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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
2D and 3D surface image processing algorithms and their applications Gao, Jianlin PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-071
2d quantitative structure activity relationship modeling of methylphenidate analogues using algorithm and partial least square regression Wadhwaniya, Noureen Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-043
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
3-D numerical simulation of reactive extrusion and its application to polymerization of ε-caprolactone in co-rotating twin-screw extruders Zhu, Linjie Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-099
A 3-dimensional vascularized cardiac tri-culture model using chitosan nanofiber scaffolds Hussain, Ali Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-052
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
A conversation centric approach to understanding and supporting the coordination of social group-activities Schuler, Richard P. PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-118
A GPU program to compute SNP-SNP interactions in genome-wide association studies Ramakrishnan, Srividya Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-114
A graphical tool for timed petri nets using object oriented programming Liu, Baopu MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-100
Aboveground fuel oil storage tanks Palmer, Lawrence George MS ©1973 njit-etd1973-003
Absolute viscosity of the n-paraffin liquids Permutt, Gerald MS ©1960 njit-etd1960-001
Absorption of CO2 through hollow fiber membranes using aqueous solutions of various absorbents Kosaraju, Praveen Babu Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-034
Abstraction of an object-oriented vocabulary by providing a standardized interface Kothavade, Hemant MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-062
Abstraction, extension and structural auditing with the UMLS semantic network Chen, Yan Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-029
Accelerating data-intensive scientific visualization and computing through parallelization Chu, Dongliang Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-107
Accessibility in metropolitan transportation planning : visualizing a GIS-based measure for collaborative planning Sarkar, Aditi Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-077
Accounting for midblock pedestrian activity in the HCM 2010 urban street segment analysis Forde, Albert Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-043
Acid recovery of cadmium and lead from immobilized activated sludge used to biosorb metals Hartman, Chandrakanth MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-045
Acoustical characterization and parameter optimization of polymeric noise control materials Homsi, Emile N. Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-023
Acoustical holography by holographic interferometry Hanafy, Amin Mohamed Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1977 njit-etd1977-013
The acquisition of direct sequence spread spectrum communication systems Demeri, Anthony Donald MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-008
Active caching for recommender systems Qasim, Muhammad Umar Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-057
Active feedback control of a wake flow via forced oscillations based on a reduced model Li, Fu PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-024
Ad hoc network security and modeling with stochastic petri nets Zhang, Congzhe Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-107
Adaptable videogame platform for interactive upper extremity rehabilitation Jensen, Sally M. Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-036
An adaptive asynchronous CDMA receiver and its convergence analysis Zhong, Lizhi MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-010
Adaptive bootstrap signal separators for BPSK/QAM-modulated wireless CDMA systems in a multipath environment van Waes, Nico J.M. PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-111
An adaptive correlator receiver for combined suppression of co-channel interference and narrow-band jammers in a slowly fading channel Carbone, Raymond MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-071
Adaptive data acquisition for communication networks Ahmadi, Behzad Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-063
Adaptive distributed detection with applications to cellular CDMA Chen, Jian-Guo PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-018
Adaptive DS-CDMA multiuser detection for time variant frequency selective Rayleigh fading channel Tang, Xin Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-075
An adaptive fusion model for distributed detection systems with unequiprobable sources Zhang, Yuzheng MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-029
Adaptive global optimization algorithms Phillips, William Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-056
Adaptive interference cancelation techniques for multicarrier modulated systems Visser, Matthijs A. PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-024
Adaptive learning for event modeling and pattern classification Dai, Shuangshuang Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-023
Adaptive nonlinear control using fuzzy logic and neural networks Chang, Shu-Chieh PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-036
Adaptive radar in heterogeneous environment Futernik, Albert MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-054
Adaptive space-time processing for digital mobile radio communication systems Shah, Amit PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-030
Adaptive space-time processing for wireless communications Bernstein, Xiao Cheng PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-087
Adaptive trust and reputation system as a security service in group communications Sakarindr, Pitipatana Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-041
Adaptive turn-prohibition routing algorithm for the networks of workstations Shevtekar, Amey Bhaskar Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-014
Adaptive two-stage detection scheme in synchronous two-user CDMA systems Jiang, Yong MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-016
Adaptive, differential pulse-code modulation for speech processing Cummiskey, Peter Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1973 njit-etd1973-005
Addition of a chain-cell search method and a Van der Waals force model to a particle dynamics code Sweetman, Michael J. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-122
Adherent electroplating on molybdenum Hansen, Robert Marius MS ©1952 njit-etd1952-003
Adiabatic kinetic studies of the cytidine/acetic anhydride reaction by utilizing temperature versus time data Shatynski, Joseph John MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-002
Admittance control of the intelligent assist robot manipulator for people with duchenne muscular dystrophy Corrigan, Madeline Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-057
Adsorption and desorption of chromium on clayey soils Tan, Ker-Shu MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-015
