of dry particle coating on the properties of cohesive pharmaceutical powders Beach, Lauren Elizabeth Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-045
Study of the heating and ignition of metal powder by electrostatic discharge Beloni, Ervin Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-046
Electrodeless electro hydrodynamic printing of personalized drug dosages Elele, Ezinwa Okeoma Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-049
Study of controlled release of dapsone from modified montmorillonite and polymer matrices Fan, Jia Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-032
Study of controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients from functionalized nanoclays and polymer matrices Ha, Jin Uk Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-009
Thermochemical properties, bond energies and internal rotor potentials in methyl ethyl sulfide and oxygenated sulfur hydrocarbons intermediates for modeling its combustion and atmospheric chemistry Song, Guanghui Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-113
Multifunctional reactive nanocomposite materials Stamatis, Demitrios Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-117
Theoretical prediction of drug release in GI tract from spherical matrix systems Susarla, Naga Lakshmi Ramana Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-091
Deagglomeration and mixing via the rapid expansion of high pressure and supercritical suspensions To, Daniel Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-061
Effects of operating and geometric variables on hydrodynamics and tablet dissolution in standard and modified dissolution testing apparatuses 2 Wang, Yimin Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-096
Investigation of the potential catalytic activities of several metal organic framework (MOF) materials Zhang, Guangyu Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-102
Design of drug delivery strategies based on well-stirred experiments Kanneganti, Kumud Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-058
Design of novel drug delivery system and optimal dosage regimens Kim, Kwang Seok Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-110
Precipitation of micro/nanoparticles in enhanced high energy dissipation mixing systems Di Benedetto, Giuseppe Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-005
Enhanced fluidization of nanoparticle agglomerates Lepek, Daniel Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-008
Mixing of nanoparticles in a stirred tank in high pressure carbon dioxide Aggarwal, Nitin Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-001
Precipitation of ultrafine particles using liquid antisolvent with concentric ultrasonic nozzle and subcritical CO2 Kunchala, Satya Chaitanya Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-094
Novel polypropylene based microporous membranes via spherulitic deformation Lin, Kuan-Yin Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-107
Experimental investigation of the effect of sonication on the precipitation of grieseofluvin by impinging jets Patel, Ankit H. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-097
Magnetically assisted impaction mixing of nanosize particles Scicolone, James V. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-053
Production of nanocrystalline rdx by ress : development and material characterization Stepanov, Victor Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-069
Removal and recovery of fermentation-produced volatile organic compounds by a novel liquid membrane-based pervaporation technique Thongsukmak, Atsawin Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-075
Degradation of polylactic acid in the presence of microsize and nanosize fillers Zhou, Quyuan Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-110
Solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide Abdullah, Syed Asif Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-001
Hydrodynamics investigation of in-vitro dissolution testing Bai, Ge Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-014
In vitro studies of degradation and bioactivity of aliphatic polyesther composites Chouzouri, Georgia Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-045
New approaches to scaled-up carbon nanotube synthesis and nanotube-based metal composites and sensors Goyal, Amit Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-065
Functionalization of nanoclays through exchange reactions Ha, Jin Uk Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-006
Reactive modification and crystallization behavior of foamed poly(butylene terephthalate) Jeong, Byeong Joon Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-020
Solvent resistant microporous/nanoporous polymeric hollow fiber and flat film membranes and their applications Kosaraju, Praveen B. Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-021
Jet assisted fluidization of nanoparticle agglomerates Omosebi, Ayokunle O. Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-009
Inverse solid-liquid fluidization of aerogel granules and its application in removing oil from water Patel, Gaurav Babubhai Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-010
Enhancement of fluidization and filtration using nanoparticle agglomerates and aerogels Quevedo, Jose A. Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-026
Modification of clays with ionic liquids for polymer nanocomponents Kim, Neung Hyun Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-008
Synthesis of polymeric nanocomposites in supercritical carbon dioxide Yang, Hongta Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-071
Phase transitions of poly (l-lactic acid) in bulk and in solution Zhang, Jing Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-045
Applications of room temperature ionic liquids in interfacial polymerization Zhu, Lining Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-093
Fluid-phase thermodynamics from molecular-level properties and interactions based in quantum theory Arturo, Steven G. Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-062
Evaluation of Knox group contribution parameters using quantum based molecular and group properties Carrillo, Myriam Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-098
Investigation of solid polymeric hollow fiber heat exchange devices for use in thermally-driven desalination processes Christian, Saskia Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-099
Optimization of sequential purification of beta-glucosidase from tricoderma reesei in aqueous two-phase system Gautam, Shalini Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-066
Evaluation of UNIFAC group interaction parameters usijng properties based on quantum mechanical calculations Kim, Hansan Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-051
Synthesis and characterization of polymer nanocomposites Patel, Nirav S. Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-113
Crystalization studies in hollow fiber devices Zarkadas, Dimitrios Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-041
Novel internally-staged ultrafiltration for protein purification Feins, Meredith Ann Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-083
Fluidization of nanoparticles Nam, Caroline Hijung Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-133
Fluidization of agglomerates of nanoparticles under different force fields Quevedo, Jose A. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-116
Kinetics of HO2 abstraction of H atoms from hydrocarbons and thermochemical properties of urethane monomers and radicals Shah, Rajul Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-013
Studies on improved integrated membrane-based chromatographic process for bioseparation Xu, Yanke Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-036
Modification of biodegradable polyesters with inorganic fillers Chouzouri, Georgia Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-038
A reactive melt modification of polyethylene terephthalate Dhavalikar, Rahul Ramesh Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-021
Role of catalyst and substrate in synthesis of single wall carbon nanotubes Goyal, Amit Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-045
Thermochemistry and kinetic analysis on radicals of acetaldehyde + O2, allyl radical + O2 and diethyl and chlorodiethyl sulfides Lee, Jongwoo Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-111
Liquid-liquid mixing in stirred tanks with varying liquid depths Mehta, Sunil Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-010
Study of vapor/gas permeation using thin immobilized liquid membrane Obuskovic, Gordana Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-027
Production of nanocrystalline nitramine energetic materials by rapid expansion of supercritical solutions Stepanov, Victor Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-102
Application of chemical kinetic modeling to improve design and performance criteria for a practical incineration system Bass, Jr., Charles A. PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-014
The development of h Homogeneous nucleation rate model for thermoplastic foams based on a molecular partition function and Fickian diffusion Gabbard, Ronald G. Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-044
Dry particle coating and granulation in rotating fluidized beds Kolli, Madhuri Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-033
Absorption of CO2 through hollow fiber membranes using aqueous solutions of various absorbents Kosaraju, Praveen Babu Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-034
Elementary, pressure dependent model for combustion of C1, C2 and nitrogen containing hydrocarbons : operation of a pilot scale incinerator and model comparison Sheng, Chad Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-019