Adsorption and kinetics of adsorption by flyash in solution Jogimahanti, Murthy K. MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-001
Adsorption of organic compounds by microbial biomass Selvakumar, Ariamalar Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1988 njit-etd1988-033
Adsorption of particles on fluid-liquid interfaces Dalal, Bhavin Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-063
Advanced characterization and leaching behavior of hexavalent and trivalent chromium from waste material Moerman, Erik MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-018
Advanced classification of OFDM and MIMO signals with enhanced second order cyclostationarity detection Shi, Miao Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-039
Advanced intelligent control and optimization for cardiac pacemaker systems Shi, Wei Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-043
Advanced methods in automatic modulation classification for emerging technologies Li, Hong Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-079
Aeration and operation of an immobilized cell oxidative bioreactor Woods, James Joseph MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-033
Aerosol transport by coughing in a depressurized and air-conditioned chamber Zhang, Bo Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-008
Agents : concept, technologies & applications and search engine to compile URLs containing documents related to environment science for NJPIES Shah, Dhaval P. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-091
Agitation requirements for complete dispersion of emulsions Tsai, Dun-Huang MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-019
Agricultural land reform policy in western Ukraine : the influence of environmental history and ethics Wowk, Andrew B. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-041
Air piston approach to wave power generation Ramadass, Arun Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-072
Air stripping of volatile organic contaminants using rotating disc contactor Hsueh, Kai-Ping Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-032
Alcoholism : medicalization by the masses in post-prohibition America Patnode, Stephen Raymond MA ©1999 njit-etd1999-033
Alendronate treatment elicits a reduction in fatigue-life of canine cortical bone Geissler, Joseph Ryan Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-036
An algorithm for estimating the quality of microarrays Sodhi, Ajeet S. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-039
An algorithm for fast route lookup and update Yilmaz, Pinar Altin MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-049
Algorithms and complexity analyses for some combinational optimization problems Zhao, Hairong Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-095
Algorithms and tools for splicing junction donor recognition in genomic DNA sequences Yin, Maisheng MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-112
Algorithms for generation of path-methods in object-oriented databases Mehta, Ashish PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-036
Algorithms for pre-microrna classification and a GPU program for whole genome comparison Zhong, Ling Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-092
Algorithms for the NJIT turbonet parallel computer Lad, Nitin J. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-069
Algorithms in comparative genomics Chikkagoudar, Satish Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-018
Algorithms in fault-tolerant CLOS networks Lee, Hyunyeop PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-043
Alterations in brain connectivity after spinal cord injury using functional MRI Noor, Yamin Ahmed Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-077
Altered brain activity in autistic children versus healthy controls while performing simple tasks using fMRI Adams, Jr., Donald Martin Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-078
AM/FM digital audio broadcasting in-band on-channel transmission Meyer, Michael MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-097
Ambulatory biopotential measurement Penugonda, Lakshmi Chitra Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-054
Ambulatory measurement of body position Vennamaneni, Swetha Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-016
Amending the building code of the city of New York: exploring forces that influenced change Spivack, Dolores Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-040
Aminormotiffinder - a graph grammar based tool to effectively search a minor motifs in 3D RNA molecules Malhotra, Ankur Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-034
Amorphous metal oxide semiconductor thin film transistors for printed electronics Yousef, Mustafa Mohammad Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-055
Anaerobic biodegradation of trichloroethylene with the addition of sugar using activated carbon-fluidized beds Huang, Suxan Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-031
Anaerobic digestion and acid hydrolysis of nitrocellulose Tai, Fong-Jung PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-119
Analyses of groundwater contribution to a riverine wetland Mahmoodinobar, Farzad Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-015
Analysis and applications of FTIR systems Doshi, Gunjan Navin MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-018
Analysis and characterization of the integrated dielectric slab waveguide-wedge antenna using iterative mode-matching technique Pinthong, Chairat Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-082
Analysis and comparison of resistive, ferroelectric and pyroelectric uncooled bolometers for electronic imaging systems Li, Mo-Huang MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-026
Analysis and control of monolithic piezoelectric nano-actuator Sun, Xuemei PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-056
Analysis and mitigation of carrier frequency offset for uplink of OFDMA Panchal, Abhishek R. Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-031
Analysis and modeling of ultrasound enhanced soil washing process Rajaratnam, Kamalavathany MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-012
Analysis and modeling of ultrasound to decontaminate heavy metals in dredged sediments Perera, Ruvini MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-087
Analysis and tests [of] L-shaped reinforced concrete column under combined biaxial bending and axial compression Majlesi, Alaedin MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-015
Analysis of 320X240 uncooled microbolometer focal plane array and design of thermoelectric cooler controller Fukaya, Takayoshi MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-027
Analysis of 3D printed NDFeB polymer bonded and organic based magnets Ibeh, Chimaobi Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-051
Analysis of a band-saw Ozsoylu, Suat Ali PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-040
Analysis of a composite dielectric-ferrite loaded resonator using the transmission line model with application to a tunable dual mode bandpass filter Blair, Charlotte Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-108