Process control of a laboratory combustor using neural networks Slanvetpan, Thana Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-054
Synthesis and enzymatic resolution of amino acid esters in "green" solvents -- ionic liquids Zhao, Hua Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-082
Testing of semiconductor-based adsorption modified photosensitive (SAMP) sensor for response to toluene Agrawal, Ashish MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-006
Microporous polymeric membranes via melt processing Chandavasu, Chaiya PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-067
Evolutionary polymorphic neural networks in chemical engineering modeling Gao, Li PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-100
Structures, intramolecular rotation barriers, and thermodynamic properties of methane and ethylene carbons bonding to two unsaturated groups : ethylene, acetylene, phenyl and carbonyl Gurbani, Manish H. Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-017
Immobilized liquid membranes for facilitated transport and gas separation Kovvali, Anjaneya Sarma PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-111
A laboratory and field study of the attenuation of sound intensity using a whistle as the sonic generator Kumar, Navneet Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-020
An experimental study of dry particle coating : devices, operating parameters and applications Ramlakhan Mohan, Michelle PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-081
An investigation of centrifugal blood-cell separation Roche, Timothy Edward PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-082
Modeling and experimental validation of a single-feed semi-batch precipitation process Uehara-Nagamine, Ernesto PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-107
Turbulent mixing and chemical reaction in baffled stirred tank reactors : a comparison between experiments and a novel micromixing-based computational fluid dynamics model Akiti, Otute PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-036
A study of sound attenuation using sonic energy focussed at an artificial soil fracture Bootwala, Minhaz MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-078
An integrated membrane-based chromatographic process for biomolecule isolation and purification Dai, Xiaoping PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-016
The impact and fate of aqueous sodium nitrate on hydrocarbon flames Flynn, Ann Marie PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-017
Endotoxin removal from protein solutions by immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography Kang, Yun PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-023
Fluidization and soot filtration in a rotating fluidized bed Qian, Gui-Hua PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-028
Feasibility study of rotating fluidized bed as a dry coater and granulater Sawhney, Manish MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-075
Nanofiltration-based diafiltration process for solvent exchange in pharmaceutical manufacturing Sheth, Jignesh P. MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-073
Numerical studies of deep bed filtration Shin, Chan-Gyun MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-084
In-line measurement of solibility of physical blowing agents in thermoplastic melts as related to extrusion foaming Zhang, Qiang PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-102
Study of reactive media for chromium removal from groundwater by permeable barriers Desai, Hemant S. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-008
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) of titanium nitride : synthesis and characterization Dharmadhikari, Sameer Narsinha MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-055
Chemical reactions and mass transport in emulsion liquid membrane Fan, Huifang PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-032
Fundamentals of dry coating in fluidized bed Iyer, Rakesh MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-016
A field study coupling soil fractionation and sonic energy for enhancing the in situ removal of volatile organic compounds in the vadose zone Kaleem, Hassan MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-065
Study of the effects of deuterium implantation upon the performance of thin-oxide CMOS devices Kishore, Sumit MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-067
Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis on Cl.+RCI -- Cl2+R.reactions, CH3CjO+O2= products and CjCHO+O2= products Lee, Jongwoo MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-072
Chemical volatilization of heavy metals for waste separation and real time metals analysis Ul-Alam, Mohammad Nasr MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-102
Introduction to pollution prevention concepts in freshman chemistry through simulations and hypermidia Bhaumik, Anirban MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-039
Removal of VOCs from superfactant-flushed wastewater by membrane based modified pervaporation process Das, Anirban MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-050
Development and characteristics of carbon nitride thin solid films for advanced coating applications Hussain, Muhammad A. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-066
Molecular modelling studies of acetylcholinesterase Linaras, Charilaos E. PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-072
Modelling of in-situ bioremediation with emphasis on inhibitory kinetics and biomass growth Mandal, Dilip Kumar PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-119
Removal of volatile organic compound (VOC) vapors in biotrickling filters : process modeling and validation with chlorinated aromatic compounds Mpanias, Christos J. PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-079
Rheological characterization of unmodified and chemically modified poly (ethylene terephthalate) resins Quintans, Jorge MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-091
Recovery of intracellular materials by electroporation Reid, Wendy Elaine MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-030
An experimental study on removal cadmium from wastewater by emulsion liquid membrane Shiu, Jing-Chi MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-103
Nanofiltration with organic solvents and its possible applications to organic syntheses Whu, Jose Antonio MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-061
VOC removal from nitrogen by a membrane-based combined absorption-stripping process Xia, Boya MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-113
Biodegradation of naphthalene using Pseudomonas putida (ATCC 17484) in batch and chemostat reactors Best, Jay Boyd MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-042
Growth of grass shrimp, palaemonetes pugio, in a contaminated and an uncontaminated site Bhan, Suruchi MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-043
Pervaporation-assisted esterification of salicylic acid Chandavasu, Chaiya MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-008
Mixed metal removal and recovery by hollow fiber membrane-based extractive adsorber Chilukuri, Ramprakash MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-048
An investigation into the feasibility of utilizing pneumatic ultrasonic devices coupled with pneumatic fracturing in enhancing removal of volatile organic compounds from soils Fernandez, Hugo J. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-052
Development of aqueous scrubber to oxidize and absorb nitric oxide Lolertpiphop, Wanna MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-005
Optimization of ion-exchange chromotography with multiple gradient inputs for protein separations Mahmood, Tariq MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-075
A student training manual for running the HYSIM computer simulation program Rosty, Roberta D. Eng ©1997 njit-etd1997-104
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbonitride films from tri(dimethylamino) silane Shah, Rajive MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-089
Membrane-based reactors for ozonolysis of organic pollutants in aqueous and gaseous streams Shanbhag, Purushottam V. PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-020
Soot capture in an electrocatalytic reactor Slanvetpan, Thana MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-092
Decontamination of aquifers via air sparging/biofiltration : an experimental study Tellez, Armando Mora MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-097
Removal of gasoline-based hydrocarbons by vapor permeation membranes Bagavandoss, Shivashanker MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-042
Removal of volatile organic compounds from contaminated groundwater by pervaporation Chandra, Sukla MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-005
Comparison of reductive dehalogenation by microbial populations on adsorptive versus non-adsorptive bioreactor support materials Colella, Linda S. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-051
A controlled release technique using microporous membranes Farrell, Stephanie PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-025
Reaction kinetics of methanol and MTBE oxidation and pyrolysis Ing, Wen-Chiun PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-117
Vapor-liquid phase equilibria of nonideal fluids with a Ge-EoS model Ioannidis, Socrates PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-028
An investigation of the mechanism of advanced oxidation processes (AOP) involving free radicals and charged species. Lin, Yaw-Kuen PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-120
Removal of VOCs from waste gas streams by cyclic membrane separation techniques Obuskovic, Gordana MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-072
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Swanson, David B.