Analysis of a design for its quality manufacturability in terms of misalignments and fastener related problems Dhar, Abhinav MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-019
Analysis of acceleration and deceleration during cyclic exercise Vadi, Jeena Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-059
Analysis of AUF1 targeted mRNA sequences Lu, Jiebo Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-057
Analysis of calibration, robustness, detection of space-time adaptive rada using experimental data Berin, Murat O. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-043
An analysis of changes in the magnetic field of active region 9415 after the 2001 April 6 Solar Flare Stoltz, Juli Marya Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-121
Analysis of CIM performance using different LAN structures a simulation approach Rawle, Kirk MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-108
Analysis of clustering algorithms for spike sorting of multiunit extracellular recordings Rege, Jayesh MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-100
Analysis of combustion products of kynol and nomex Housny, Abdul Halim Hassan MS ©1977 njit-etd1977-008
Analysis of costs and delivery intervals for multiple-release software Sun, High-way PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-055
Analysis of discrete dynamical system models for competing species Chen, Jerry J. PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-052
Analysis of far-infrared optical spectra of multiferroics Standard, Eric C. Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-056
An analysis of field data for evidence of anaerobic degradation of PAH and BTEX plumes at manufactured gas plant sites Mortimer, Georgene PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-088
Analysis of gene expression data using Expressionist 3.1 and GeneSpring 4.2 Shrivastava, Indu Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-014
Analysis of long-term heart rate variability using Labview Yang, Daniel MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-005
Analysis of marine container terminal gate congestion, truck waiting cost, and system optimization Guan, Chang Qian Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-046
Analysis of MHPDM algorithm for data hiding in JPEG images Gore, Pooja Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-103
Analysis of molecular conformations using relative planes Pai, Deepa S. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-061
Analysis of Mueller matrices of metamaterials and multiferroics Rogers, Paul D. Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-059
Analysis of multi-lead QT dispersion by means of an algorithm implemented on Labview Sahinoglu, Zafer MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-003
Analysis of nitrated polycyclic hydrocarbons, PAH-quinones and related compounds in ambient air Wang, Yalan MS ©1987 njit-etd1987-005
Analysis of oscillations in nonlinear systems using multiple input describing functions Swern, Frederic Lee Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1981 njit-etd1981-009
Analysis of plates and reinforced concrete columns by cubic b-spline function Wang, Gang PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-062
An analysis of predetermined time systems Schmid, Richard Otto MS ©1957 njit-etd1957-001
Analysis of random packing of uniform spheres using the Monte Carlo simulation method Tulluri, Sai S. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-065
Analysis of relationship between software metrics and process models Munir, Sadia Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-110
Analysis of safe separation distances from natural gas transmission pipelines Haklar, James Stephen Contact the author PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-037
Analysis of surface texture parameters and cutting forces in milling operations Munshi, Preetesh U. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-078
An analysis of the dense packing of disks : a computer simulated approach Tsaur, Jir-Yih MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-016
An analysis of the Geneva mechanism as a timing device Meyer, Hubert W. MS ©1973 njit-etd1973-002
An analysis of the heating and densification process during rotational molding of a thermoplastic powder in a uniaxially rotating cylindrical cavity Ribe, Floyd Steven Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1985 njit-etd1985-005
Analysis of the optimum extraction system design for the separation and purification of rare earths Chan, Kenneth Yeon-Kang PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-026
Analysis of the oxidation of isotox by immobilized bacteria Sheng, Chad MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-035
An analysis of the passenger vehicle interface of street transit systems with applications to design optimization Kraft, Walter H. Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1975 njit-etd1975-003
An analysis of the periodicity of the cell cycle and apoptotic regulatory proteins in prostate xenografts using anova and cosinor methods Hosdaghian, Aleen Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-004
Analysis of the protocol for the handover in a micro-cell packet switched mobile network Thomas, Anna M. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-098
Analysis of transport properties in a zaz graphene nanoribbon junction using various dopants Parikh, Natasha Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-036
Analysis of truck delays at container terminal security inspection stations Yoon, Dae-Gwun Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-059
Analytical and computational methods for the study of rare event probabilities in dispersive and dissipative waves Cargill, Daniel S. Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-090
Analytical and experimental study of investment casting with laser stereolithography models Yao, Wen-Long PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-022
Analytical and simulation models of weaving area operations under non-freeway conditions Iqbal, Muhammad Shahid PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-022
An analytical approach to toxic substance replacement in support of pollution prevention Zimmer, Ithan B. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-118
Analytical methodology for ATM control panel design Johnson, Donald C. MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-005
Analytical model for staging emergency evacuations Korikanthimath, Vivek V. Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-119
An analytical model of MAC protocol dependant power consumption in multi-hop ad hoc wireless sensor networks Egoh, Komlan Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-102
Analytical solutions of openings formed by intersection of a cylindrical shell and an oblique nozzle under internal pressure Cai, Hengming PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-019
The Anisotropic and isotropic strength behavior of an illitic clay O'Brien, Miles M. MS ©1977 njit-etd1977-010
Annotation of multimedia learning materials for semantic search Rajgure, Sheetal PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-140
Anti-solvent precipitation and subsequent film formation of hydrophobic drugs for drug delivery Meng, Xiangxin Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-055
Antibacterial efficacy of nanometals in conjunction with electrical stimulus Hussain, Syed A. Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-051
An application in bioinformatics : a comparison of affymetrix and compugen human genome microarrays Misra, Milind Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-053
The application of a non-Newtonian rheological equation to low-density polyethylene Goldstein, Jeffrey N. MS ©1970 njit-etd1970-001
Application of adaptive optics to the spectroscopic investigation of small-scale solar structures Hartkorn, Klaus Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-073
The application of adaptive step-size control in the numerical simulation of calcium release in vascular smooth muscle Sydor, Michael John MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-048
Application of approximate graph matching techniques for searching databases of two-dimensional chemical structures Pysniak, Karen R. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-104
The application of Bayesian adaptive design and Markov model in clinical trials Lu, Xiaoyu Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-078
Application of bootstrap resampling in fMRI Bappal, Arthika MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-043
Application of chemical kinetic modeling to improve design and performance criteria for a practical incineration system Bass, Jr., Charles A. PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-014
Application of fuzzy theory to pattern recognition Usechak, David Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1983 njit-etd1983-019
Application of geometric hashing techniques to retrieval of high dimensional objects in scientific databases Lu, Joyce Ye MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-072
Application of hydrogen peroxide as brown tide bloom control agent Randhawa, Varunpreet Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-085
Application of mass/stiffness eccentricity to control response of structures subjected to earthquake ground motion Feizi, Bakhtiar Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-005
Application of microwave technology to effect on-site regeneration of GAC Mahesh, K.C. MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-002
Application of multilevel control techniques to classes of distributed parameter plants Chichester, Frederick Donald Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1976 njit-etd1976-009
Application of organophilic clay Koshy, Koshy MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-015
Application of raman spectroscopy in pharmaceuticals Zarow, Anna Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-066
Application of signal processing techniques for measurement of muscle fiber conduction velocity Swaminathan, Satheesh Kumar MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-016
The application of stereolithography to the creation of molecular models of amiloride and its analogues Busanic, Thomas John MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-066
Application of the internet technology and client/server paradigm for the implementation of REPI Patel, Chetankumar G. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-087
Application of the wavelet transform to biomedical signals Hauck, Karl O. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-024
Application research on wastewater reuse for petrochemical refining industry in Taiwan Lee, Lih-Shyan MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-008
Applications of a microtrap for on-line monitoring of volatile organics Feng, Chaohua PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-028
Applications of agent architectures to decision support in distributed simulation and training systems Petrov, Plamen V. PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-027
Applications of big knowledge summarization Zheng, Ling Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-042
Applications of binary sequence of order k Jiang, Xulun MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-093
Applications of internet technology for requirements elicitation Pandit, Deepak MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-084
Applications of room temperature ionic liquids in interfacial polymerization Zhu, Lining Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-093
Applications of stochastic simulation in two-stage multiple comparisons with the best problem and time average variance constant estimation Chakrabarti, Dibyendu Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-107
Appointment planning and scheduling in primary care Hoseini, Babak Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-016
Approach to flood mitigation - a post sandy study in New Jersey Meadowlands area Datta, Banshari Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-067
Appropriation of privacy management within social networking sites Dwyer, Catherine Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-058
An approximate search engine for structure Shan, Huiyuan Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-096
Approximate string matching methods for duplicate detection and clustering tasks Rudniy, Oleksandr Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-102
Approximation algorithms for variants of the traveling salesman problem Gupta, Ankur Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-105
Aptamer-based nano-scale dielectric sensor for protein detection James, Teena Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-020
Aqueous absorption of nitrogen oxides induced by oxychlorine compounds : a process development study for flue gas treatment Yang, Chen-Lu PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-011
Aqueous absorption of NOx induced by sodium chlorite oxidation Yang, Chen-Lu MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-007
Architecture design and performance analysis of practical buffered-crossbar packet switches Dong, Ziqian Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-031
The architecture of automobile and building design : learning from 100 years of parallel processes Ristic, Vojislav M. Arch. ©1988 njit-etd1988-007
The architecture of Ricardo Porro : questions of form and content Alemany, Mariano M. Arch. ©1995 njit-etd1995-006
Area and perimeter measurements of cells with bound fluorescent antibodies Weiss, Aicha MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-120
ARQ protocol for joint source and channel coding and its applications He, Bin PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-101
Artificial dielectrics : characteristics at low and microwave frequencies Agrawal, Nitish MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-030
An artificial neural network for redundant robot inverse kinematics computation Utama, Wibawa MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-013
An artificial neural network model for predicting freeway work zone delays with big data Du, Bo Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-003