Absolute viscosity of the n-paraffin liquids Permutt, Gerald MS ©1960 njit-etd1960-001
Heat transfer by natural convection in horizontal fluid layers : a statistical correlation of experimental data O'Toole, John Lawrence MS ©1959 njit-etd1959-002
Ion exchange technology in the sodium and ferric ion-dowex 50 systems Hoerrner, Alfred George MS ©1958 njit-etd1958-002
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Design of fixed bed absorbers for drying gases Bibaud, Roger Emery MS ©1954 njit-etd1954-003
Heat transfer characteristics of non-Newtonian suspensions Binder, Harold MS ©1954 njit-etd1954-004
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Organic ion-exchange materials Burrell, Harry BS ©1938 njit-etd1938-001
Chemistry (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
V-shaped temperature dependences and pressure dependence of elementary reactions of hydroxyl radicals with several organophosphorus compounds Zhang, Xiaokai Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-032
Data-driven 2d materials discovery for next-generation electronics Zhang, Zeyu Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-048
Reconstituting the cyanobacterial circadian clock in vitro Kim, Pyong Hwa Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-008
Molecular mechanism of cyanobacteria circadian clock oscillator and effect of co factors on its oscillation Kaur, Manpreet Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-062
Surface-enhanced raman detection of glucose on several novel substrates for biosensing applications Alqarni, Laila Saad Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-082
Reduction in salt deposition on carbon nano-tube immobilized membrane during desalination via membrane distillation Humoud, Madihah Saud Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-061
Mitochondria imaging and targeted cancer treatment Zhao, Tinghan Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-080
Functionalized carbon nanotubes in hydrophobic drug delivery Chen, Kun Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-080
Fluorescent probes and functionalized nanoparticles for bioimaging: synthesis, photophysical properties and applications Liu, Xinglei Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-077
Kinetic study of free radical-radical reactions of combustion importance at elevated pressures Yan, Chao Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-074
Synthesis and detection of dna damage Gao, Xun Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-040
Thermochemistry of fluorinated aldehydes and corresponding radicals;thermochemistry and kinetics of diethyl ether and ethyl oxirane relative to reactions under atmospheric and combustion conditions Purnell, Jr., Douglas Lee Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-129
Protein engineering of cota laccase by using bacillus subtilis spore display Sheng, Silu Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-057
Diverse applications of nanostructured diatom and ecotoxicity of carbon nanotubes to alga Thakkar, Megha Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-104
Thermochemical properties of fluorinated hydrocarbons, hydroperoxides, and fluorinated hydroperoxides; thermochemistry and kinetics on dissociation and association reactions of oxiranyl radical Wang, Heng Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-042
Studies on purification and functionalization of carbon nanotubes and their aqueous phase behavior Wu, Zheqiong Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-074
Triplex dna receptor-gold nanoparticle conjugates for detection of oxidized dna base Xing, Qingyu Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-022
Synthetic approaches to the understanding of DNA nucleobase methylation Rana, Jagruti Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-029
Development of flexible batteries using nano-carbons and polymers Wang, Zhiqian Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-059
Nanocarbon immobilized membrane for separation and analysis Bhadra, Madhuleena Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-043
Thermochemical properties of c3 to c5 unsaturated carbonyl alkenes: enthalpies of formation, entropy, heat capacity, bond enthalpy Jian, Ruiqi Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-032
Nanocarbons as charge carriers in organic solar cells Lau, Xinbo C. Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-012
Stability and precipitation of diverse nanoparticles Desai, Chintal Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-073
Computational thermochemistry of hydrocarbons, oxygenates, cyclic alkanes, and furans Hudzik, Jason Michael Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-075
Synthesis and characterization of new light emitting probes for sensitive detection of bio-molecules and live cells Pillai, Shyamala Pravin Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-009
Application of hydrogen peroxide as brown tide bloom control agent Randhawa, Varunpreet Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-085
Study of elementary reactions of combustion importance at elevated temperatures and pressures Sangwan, Manuvesh Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-089
Escherichia coli 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase multienzyme complex: e1 and e2 substrate specificty, e1 carboligase activity, and e2 interchain succinyl transfer Shim, Da Jeong Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-090
Development of luminescent probes for ultrasensitive detection of biopolymers, their complexes, and living cells Wirpsza, Laura A. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-028
Anti-solvent precipitation and subsequent film formation of hydrophobic drugs for drug delivery Meng, Xiangxin Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-055
Application of raman spectroscopy in pharmaceuticals Zarow, Anna Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-066
Development of pharmacophore and comfa study of rigid and flexible sigma 2 receptor ligands Patel, Hemantbhai Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-009
Structure and thermochemistry of disulfide-oxygen species Pillai, Shyamala Pravin Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-020
Development of pharmacophore and CoMFA studies for sigma2 receptor ligands Wirpsza, Laura Ann Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-099
Ligand-based drug design : I. conformational studies of GBR 12909 analogs as cocaine antagonists; II. 3d-QSAR studies of salvinorin a analogs as kappa opioid agonists Pandit, Deepangi Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-051
Development of enzymatic biofuel cell based on carbon nanotube electrodes on porous silicon Yang, Fan Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-013
Gas chromatography on self assembled single walled carbon nanotubes Karwa, Mahesh Kumar Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-077
Ligand-based design of dopamine reuptake inhibitors : fuzzy relational clustering and 2-D and 3-D QSAR modleing Misra, Milind Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-031
Study of organic reactions in pyridinium-based ionic liquids Xiao, Ying Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-041
Modeling of flexible drug-like molecules : qsar of GBR 12909 analog dat/sert selectivity Gilbert, Kathleen Mary Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-068
Functionalization, growth and applications of single wall carbon nanotubes Wang, Yubing Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-138
Pharmacophore derivation using discotech and comparison of semi-emperical, AB initio and density functional CoMFA studies for sigma 1 and sigma 2 receptor-ligands Jung, Dawoon Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-075
Thermochemistry and kinetics in pyrolysis and oxidation reaction of oxygenate chlorocarbons, neopentane, and ortho-xylene Sun, Hongyan Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-115
A microfabricated microconcentrator for sensors and chromatography Kim, Minhee Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-080
Catalytic reduction of nitric oxide by solid carbonaceous material under lean condition Xiao, Shan Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-083
Characterization of low pressure chemical vapor deposited silicon dioxide thin films Du, Xue MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-037
Synthesis of bisphenol a BIS-2-hydroxypropylmethacrylate (BISGMA) and diethylchlorophosphate and 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate (DECP-HEMA) and preparation of dental adhesives Xie, Da MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-047
Experiments in aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation of trichloroethylene Liao, Qiong MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-042
Methods development for determination of trace polar volatile organics in environmental samples Peng, Qingchu MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-062
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) of silicon carbide from diethylsilane Shi, Yi-Tong MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-069
Preparation and testing of novel dental adhesives based on Bis- GMA/TEGDMA monomer system Sun, Deyun MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-070
Studies of Nitro-PAH on ambient air particulate matter Chen, Yadan Wang MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-039
X-ray powder diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy studies of soil containing chromium immobilized by microwave treatment Ibrahim, Nagui MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-012
Synthesis of strained lactams and study of their energetics and bonding Tsai, Jung-Chou MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-048
Substituent effects on strained rings. part A ; The kinetics of hydrolysis of A quinuclidone using FTIR. part B Chiu, Yeu-Yi MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-038
Determination of benzo(a)pyrene metabolites in the bile of winter flounder from the New York Bight Liu, Xingmin MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-044
Study of acetone extractable organic matter from airborne particulate matter from an urban site Wu, Wenhui MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-056
Synthesis of highly-strained gem-difluoro compounds by reaction of difluoromethylene with cycloalkenes Yang, Deyi MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-059
Oxidation of N,N-Dimethylformamide and N,N-Dimethylacetamide in a photoreactor Syu, Su-Jen MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-048
Synthesis of strained bridgehead lactams Tu, Quansing MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-049
Detection and determination of N-Nitrosohexamethyleneimine in benzenesulfonamide, N-[[(hexahydro-1-H azepin-1-YL)amino]-carbonyl]-4 methyl by HPTLC Valdez, Anulfo A. MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-050
Reaction of atomic hydrogen with chloroform in a discharge flow reactor Jo, Wan-Kuen MS ©1985 njit-etd1985-023
Quantitative evaluation of substituent effects on stabilization energies of strained and unsaturated molecules Stevenson, Tyler Arthur MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-033
Transient phenomena of polymer : Aniline-formaldehyde fiber and copolymer aniline-phenol-formaldehyde fiber Vibulbhan-Watts, Ing-On MS ©1980 njit-etd1980-013
Civil and Environmental Engineering (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
A theoretical analysis of volatile contaminant removal by the pneumatic fracturing process Ding, Yuan PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-049
Civil Engineering (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Behavior of novel cementitious composites for use in sustainable construction and rehabilitation Thibodeaux, Noah A. PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-045
Safe yield comparisons for the 1960’s and 2000’s drought in the Passaic river basin Santos, Stephanie R Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-014
Shale softening based on pore network and laboratory investigations Zhang, Di Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-055
The stability of nanobubbles and its application in contaminated sediment treatment Aluthgun Hewage, Shaini Dilsha Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-085
Stress-state and injection-rate dependent damage processes during the hydraulic fracturing of granite Gunarathna, Gayani Sasendrika Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-011
Computational modeling of recycled aggregate concrete systems Jayasuriya, Anuruddha Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-088
Recovery of valuable metals from spent lithium-ion batteries using organic acids: assessment of technoeconomic feasibility Lin, Leqi Contact the author MS ©2020 njit-etd2020-002
Numerical and analytical methods to predict behavior of reinforced ductile concrete composites Pokhrel, Mandeep Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-017
Effects of electro-osmotic consolidation of clays and its improvement using ion exchange membranes Martin, Lucas Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-046
Decontamination of the passaic river sediments using ultrasound with ozone nano-bubbles Hewa Batagoda, Janitha Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-025
Intense ultrasonic waves in fluids: nonlinear behaviour Kewalramani, Jitendra Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-006
A methodological framework for quantifying impacts of truck traffic on regional network with implications to transport policy Pathak, Chaitanya Narendra Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-029
Erosion behavior and scour risk of extremely coarse streambeds Bayat, Abolfazl Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-005
RCA: use and future possibilities Islam, Bushra Marium Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-073
Seepage monitoring and diagnosis of distresses in an earth embankment dam using probability methods Mousavian, Seyed Mohammad Reza Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-092
Long-term management and condition assessment of concrete culvert Zou, Zhenting Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-099
Normal-strength and high-strength concrete columns under cyclic axial load and biaxial moment Zarei, Mehdi Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-011
Structural health monitoring of bridges using wireless sensor networks Ghazi Sharyatpanahi, Seyed Behrad Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-070
Expert system for energy optimization of buildings using sustainable and resilient strategies Scala, Victoria Ann Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-030
Modeling biodegradation settlement of municipal solid waste (msw) based on measurement of landfill gas and degradable solids in leachate recirculated bioreactors Shah, Vatsal Atulkumar Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-031
Approach to flood mitigation - a post sandy study in New Jersey Meadowlands area Datta, Banshari Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-067
An innovative protective jacket for structures subject to blast loads: A comprehensive experimental and simulation study Carlson, Nicholas J. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-070
Dynamic response of highway bridges under a moving truck and development of a rational serviceability requirement Darjani, Shabnam Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-027
Driver injury severity at u.s. highway-rail crossings Hao, Wei Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-018
Safety performance comparison between light rail transit and subway Jasmin, Nehemie Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-003
Micromechanical study of two-phase flow during air sparging Gao, Shengyan Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-010
Development of gis database for hayward fault Maku, Olugbope Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-025
Risk based models for the optimization of oil and gas supply chain critical infrastructure Achebe, Kingsley Oseloka Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-002
Application of mass/stiffness eccentricity to control response of structures subjected to earthquake ground motion Feizi, Bakhtiar Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-005
Seismic characterization of recycled aggregate concrete Jamali, Amin Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-008
Coupled simulation of loading and response of columns under extreme events Allahverdi, Navid H. Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-083
Optimal train control on various track alignments considering speed and schedule adherence constraints Kim, Kitae Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-023
Inter-relationship of mechanical and bio-chemical processes governing the settlement of municipal solid waste (MSW) using the (C +H)/L ratio Lifrieri, Joseph John Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-028
Optimizing integrated service for a transit route with heterogeneous demand Ulusoy, Yavuz Yusuf Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-098
Multiclass intermodal network model : the use of combined model on system evaluations Deng, Yi Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-030
Prediction of service load of concrete structures after cracking using ultrasonic technique Wu, Xuezeng Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-040
Behavior of structural concrete members strengthened by composite fabrics Chen, Jian Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-020
Mechanics of biocell landfill settlements Hettiarachchi, Chamil Hiroshan Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-070
Uniaxial and triaxial behavior of high strength concrete with and without steel fibers Lu, Xiaobin Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-033
Utility of remote sensing data in retrieval of water quality consituents concentrations in coastal water of New Jersey Yu, Ting Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-091
Continuity of bridges composed of simple-span precast prestressed concrete girders made continuous Yin, Libin Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-128
The consolidation analysis of a clay layer in the city of Belem do Para, Brazil Bezerra Jr., John MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-035
Shape finding of fabric structures using grid method Bischof, Armin Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-036
Investigation of an integrated regional environmental watershed methodology Boggio, Marshall R. Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-069
Issues of seismic response and retrofit for critical substation equipment Hashemi Nezhad Ashrafi, Seyed Ali Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-088
Optimization of very early strength concrete mixes using maturity method Punurai, Sun Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-055
Hydrological and geotechnical investigation of a Sparta, New Jersey landslide Talerico, James Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-016
Shear strengthening of RC beams using carbon fiber reinforced polymer laminates Zhang, Zhichao Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-032
Probability of a hazardous material truck accident in New Jersey Damodaran, Mahesh Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-061
Seismic response of transformer bushing systems and their rehabilitation using frictional pendulum system Ersoy, Selahattin Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-016
Bi-axially loaded slender reinforced concrete columns subjected to sustained loads Gu, Song Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-045
Mechanical properties and stress-strain behavior of high performance concrete under uniaxial compression Jiratatprasot, Pornchai Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-005
Complete stress-strain characteristics of high performance concrete Lee, Insang Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-049
Shear behavior of reinforced concrete deep beams strengthened with CFRP laminates Moren, Jon Erik Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-008
Impact of truck regulation and 65MPH speed limit on truck accidents in New Jersey Rajbhandari, Rajat G. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-038
Inelastic seismic behavior of stiffening systems : multi-span simply-supported (MSSS) bridges Yazdani-Motlagh, Alireza Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-023
Fractionation & segregation of suspended particles using acoustic and flow fields Aboobaker, Nazhat PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-062
Reactive media for chromium reduction under alkaline conditions for use in permeable reactive barriers Apte, Sachin V. Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-011
Characterization of the dependant pile capacity in glacial deposits by dynamic load tests Karna, Upendra L. D. Eng ©2001 njit-etd2001-002
A software system for large-scale structural optimization MacBain, Keith M. PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-077
Multimedia modeling of organic contaminants in the Passaic river watershed Coulibaly, Lansana PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-015
Feasibility study to extract iron and chromium from chromium contaminated soils Kamolpornwijit, Wiwat PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-037
The influence of high performance matrices on fracture behavior of concrete Lertwattanaruk, Pusit PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-047
Post-cracking tensile properties of advanced cementitious materials and ductility of high performance concrete beams Punurai, Wonsiri MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-055
Utilization of municipal solid waste incinerator fly ash in cement mortars Rachakornkij, Manaskorn PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-033
Performance-based seismic engineering of low and medium-rise steel frames Rashidi, Saeid PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-056
Finite fraction method for tracking desinfection by-product precursors in water treatment Van, Doanh PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-089
Physical and geotechnical characterization of water treatment plant residuals Basim, Swamy C. PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-045
Long term risks associated with brownfield containments Chirputkar, Shailesh Shirish PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-034
In situ enhancement of well recovery by pneumatic media injection Galbraith, Michael Thomas MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-057
Fluorescence spectroscopy for the characterization of humic and fulvic acids and their disinfection by-products formation potential Kochar, Ishvinder H. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-041
Design and engineering of a tensile fabric structure Rios, Jairo MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-039
Development of computer model and expert system for pneumatic fracturing of geologic formations Sielski, Brian Michael PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-095
Composite columns Berge, Magnar MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-038
Reuse of cold top ex-situ vitrified chromium contaminated soils in hot mix asphalt concrete Charleston, Gerald MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-044
Pneumatic fracture propagation and particulate transport in geologic formations Puppala, Suresh PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-089
Fluorescence spectroscopy for the characterization of total organic carbon and disinfection by-product formation Washington, Matthew Brendan MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-029
Potential effects of pneumatic fracturing on existing structures and utilities Canino, Michael C. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-047