Assessing learning outcomes and social capital formation resulting from the use and sharing of internet knowledge resources Collins, Regina S. Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-040
Assessing the economic impact of aircraft noise on communities Zimmer, Ithan B. PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-053
Assessing the effectiveness of managed lane strategies for the rapid deployment of cooperative adaptive cruise control technology Zhong, Zijia Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-033
Assessing the impact of design for environment guidelines : a case study of office telephones Al-Okush, Hussam Fawzi MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-037
Assessing trainer hand forces for manual body weight supported walking Raval, Manish Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-028
Assessment and change : using verbal analysis to update criteria in the technical communication service course Fields, Michele-Andrea Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-002
Assessment of a hand exoskeleton on proximal and distal training in virtual environments for robot mediated upper extremity rehabilitation Abbruzzese, Kevin Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-001
Assessment of a marine polysaccharide for use as excipient in pharmaceutical hot-melt extrusion Ye, Qing Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-081
Assessment of autonomic regulation of heart rate variability Shin, Shaw-Jyh Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1988 njit-etd1988-028
Assessment of flood protection strategies for combined critical infrastructure failure and hurricane/storm surge events in the Meadowlands area Dalwadi, Nisharg Dipakkumar Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-005
Assessment of nanocomposites vs. amorphous solid dispersions for dissolution enhancement of bcs class ii drugs Li, Meng PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-115
Assessment of potential operating benefits incurred by implementing ISO 14001 : five case studies from the New Jersey Chemical Industry Gitter, Stefanie MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-056
Assessment of recreation space along the Hudson river waterfront in Jersey City, NJ Davidowich, Darren M. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-006
Astrocytes modulate microglial phenotype and dendritic cell-like properties Padala, Nischal K. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-019
Asymptotic and numerical analysis of time-dependent wave propagation in dispersive dielectric media that exhibit fractional relaxation Causley, Matthew Frank Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-048
Asymptotic methods in applied waveguide problems Martynov, Helen PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-104
Asynchronous multiuser decorrelating detector for AWGN channel Borkar, Ashwini A. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-047
Atomic and electronic structure studies of nano-structured systems : Carbon and related materials Saxena, Sumit Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-114
Atomic force microscopy used to determine the Young's modulus of vascular smooth muscle cells Lieber, Samuel C. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-063
Attack visualization for intrusion detection system Rabie, Mohammad A. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-092
Attraction and risk in urban bird habitats Litwhiler, Megan E. Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-106
Auditing & measuring the need for flexibility in a manufacturing facility Stroman, Kartika-Sari MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-112
Auger-mediated processes and photoluminescence in group iv semiconductor nanostructures Modi, Nikhil Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-089
Augmenting applications with hyper media, functionality and meta-information Galnares, Roberto PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-070
Authentication for mobile computing Keppler, Andreas MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-012
Auto detection in autism Chandar, Gayathri Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-052
An automata-based automatic verification environment Meng, Yi Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-132
An automated approach for comparative analysis of interval and heart rate variability Oza, Taral Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-009
Automated EEG spectrum analysis system Laguna, Marinela C. MS ©1985 njit-etd1985-006
Automated liquid dispensing pin for DNA microarray applications Parthasarathy, Suganya Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-112
Automated multi-well neural injury device Chen, Linda Y. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-080
Automatic analysis of electronic drawings using neural network Shi, Yi PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-102
Automatic categorization of abstracts through Bayesian networks Ramirez, William MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-069
Automatic detection of qt and related intervals Gowdar, Divya Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-055
Automatic document classification and extraction system (ADoCES) Li, Xuhong PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-074
Automatic modulation classification of communication signals Yu, Zaihe Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-115
Automatic office document classification and information extraction Hao, Xiaolong PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-051
Automatic physical database design : recommending materialized views Xu, Wugang Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-074
Automatic prediction of solar flares and super geomagnetic storms Song, Hui Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-046
Automatic registration and segmentation of abdominal images and detection of pancreatic cancer Maniprasad, Girish Kumar Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-037
Automatic solar feature detection using image processing and pattern recognition techniques Qu, Ming Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-032
Automatic visual recognition using parallel machines Chen, Yui-Liang PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-048
Automation considerations for a manufacturing system Wang, Marvin Fachuan MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-011
Automation of anatomic torsion monitor for evaluation and improvement of low back dysfunction Singh, Vishal Kumar Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-076
Automobile air bag inflation system based on fast combustion reaction Tabani, Yacoob PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-038
Automobile air bag inflation system using pressurized carbon dioxide Adams, Bart PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-034
Autonomic activity in Gulf War veterans using heart rate and systolic blood pressure variability Fam, Maryann S. MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-063
Autonomic nervous system evaluation using time-frequency analysis Fernando, Sanjay MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-001