Analysis of safe separation distances from natural gas transmission pipelines Haklar, James Stephen Contact the author PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-037
Distribution of velocities and velocity gradients in mixing and flocculation vessels : comparison between LDV data and CFD predictions Luo, Changgen PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-021
Characteristics of recycled plastics and applications for highway appurtenances MacBain, Keith MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-074
Analysis and modeling of ultrasound enhanced soil washing process Rajaratnam, Kamalavathany MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-012
Non-linear evaluation of concrete-filled steel tubular columns Shams, Mohammad Hassan PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-017
Nondestructive dynamic load testing of bridges using strain sensors Boland, Suzanne MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-046
The constant fracture angle model for cementitious materials Kim, Suk Ki PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-023
Development of a fiber optic polarimetric sensor for concrete Lee, Insang MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-060
Development of a multivariate QSAR model to predict desorption of halogenated aliphatic hydrocarbons from activated sludge solids Mukherjee, Sudhi, Ranjan PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-094
Fracture mechanics of high strength concrete members Navalurkar, Rajendra K. PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-021
Relationship between precipitation, surface runoff, and shallow water-table Patel, Manoj MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-076
Anaerobic digestion and acid hydrolysis of nitrocellulose Tai, Fong-Jung PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-119
Discrete element modeling of dry granular material using a massively parallel supercomputer Washington, David W. PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-106
Micromechanics of hot mix asphalt material formulation and numerical simulation Chang, Kuo-Neng G. PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-036
Stress-strain behavior of high strength concrete cylinders Chen, Danqing MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-031
Fundamentals of adhesion of organic compounds and aqueous cleaning of glass and metal surfaces : applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries de Ruijter, Michel J. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-110
Composite beam analogy fracture model (CBAFM) : a non-linear fracture mechanics model for concrete Haque, Mohammed Enamul PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-052
Mechanical behavior of polystyrene foam bead lightweight concrete Ni, Hai-Ying MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-100
Analysis of plates and reinforced concrete columns by cubic b-spline function Wang, Gang PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-062
Shear strength and fatigue crack propagation in concrete by energy method Wang, Wei PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-012
A nondestructive method for the determination of fracture energy in concrete structures Yu, Been-Jyh PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-003
Behavior of concrete and slender reinforced concrete columns under cyclic axial compression with bidirectional eccentricities Bahn, Byong Youl PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-032
Design, construction, and operation of water treatment plant residual monofills Bian, Haitao MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-065
Behavior of biaxially loaded concrete-encased composite columns Munoz, Pedro Ricardo PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-010
Theoretical evaluation of the break off test for concrete Ranasinghe, Arjuna Priyara PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-052
The influence of hydrodynamics and particle size on the rejection properties of ultrafiltration membranes Shahin, Usama M. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-124
Geotechnical characterization of water treatment plant residuals Xia, Zhengyuan MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-028
Behavior of R/C columns under nonproportional variations in axial and lateral loads Ahsan, Kaniz Fatema MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-056
Attachment systems for curtain wall construction and maintenance requirements Donaghy, Peter S. MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-077
Tensile behavior of concrete and mortar under direct impact tensile load Emad, Kayumars PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-032
Utilization of fly ash in concrete Jaturapitakkul, Chai PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-095
Unreinforced masonry structures : nonlinear analysis and evaluation of some rehab schemes Mehta, Sanjay PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-037
Fracture of cementitious composites Tindukasiri, Sira MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-152
Constitutive equation for concrete using strain-space plasticity model Xing, Yuxiang PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-024
The collapse of the Cypress Viaduct during the Loma Prieta earthquake of October 17, 1989 Eid, Mohamed M. MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-071
Behavior of high strength concrete and slender reinforced concrete columns with and without steel fibers Hsu, Lin Showmay PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-018
A modified approach to flood prediction in urban watersheds Ofungwu, Joseph PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-028
The influence of pore fluids on shear strength and stress-strain behavior of granular soils Ratnaweera, Prasanna PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-029
Behavior of square and L-shaped slender reinforced concrete columns under combined biaxial bending and axial compression Tsao, Wen Hu PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-040
Investigation of mixed-made fracture in concrete Aniftos, Stylianos C. MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-024
Experimental evaluation of process zone deformation in concrete Meng, Cherng-Maou MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-025
Construction cost estimating in project management Patel, Kalpit N. MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-022
Competitive bidding strategy in the construction industry : a game theoretic approach Chen, Hongbin MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-004
Bond and fatigue characteristics of high-strength cement-based composites Chimaphant, Somboon Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-022
Air stripping of volatile organic contaminants using rotating disc contactor Hsueh, Kai-Ping Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-032
Adsorption and desorption of chromium on clayey soils Tan, Ker-Shu MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-015
Permeability and volume change characeristics of bentonite-sand mixes in a contaminant environment Wu, Yuan-Hsun Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-033
Study of the structure and capacity of construction industry in Pakistan Ansari, Tayyab A. MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-011
Softening response of concrete in direct tension Cintora, Teresa MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-012
Adsorption of organic compounds by microbial biomass Selvakumar, Ariamalar Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1988 njit-etd1988-033
Sorptive and geotechnical characteristics of kaolinite Shih, Chi-Yuan MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-003
Non-linear finite element of analysis of reinforced concrete members Jeyamohan, Chellathurai MS ©1987 njit-etd1987-002
Construction labor and productivity : productivity improvements Stavros, Nicolaou C. MS ©1987 njit-etd1987-010
Fracture energy and tensile behavior of concrete Chiou, Wen-Jinn MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-016
Systems building theory application within the residential housing construction market Newhard, Gary Alexander MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-002
Behavior of tee-shaped reinforced concrete columns subjected to biaxial bending and axial compression Nader, Antoun Romanos MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-014
Behavior of L-shaped reinforced concrete columns under combined biaxial bending and compression Shah, Amar MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-013
Behavior of thin-walled channel shaped reinforced concrete columns under combined biaxial bending and compression Yalamarthy, Subash MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-012
Behavior of channel-shaped reinforced concrete columns under combined biaxial bending and compression Chidambarrao, Dureseti MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-013
Failure surface for L-shaped reinforced concrete short columns Liu, Mon-Chen MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-014
Analysis and tests [of] L-shaped reinforced concrete column under combined biaxial bending and axial compression Majlesi, Alaedin MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-015
Removal of fluoborate from electroplating rinse water by ion flotation Haralson, Ray Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1982 njit-etd1982-002
Leachate treatment technique utilizing fly ash as a low cost sorbent Ramadan, Turan A. MS ©1982 njit-etd1982-003
Mathematical modeling and analytical solutions of dissolved oxygen and biochemical oxygen demand profiles under three-dimensional, unsteady-state conditions Kim, Uing Woong Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1981 njit-etd1981-006
An investigation of the dynamic response of the activated sludge process Pan, Tin-Bai Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1980 njit-etd1980-006
Development and verification of a laboratory model for use in the study of a continuous flow pressurized activated sludge process Nolte, Wayne Frederick Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1979 njit-etd1979-011
The use of natural sorbents for the treatment of industrial sludge leachate Sheih, Mung Shium Jack Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1979 njit-etd1979-008
Paper recycling : recovery of secondary fibers by selective wettability Welshans, Gary Keith Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1978 njit-etd1978-005
Nonlinear buckling of deep cylindrical shell panels with imperfections Jhaveri, Madhusudan H. Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1977 njit-etd1977-014
The effects of pressure on the biodegradability of sanitary sewage in a model activated sludge reactor Mezei, Nicholas A. MS ©1977 njit-etd1977-004
The Anisotropic and isotropic strength behavior of an illitic clay O'Brien, Miles M. MS ©1977 njit-etd1977-010
Subcontracting by the petrochemical engineer-constructor Skurla, Michael Peter MS ©1976 njit-etd1976-001
The effects of angularity on the compaction and shear strength of a cohesionless material Swiderski, Richard Edward MS ©1976 njit-etd1976-003
An analysis of the passenger vehicle interface of street transit systems with applications to design optimization Kraft, Walter H. Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1975 njit-etd1975-003
Industrialized-subsidized housing in the Hackensack meadowlands Gildersleeve, Andrew Carl MS ©1974 njit-etd1974-006
Optimal planning of fixed route bus transit systems : a systems approach Lee, Young Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1974 njit-etd1974-002
Aboveground fuel oil storage tanks Palmer, Lawrence George MS ©1973 njit-etd1973-003
A simulation modeling approach to central city dynamics Schaper Jr., Leonard William Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1973 njit-etd1973-007
A study into the feasibility of constructing a pedestrian mall in Newark downtown Warren, Stephen Wesley MS ©1973 njit-etd1973-004