Autonomous migration of vertual machines for maximizing resource utilization Choi, Hyung Won Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-051
An autonomous router-based solution to detect and defend low rate DDoS attacks Anantharam, Karunakar Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-002
Axisymetric vibrations of homogeneous and sandwich spherical shells with a hole at the center Wong, Wai-Kwong PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-040
Axisymmetric air jet impinging on a convex hemispherical plate Chan, David C MS ©1979 njit-etd1979-004
Axisymmetric air jet impinging on a hemispherical concave plate Jachna, Stefan Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1978 njit-etd1978-001
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Bacterial biosorption of heavy metals from liquid wastestreams Rus, Emilia MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-020
Ball milling of non-Newtonian dispersions Miller, Barry S. MS ©1967 njit-etd1967-005
Base plate placement for a predefined workspace of a Stewart platform parallel manipulator Chanda, Rajesh MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-073
Batch and continuous production of stable dense suspensions of drug nanoparticles in a wet stirred media mill Afolabi, Afolawemi Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-113
Batch foaming of hot melt extruded excipient/disintegrant/API pharmaceutical formulations and the study of the effects of the resulting cellular structures on API dissolution Yao, Na Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-034
A bayesian approach to wireless location problems Zorych, Ivan Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-143
Bead design for biodegradation of 2-chlorophenol using microorganisms entrapped in alginate gel Lakhwala, Fayaz MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-020
Behavior change through training Messerschmidt, Robert Walter MS ©1960 njit-etd1960-002
Behavior of biaxially loaded concrete-encased composite columns Munoz, Pedro Ricardo PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-010
Behavior of channel-shaped reinforced concrete columns under combined biaxial bending and compression Chidambarrao, Dureseti MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-013
Behavior of concrete and slender reinforced concrete columns under cyclic axial compression with bidirectional eccentricities Bahn, Byong Youl PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-032
Behavior of deformed dermal fibroblasts seeded on a silicon membrane under high levels of strain Osorno, Laura Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-080
Behavior of high strength concrete and slender reinforced concrete columns with and without steel fibers Hsu, Lin Showmay PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-018
Behavior of L-shaped reinforced concrete columns under combined biaxial bending and compression Shah, Amar MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-013
Behavior of square and L-shaped slender reinforced concrete columns under combined biaxial bending and axial compression Tsao, Wen Hu PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-040
Behavior of structural concrete members strengthened by composite fabrics Chen, Jian Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-020
Behavior of tee-shaped reinforced concrete columns subjected to biaxial bending and axial compression Nader, Antoun Romanos MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-014
Behavior of thin-walled channel shaped reinforced concrete columns under combined biaxial bending and compression Yalamarthy, Subash MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-012
Benthic communities in Spartina alterniflora and Phragmites australis dominated salt marshes Yuhas, Catherine E. Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-031
Bi-axially loaded slender reinforced concrete columns subjected to sustained loads Gu, Song Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-045
A bi-level programming approach for the shipper-carrier network problem Wang, Ya Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-058
Big data analytics in computational biology and bioinformatics Byron, Kevin Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-037
Bilinear time-frequency representations of heart rate variability and respiration during stress Saliba, Rindala PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-085
Bio-medicinal application for plasma electrolytic oxidation of metals Yang, Zunjian Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-093
Bio-oxidation of a model VOC in air Shim, Jeong Seop MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-034
The biochemical fuel cell : conversion of waste to energy Mielke, Charles August MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-006
Biodegradation and landfill settlement Pisolkar, Shailesh MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-009
Biodegradation of benzene and a BTX mixture using immobilized activated sludge Lodaya, Mayur Padamshi Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-013
Biodegradation of mixed wastes : basic kinetics and reaction engineering for cyclic reactor operation Wang, Kung-Wei PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-063
Biodegradation of multiple substrates in a batch reactor Naik, Nilesh MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-005
Biodegradation of naphthalene using Pseudomonas putida (ATCC 17484) in batch and chemostat reactors Best, Jay Boyd MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-042
Biodegradation of PAH contaminated soil and sludge using non-ionic surfactants Narula, Seema PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-080
Biodegradation of polymers and isolation and crude characterization of proteins from these studies Godbole, Sunil S. MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-030
Biodegradation of styrene in a recirculation reactor using immobilized activated sludge Shah, Shreyans Dilip MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-046
Bioinformatics framework for genotyping microarray data analysis Zhang, Kai Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-046
A bioinformatics framework for RNA structure mining, motif discovery and polyadenylation analysis Khaladkar, Mugdha Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-053
Bioinformatics study of mammalian MRNA polydenylation Zhang, Haibo Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-092
Biological coal desulfurization Le, Ming MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-027
Biological denitrification : fundamental kinetic studies, and process analysis for sequencing batch reactor operation Wang, Jun-Hsien PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-055
A biologically inspired joint model using engineering methods to enhance understanding of muscle activity Paradiso, Richard Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-098
Biomass conversion of solid-waste (newsprint) into a clean fuel (ethanol) by enzymic hydrolysis and fermentation Gandhi, Nimesh V. MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-034
Biomechanical analysis of asymmetric and dynamic lifting task Jiang, Xiaopeng Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-074
Biomechanical evaluation of patient transfers Costa, Charles MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-079
Biomechanical study of performance of a plugged femoral implant coupled with a trochanter cable system using finite element analysis Carstarphen, Deanna Yvonne MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-021
Biomechanical testing of upright range of motion versus overhead supine range of motion Uko, Linda Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-113
Biomimetic and vascularized 3-d liver cancer model Yip, Derek Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-093
Biomimetic sensor for in-vivo applications Sooryadas, Daya I. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-071
Biophysical mechanisms of frequency-dependence and its neuromodulation in neurons in oscillatory networks Fox, David Michael PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-125
Biosynthesis of amine oxides using calcium-alginate immobilized hog liver microsomes : an evaluation of process and reactor design Valvis, Ioannis I. MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-021
Black working women and equal employment legislation Mitchell, Barbara Donese MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-013
Blind detection in channels with intersymbol interference Kamel, Raafat Edward PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-041
Blind recognition of analog modulation schemes for software defined radio Xiao, Haifeng Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-093
Blogs : open-source diaries Schab, Kelly Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-013
Boiling heat transfer in the presence of electric fields Lovenguth, Ronald Francis Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1968 njit-etd1968-010
Bond and fatigue characteristics of high-strength cement-based composites Chimaphant, Somboon Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-022
Bootstrapping TSMARS models Chen, Liangzhong MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-045
Borehole communication via drill strings in oil wells Alenezi, Ali Hamdan Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-017
Boron and phosphorous implantation into (100) germanium : modeling and investigation of dopant annealing behavior Suh, Yong Seok Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-097
Boron induced surface modification of transition metals Vangaveti, Raghasudha Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-017
Boundary integral equation based numerical solutions of helmholtz transmission problems for composite scatters Qi, Haiyang PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-093
Bounded beam wave pulse propagation and scattering in random media based on the radiative transfer theory using 2-d Gauss quadrature formula Hu, Sheng-Kai MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-081
Brain computer interface based neurorehabilitation technique using a commercially available EEG headset Mishra, Abhineet Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-046
Brain segmentation using endogenous contrast mechanism using breath holding fMRI signal for tissue characterization Kakkad, Samata Mukesh Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-014
Bringing ideas back to the evolution of design Tuzmen, Ayca M. Arch. ©1996 njit-etd1996-006
Broadband base isolated asymetrically fed VHF antenna Cunningham, Peter Edward Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1983 njit-etd1983-018
Broadband whole package FDTD simulation Li, Shenjun PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-075
Buckling of composite conical shells under combined axial compression, external pressure, and bending Chung, Youngjin PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-099
Buffer management and cell switching management in wireless packet communications Bang, Jongho PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-064
Building oriented surface generation through IGES specification Bao, Jujiang MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-062
Burmester curve and numerical motion generation of Grashof mechanisms with perimeter and transmission angle optimization in MathCAD Martin, Peter J. Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-008
Burn wound healing evaluation by infrared imaging Chen, Shang-Yuan MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-038
Bus arrival time prediction using stochastic time series and Markov chains Rajbhandari, Rajat Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-038
Butler center : a case for the adaptive reuse of industrial buildings Ryder, Lori J. M. Arch. ©1995 njit-etd1995-004
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
CAD study of linear tapered slot antenna Kwan, Anthony W. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-095
A CAD-MLCA interface for next-generation DFE tools He, Jun Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-018
Cadmium, chromium and lead in environmental samples : speciation and determination Yu, Hsing-Hui PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-025
Calibration of photoluminescence experiment Lee, Chihchuan Daniel MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-096
Cancer risk prediction with next generation sequencing data using machine learning Patel, Nihir Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-010
Cantilever beam microactuators with electrothermal and electrostatic drive Okyar, Murat M. PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-082
Capacity, coding and interference cancellation in multiuser multicarrier wireless communications systems Ibars Casas, Christian Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-109
Carbon fiber electrodes for in vivo neural recording Cetinkaya, Esma MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-107
Carbon nanotube electronic structures as anti-corrosion coatings Sreevatsa, Sreeya Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-078
Carrier transport in Ge nanowires and one dimensional Si/Ge heterojunctions Lee, Eun Kyu Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-114
Case history of a test pile program for the redevelopment of Newark Airport De Michele, Patrick MS ©1967 njit-etd1967-003
Case studies in disassembly process planning Dhimmar, Riteshkumar Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-049
A case study of an ergonomic evaluation for a shop floor facility Siguencia, Ivan Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-074
Case study of assembly defects in manufactured products Withka, Michael J. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-122
Catalyctic reduction of nitric oxide by carbon monoxide and copper loaded granular activated carbon in the presence of oxygen Ma, Kaiwen MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-073
Catalyctic reduction of nitric oxide by copper catalyzed granular activated carbon in the presence of oxygen Xiao, Shan MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-108
Catalytic control of nitric oxide with gaseous or solid reducing materials Tang, Xiaoyong MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-096