Manpower and productivity in the construction industry Purciello, John A. MS ©1972 njit-etd1972-004
Coagulation in waste water treatment Westerhoff, Garret P. MS ©1968 njit-etd1968-003
Case history of a test pile program for the redevelopment of Newark Airport De Michele, Patrick MS ©1967 njit-etd1967-003
The plastic design of steel cofferdam Disque, Robert O MS ©1959 njit-etd1959-001
Waterfront construction in New York Harbor Garrison, Carman William BS ©1949 njit-etd1949-001
The Rahway valley trunk sewer and its relations to, and effect upon the city of Rahway Hedeman, Fred A. BS ©1934 njit-etd1934-001
Problems encountered in the development of an airport Armstrong, A. H. BS ©1932 njit-etd1932-001
Piles and pile driving Van Houten, Robert W. BS ©1932 njit-etd1932-002
Computational Biology (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Ranking single nucleotide polymorphisms with support vector regression in continuous phenotypes Shahidain, Seif Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-082
RNA genome annotation with a focus on T. brucei Bucci, Brett Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-008
UTR prediction programs for trypanosoma brucei Moutafis, Maria Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-016
Network activity arising from optimal diameters of neuronal processes Gansert, Juliane Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-054
A data gathering toolkit for biological information integration Lokhandwala, Munira Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-060
Comparative analysis of parametric, nonparametric and permutation methods for differential expression Patil, Rahul Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-064
Structure and dynamics of soluble guanylyl cyclase Sugino, Kentaro Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-056
2d quantitative structure activity relationship modeling of methylphenidate analogues using algorithm and partial least square regression Wadhwaniya, Noureen Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-043
Singular value decomposition of analogs of GBR 12909 Fiorentino, Anna Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-112
An analysis of the periodicity of the cell cycle and apoptotic regulatory proteins in prostate xenografts using anova and cosinor methods Hosdaghian, Aleen Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-004
SLIMSVM : a simple implementation of support vector machine for analysis of microarray data Karmaker, Avik Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-113
Analysis of AUF1 targeted mRNA sequences Lu, Jiebo Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-057
Analysis of molecular conformations using relative planes Pai, Deepa S. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-061
Random search conformational analysis of piperazine and piperadine analogs of GBR12909 : implicit aqueous solvation effects Roosma, William A. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-068
A method for developing in-silico protein homologs McClatchy, Susan Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-009
An application in bioinformatics : a comparison of affymetrix and compugen human genome microarrays Misra, Milind Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-053
Analysis of gene expression data using Expressionist 3.1 and GeneSpring 4.2 Shrivastava, Indu Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-014
Comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) of protonated methylphenidate phenyl-substituted analogs Gilbert, Kathleen Mary Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-004
Statistical image analysis of spotted arrays Posta, Filippo Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-072
An algorithm for estimating the quality of microarrays Sodhi, Ajeet S. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-039
Computer and Information Science (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Perception gaps and the adoption of information technology in the clinical healthcare environment Hare, Karen Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-114
Development and characterization of methodology and technology for the alignment of fMRI time series Ciulla, Carlo Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-042
Collaborative problem solving and program development model DeFranco-Tommarello, Joanna Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-043
Knowledge discovery and modeling in genomic databases Yin, Michael M. Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-084
WAQS : a web-based approximate query system Chang, George Jyh-Shian PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-068
e-DOCSPROS : exploring TEXPROS into e-business era Cheng, Zhenfu PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-069
A more efficient document retrieval method for TEXPROS Dong, Yin PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-059
Augmenting applications with hyper media, functionality and meta-information Galnares, Roberto PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-070
Knowledge-based document retrieval with application to TEXPROS Sheng, Fang PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-083
Genetically evolved dynamic control for quadruped walking Grasso, Giorgio PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-020
Collaborative software agents support for the texpros document management system Lin, Jrtian PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-059
Knowledge discovery in biological databases : a neural network approach Ma, Qicheng PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-039
Component-based software engineering Wang, Zhiyuan PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-032
Porting the Sisal functional language to distributed-memory multiprocessors Ku, Jui-Yuan PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-042
Automatic document classification and extraction system (ADoCES) Li, Xuhong PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-074
A new-generation class of parallel architectures and their performance evaluation Wang, Qian PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-106
Development of a framework for internet based education system Lanka, Srinivas MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-071
Applications of internet technology for requirements elicitation Pandit, Deepak MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-084
Application of the internet technology and client/server paradigm for the implementation of REPI Patel, Chetankumar G. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-087
The intelligent browser for texpros Wang, Chih-Ying PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-112
An integrated environment for problem solving and program development Deek, Fadi Pierre PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-001
Massively parallel reasoning in transitive relationship hierarchies Lee, Yugyung PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-067
Multi-wavelength infrared imaging computer systems and applications Li, Jun PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-068
High speed protocols for dual bus and dual ring network architectures Zhou, Yaling PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-115
Pattern discovery in sequence databases : algorithms and applications to DNA/protein classification Chirn, Gung-Wei PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-089
Identifying and exploiting concurrency in object-based real-time systems Yu, Guohui PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-045
Towards designing a knowledge-based tutoring system : SQL-tutor as an example Zhou, Gang PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-022
Graphical OODB modeling for medical information standards (GOMMIS) Liu, Jiping MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-101
Translation of semantic aspects of OODINI graphical representation to ONTO OODB data definition language Wang, Xiaoyong MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-139
Protocol conformance test generation using circular UIO with overlapping Patchipala, Sesharao MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-131
Systems integration in pharmaceutical industry using object-oriented expert system technology Reddy, Korrapolu MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-138
Computer implementation of Mason's rule and software development of stochastic petri nets Zhao, Xiaoyong MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-171
Graphical image persistence and code generation for object oriented databases Chatterjee, Subrata MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-058
Porting COSMOS expert system from UNIX to DOS Chiu, Ching-Jeng MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-065
Real-TV : RTP/L3's visual monitor Czop, Richard MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-066
Performance analysis of queueing systems with synchronous server Hur, Wonmu MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-081
An implementation and evaluation of distributed information system based on the OSCA architecture guidelines Masand, Babita MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-095
A machine entity for a coordinate measurement machine : the generic workcell project Meyer, Richard C. MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-099
Computer Engineering (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Improving the performance and evaluation of computer-assisted semen analysis Choi, Ji-Won Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-015
Un-fair trojan: Targeted backdoor attacks against model fairness Furth, Nicholas Contact the author MS ©2022 njit-etd2022-001
Analyzing fluctuation of topics and public sentiment through social media data Liu, Haoyue Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-038
Artificial neural networks and their applications to intelligent fault diagnosis of power transmission lines Mohammadi Shakiba, Fatemeh Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-042
Modeling of quad-station module cluster tools using petri nets Nay, Aung Contact the author MS ©2022 njit-etd2022-070
Local learning algorithms for stochastic spiking neural networks Rosenfeld, Bleema Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-025
Digital image forensics via meta-learning and few-shot learning Shi, Yuxi Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-044
Statistics-based anomaly detection and correction method for amazon customer reviews Chatterjee, Ishani Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-064
Machine learning techniques for network analysis Lateef, Irfan Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-070
Deep learning on image forensics and anti-forensics Shen, Zhangyi Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-016
Intelligent and secure fog-aided internet of drones Yao, Jingjing Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-019
Data-driven learning for robot physical intelligence Zhao, Leidi Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-056
Treated HfO2 based rram devices with ru, tan, tin as top electrode for in-memory computing hardware Patel, Yuvraj Dineshkumar Contact the author MS ©2020 njit-etd2020-079
Human activity recognition using wearable sensors: a deep learning approach Xue, Jialun Contact the author MS ©2020 njit-etd2020-081
Energy and performance-optimized scheduling of tasks in distributed cloud and edge computing systems Yuan, Haitao Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-041
High-speed data communications for vehicular networks using free-space optical communications Kaymak, Yagiz Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-078
Design, analysis and optimization of visible light communications based indoor access systems for mobile and internet of things applications Shao, Sihua Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-031
Multi-population-based differential evolution algorithm for optimization problems Chatterjee, Ishani Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-064
Online algorithms for content caching: an economic perspective Gharaibeh, Ammar Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-013
Decision tree rule-based feature selection for imbalanced data Liu, Haoyue Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-076
Subspace methods for portfolio design Yilmaz, Onur Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-043
System design and performance analysis of asymmetrically and symmetrically clipped optical (ASCO)-OFDM for IM/DD optical wireless communications Wu, Nan Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-060
Novel algorithms for fair bandwidth sharing on counter rotating rings Yilmaz, Mete Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-014
Vector coprocessor sharing techniques for multicores: performance and energy gains Beldianu, Spiridon Florin Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-064
Energy-efficient multi-criteria packet forwarding in multi-hop wireless networks Egoh, Komlan Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-059
High-performance matrix multiplication on Intel and FGPA platforms Li, Gang Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-080
Energy scavenging system for indoor wireless sensor network Crea, David Andrew Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-017
Modeling next generation air traffic control system with petri net Wu, Hang Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-042
Hardware support for real-time network security and packet classification using field programmable gate arrays Guinde, Nitesh Bhicu Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-086
Soft-error resilient on-chip memory structures Wang, Shuai Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-044
On modeling and mitigating new breed of dos attacks Shevtekar, Amey Bhaskar Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-062
Kerberos phone secure messenger Al-Saber, Nabeel Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-002
Two factor authentication and authorization in ubiquitous mobile computing Zhu, Qing Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-055
Non-repudiation secure file transfer protocol (NRSFTP) Chen, Jerry Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-035
Development and evaluation of a simultaneous multithreading processor simulator Nunez, Carla Verena S. Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-038
Route recovery schemes for link and node failure and link congestion Takouna, Ibrahim Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-062
Doppler spread estimation in mobile fading channels Zhang, Hong Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-031
On mitigating distributed denial of service attacks Gao, Zhiqiang Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-111
HfO2 as gate dielectric on Si and Ge substrate Garg, Reenu Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-075
Design and stability analysis of high performance packet switches Guo, Zhen Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-025
Probabilistic approaches to the design of wireless ad hoc and sensor networks Guo, Zhen PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-026
Online clustering with single-pass topology based fuzzy clustering algorithm Jaiantilal, Abhishek Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-006
A wireless method for monitoring medication compliance Jonas, Jeffrey Scott Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-099
FPGA-based implementation of parallel graph partitioning Kharashgeh, Mohammad Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-101
Classification, testing and optimization of intrusion detection systems Leon, Javier Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-059
Multilevel adaptive security system Li, Hongwei Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-029
Design and resource management of reconfigurable multiprocessors for data-parallel applications Wang, Xiaofang Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-039
An autonomous router-based solution to detect and defend low rate DDoS attacks Anantharam, Karunakar Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-002
A co-processor design to support MPI primitives in configurable multiprocessor designs Bafna, Rohan Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-003
Scalable wide area ad-hoc networking Bose, Nithin Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-146
QoS constrained cellular ad hoc augmented networks Chen, Chi-Tung Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-021
A versatile programming model for dynamic task scheduling on cluster computers Jin, Dejiang Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-072
Planar visual fusion scintigraphy Puthiamadathil, Jacob Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-055
TCP performance enhancement in wireless networks via adaptive congestion control and active queue management Xu, Kai Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-088
Security information management with frame-based attack presentation and first-order reasoning Yan, Wei Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-089
Enabling cost aware routing with auctions in wireless ad-hoc networks Yuksel, Ali Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-124
Mobile agent based distributed network management : modeling, methodologies and applications Ye, Jian Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-105
Evaluation of intrusion detection systems with automatic traffic generation programs Akpan, Friday Bassey Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-002
Soft fault detection using MIBs in computer networks Arora, Sachin Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-034
IP traceback with deterministic packet marking DPM Belenky, Andrey Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-105
Optimal and intelligent decision making in sustainable development of electronic products Gao, Meimei Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-108
FPGA implementation of a Cholesky algorithm for a shared-memory multiprocessor architecture Haridas, Satchidanand G. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-046
Efficient resource allocation and call admission control in high capacity wireless networks Hou, Jiongkuan Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-074
Tree based reliable topology for distributing link state information Krishnan, Ram Narayan Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-091
Design of an FPGA-based parallel SIMD machine for power flow analysis Kunta, Tirupathi Rao Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-050
Graphical user interface for improved laser eye surgery Kuruganti, Venkata K. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-051
Detecting malfunction in wireless sensor networks Lake, Pablito C. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-052
Internet traffic over wide area network - statistical modeling and analysis Lee, Yan Yi MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-094
Comparative studies of network traffic in actual and emulated wireless networks Salley, Jr., Curtis Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-058
Sub-segment based transport layer protocol for wireless medium Sengupta, Som Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-060
Tracking the path of a mobile radioactive source using a wireless sensor network Shah, Nipa Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-061
Introduction on intrusion detection systems : focus on hierarchical analysis Bajaj, Ratna Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-091
Attack visualization for intrusion detection system Rabie, Mohammad A. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-092
Protection and restoration algorithms for WDM optical networks Sakarindr, Pitipatana Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-073
A CAD-MLCA interface for next-generation DFE tools He, Jun Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-018
Emulation of the dataflow computing paradigm using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) Ingersoll, Segreen Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-015
Silicon based IR filters Mokashi, Prakash Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-021
Development of a demanufacturing system modeling and simulation tool Hu, Jingjing MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-096
A method of tracking eye motion for human-computer interface Maranski, Martin MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-082
Design and fabrication of optical resonators Moholkar, Pushkar MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-061
Current-voltage characteristics of TaSi2/Si and MOS devices using Labview Tangirala, Prasant MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-088
An algorithm for fast route lookup and update Yilmaz, Pinar Altin MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-049
Multi-lifecycle assessment design tools and software development Jin, Ji MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-017
Design of components for a generic microprocessor architecture Mohare, Pradnesh R. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-081
Design, implementation, and evaluation of a shared-memory parellel processing system (SMPPS) Staub, Eric H. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-098
Analysis and applications of FTIR systems Doshi, Gunjan Navin MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-018
Evaluating the communications capabilities of the generalized hypercube interconnection network Krishnamurthy, Sanjay MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-069
Design, fabrication and characterization of the infrastructure for a two part non volatile RAM Madapur, Suma MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-017
Improving the run time of the decomposition algorithm for fault tolerant Clos interconnection networks through swap re-ordering McMakin, Andrea Laura MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-027
Design and implementation of generalized adaptive neural filters Tam, Chun Yip MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-108
Modeling and numerical analysis of beam matrix plasma display system Zhang, Jungwu MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-115
Design of a communications interface for a very high performance computer Zydallis, Jesse Boyd MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-118
Automatic surface mount solder joints inspection Liu, Zhu MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-090
Computer Science (back to top of page)
Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Machine learning and network embedding methods for gene co-expression networks Aghaieabiane, Niloofar Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-016
Diversification and fairness in top-k ranking algorithms Asadi, Mahsa Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-035
Advanced traffic video analytics for robust traffic accident detection Ghahremannezhad, Hadi Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-038
Models and algorithms for promoting diverse and fair query results Islam, Md Mouinul Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-039
AI approaches to understand human deceptions, perceptions, and perspectives in social media Li, Chih-Yuan Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-023
Mapping programs to equations Mohammadi, Hessamaldin Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-024
Human-AI complex task planning Nikookar, Sepideh Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-042
Program analysis for android security and reliability Rahaman, Sydur Contact the author PhD ©2023 njit-etd2023-043
Towards practicalization of blockchain-based decentralized applications He, Songlin Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-019
Using materialized views for answering graph pattern queries Lan, Michael Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-055
Computation of risk measures in finance and parallel real-time scheduling Li, Yajuan Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-037
Efficient and scalable triangle centrality algorithms in the arkouda framework Patchett, Joseph Thomas Contact the author MS ©2022 njit-etd2022-051
Optimization opportunities in human in the loop computational paradigm Wei, Dong Contact the author PhD ©2022 njit-etd2022-029
On performance optimization and prediction of parallel computing frameworks in big data systems AlQuwaiee, Haifa Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-063
Design and implementation of photovoltaic energy harvesting automaton Askarov, Iskandar Contact the author MS ©2021 njit-etd2021-060
Methods for extending biomedical reference ontologies and interface terminologies for EHRr text annotation Kuttichi Keloth, Vipina Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-009
On non-linear network embedding methods Le, Huong Yen Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-044
Development of deep learning neural network for ecological and medical images Liu, Shaobo Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-012
On resource-efficiency and performance optimization in big data computing and networking using machine learning Liu, Wuji Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-071
Novel statistical modeling methods for traffic video analysis Shi, Hang Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-048
Stock market prediction using investor sentiment Shukla, Sarvesh Contact the author MS ©2021 njit-etd2021-029
Land cover image segmentation based on individual class binary segmentation Somasunder, Sathyanarayanan Contact the author MS ©2021 njit-etd2021-030
Towards adversarial robustness with 01 lossmodels, and novel convolutional neural netsystems for ultrasound images Xie, Meiyan Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-051
Gradient free sign activation zero one loss neural networks for adversarially robust classification Xue, Yunzhe Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-052
A practical approach to automated software correctness enhancement Zakharchenko, Aleksandr Contact the author PhD ©2021 njit-etd2021-077
Performance optimization of big data computing workflows for batch and stream data processing in multi-clouds Cao, Huiyan Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-089
Transfer learning: bridging the gap between deep learning and domain-specific text mining Cheng, Chaoran Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-010
Changing the focus: worker-centric optimization in human-in-the-loop computations Esfandiari, Mohammadreza Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-027
Systems for free parking assignment Hakeem, Abeer M. Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-084
Hybrid deep neural networks for mining heterogeneous data Hou, Xiurui Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-030
Machine learning for scientific data mining and solar eruption prediction Liu, Hao Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-036
Enrichment of ontologies using machine learning and summarization Liu, Hao Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-035
Crowdsourcing atop blockchains Lu, Yuan Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-037
Model-based deep siamese autoencoder for clustering single cell rna-seq data Meng, Zixia Contact the author MS ©2020 njit-etd2020-046
Accelerating transitive closure of large-scale sparse graphs Patel, Sanyamee Milindkumar Contact the author MS ©2020 njit-etd2020-075
Exposing and fixing causes of inconsistency and nondeterminism in clustering implementations Yin, Xin Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-070
Global optimization algorithms for image registration and clustering Zheng, Cuicui Contact the author PhD ©2020 njit-etd2020-042
Cancer risk prediction with whole exome sequencing and machine learning Aljouie, Abdulrhman Fahad M Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-056
Quantitative metrics for mutation testing Ayad, Amani M. Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-057
A comparative study of russian trolls using several machine learning models on twitter data Kannan Neten Dharan, Kannan Neten Dharan Contact the author MS ©2019 njit-etd2019-024
Applied deep learning in intelligent transportation systems and embedding exploration Liang, Xiaoyuan Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-044
Deep morphological neural networks Shen, Yucong Contact the author MS ©2019 njit-etd2019-017
Statistical machine learning methods for mining spatial and temporal data Tan, Fei Contact the author PhD ©2019 njit-etd2019-077
Deep learning methods for mining genomic sequence patterns Gao, Xin Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-056
Storage systems for mobile-cloud applications Paiker, Nafize R. Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-075
Novel image descriptors and learning methods for image classification applications Puthenputhussery, Ajit Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-040
High performance cloud computing on multicore computers Shan, Jianchen Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-030
Improving k-nn search and subspace clustering based on local intrinsic dimensionality Wali, Arwa M. Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-041
Applications of big knowledge summarization Zheng, Ling Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-042
Big data analytics in computational biology and bioinformatics Byron, Kevin Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-037
Programming frameworks for mobile sensing Debnath, Hillol Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-089
Investigation of new learning methods for visual recognition Liu, Qingfeng Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-043
Characteristics of different deep neural networks and application of pre-trained model without transfer learning Peng, Zhiqi Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-109
Looping predictive method to improve accuracy of a machine learning model Pogili, Subramanyam Reddy Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-137
Annotation of multimedia learning materials for semantic search Rajgure, Sheetal Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-140
Performance optimization and energy efficiency of big-data computing workflows Shu, Tong Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-096
Development and evaluation of machine learning algorithms for biomedical applications Turki, Turki Talal Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-052
Matrix completion algorithms with applications in biomedicine, e-commerce and social science Wang, Yiran Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-105
Statistical learning methods for mining marketing and biological data Zhang, Jie Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-056
Semantics and result disambiguation for keyword search on tree data Aksoy, Cem Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-003
Semi supervised weighted maximum variance dimensionality reduction Andalam, Pranitha Surya Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-046
Accelerating data-intensive scientific visualization and computing through parallelization Chu, Dongliang Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-107
Schema-aware keyword search on linked data Dass, Ananya Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-030
Termination, correctness and relative correctness Diallo, Nafi Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-031
Data analytics with mapreduce in apache spark and hadoop systems Du, Zongxuan Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-049
A data science approach to pattern discovery in complex structures with applications in bioinformatics Hua, Lei Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-033
Context-aware collaborative storage and programming for mobile users Khan, Mohammad A. Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-109
An integrated transport solution to big data movement in high-performance networks Yun, Daqing Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-091
Algorithms for pre-microrna classification and a GPU program for whole genome comparison Zhong, Ling Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-092
Social analytics for health integration, intelligence, and monitoring Ji, Xiang Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-105
Design and analysis of algorithms for similarity search based on intrinsic dimension Ma, Xiguo Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-024
Designing novel abstraction networks for ontology summarization and quality assurance Ochs, Christopher Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-055
Adaptive global optimization algorithms Phillips, William Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-056
Enabling virtualization technologies for enhanced cloud computing Qazi, Kashifuddin Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-028
Data mining in computational proteomics and genomics Song, Yang Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-057
Local selection of features and its applications to image search and annotation Sun, Jichao Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-032
Location reliability and gamification mechanisms for mobile crowd sensing Talasila, Manoop Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-033
New directions for remote data integrity checking of cloud storage Chen, Bo Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-092
Innovative local texture descriptors with application to eye detection Gu, Jiayu Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-009
Using structural and semantic methodologies to enhance biomedical terminologies He, Zhe Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-010
Vehicle re-routing strategies for congestion avoidance Pan, Juan Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-018
Investigation of new feature descriptors for image search and classification Sinha, Atreyee Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-055
Computational methods for the analysis of next generation sequencing data Wang, Wei Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-057
Structural indicators for effective quality assurance of snomed ct Agrawal, Ankur Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-101
Novel color and local image descriptors for content-based image search Banerji, Sugata Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-065
Eye detection using discriminatory features and an efficient support vector machine Chen, Shuo Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-012
Example based texture synthesis and quantification of texture quality De, Chandralekha Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-062
Registration and categorization of camera captured documents Edupuganti, Venkata Gopal Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-060
Approximate string matching methods for duplicate detection and clustering tasks Rudniy, Oleksandr Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-102
Using an ontology to improve the web search experience Tian, Tian Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-040
Heterogeneity-aware and energy-aware scheduling and routing in wireless sensor networks Vasanthu Somashekar, Mahesh Kumar Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-017
Structural analysis and auditing of SNOMED hierarchies using abstraction networks Wang, Yue Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-038
Design and implementation of a cyberinfrastructure for RNA motif search, prediction and analysis Wen, Dongrong Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-105
Applications of stochastic simulation in two-stage multiple comparisons with the best problem and time average variance constant estimation Chakrabarti, Dibyendu Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-107
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