Catalytic oxidation of trace concentrations of trichloroethylene over Cr2O3 and 5% Cr2O3 on ?-Al2O3 Myung, Soyoung MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-024
Catalytic oxidation of trichloroethylene over 5% [alpha]-Fe2O3/[gamma]-Alumina on a honeycomb monolith Han, Jeongho MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-085
Catalytic reduction of nitric oxide by solid carbonaceous material under lean condition Xiao, Shan Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-083
CEBus demonstration system Chen, Liang-Chuang MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-014
Centering in parallel channel systems Katz, Allen Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1971 njit-etd1971-007
Central and peripheral autonomic influences : analysis of cardio-pulmonary dynamics using novel wavelet statistical methods Petrock, Anne Marie Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-053
Cerebral spasticity modeled as disorded equilibrium point control Simon, Darnell Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-002
Cervical spine bone anchoring system CSBAS pullout testing and comparisons Caploon, Konstantin MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-070
The challenges of hypertext writers : a case study Das, Nandita Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-118
Challenges of permitting ballast water discharges from commercial vessels in U.S. waters Rodriguez, Paul Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-098
Changes in morphology during the development of the horn and hump of the Chinese cavefish sinocyclocheillus furcodorsalis Pluviose, Michelle Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-028
Changes in nadph oxidase (nox) protein isoforms and downstream reactions as function of time and overpressure in blast TBI Shah, Smit Prakash Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-047
Channel estimation and signal enhancement for DS-CDMA systems Wang, Kun PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-089
Channel-predictive link layer ARQ protocols in wireless networks Cavdar, Huseyin Dogukan Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-004
Characteristics of different deep neural networks and application of pre-trained model without transfer learning Peng, Zhiqi MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-109
Characteristics of expert web site developers : creativity, construction of meaning, and problem solving/program development O'Daniel, Nancy E. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-010
Characteristics of nanocomposites and semiconductor heterostructure wafers using THz spectroscopy Altan, Hakan Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-018
Characteristics of recycled plastics and applications for highway appurtenances MacBain, Keith MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-074
Characterization and corrosion of BCC-tantalum coating deposited on aluminum and steel substrate by DC magnetron sputtering Joshi, Chirag Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-006
Characterization and fabrication of a (6H)-SiC as a piezoresistive pressure sensor for high temperature applications Okojie, Robert Sylvester PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-016
Characterization and mapping of crystal defects in silicon carbide Emorhokpor, Ejiro Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-043
Characterization and modeling of low-frequency noise in Hf-based high -kappa dielectrics for future cmos applications Srinivasan, Purushothaman Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-056
Characterization of activated sludge immobilized in calcium alginate gel with respect to biodegradation of 2-chlorophenol and benzene Singh, Manjari MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-025
Characterization of advanced etching reactors using novel diagnostic tools Patel, Vipulkumar PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-043
Characterization of alpha and beta phases of tantalum coatings Yohannan, Anto MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-038
Characterization of aluminum powder ignition Mohan, Salil Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-009
Characterization of electrospun DLPLGA nanofibers for a drug delivery system for intracranial tumors and AVMs Griswold, Kimberly A. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-052
Characterization of hypertension through multivariate analysis utilizing linear and nonlinear methods Donnelly, Diane L. Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-108
Characterization of lightning induced voltages on overhead power lines Hsiao, Wen-Ta MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-089
Characterization of low pressure chemically vapor deposited Boron Nitride films as low dielectric constant materials Narayan, Manish MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-070
Characterization of mechanical behavior of electrospun non-woven mats Patlolla, Ajitha Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-115
Characterization of microporous ECTFE membranes exposed to different liquid media and ?-radiation and nanoparticle microfiltration through such membranes Yao, Na PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-120
Characterization of mismatch between behavioral stimuli and FRMI data using the Kalman filter Steffener, Jason Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-086
Characterization of natural organic matter and precursors to trihalomethanes using spectral flourescence signatures Punburananon, Krit Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-014
Characterization of neural ion regulation dysfunction during insult and evaluation of micro-opioid receptor activation during simulated ischemia in the pre-botzinger complex Dobiszewski, Kyle F. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-104
Characterization of self-heating effects and assessment of its impact on reliability in finfet technology Paliwoda, Peter Christopher Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-058
Characterization of sleep EEG Sateesh, Seetharamiah MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-009
Characterization of steel corrosion in an aggressive environment Maeng, Sung Min MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-003
Characterization of tantalum coatings on steel substrates Shivaramkrishnan, Prabha MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-012
Characterization of the dependant pile capacity in glacial deposits by dynamic load tests Karna, Upendra L. D. Eng ©2001 njit-etd2001-002
Characterization of thermally diffused bordie layers on AISI 1018 steel : residual stresses (by synchrotron radiation) and microhardness Payne, Joel A. Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-104
Characterization of thixotropic materials and modification of the Weissenberg rheogoniometer Orosz, Paul Joseph Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1974 njit-etd1974-009
Characterization of ultrathin gate dielectrics and multilayer charge injection barriers Dons, Edwin M. Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-082
Characterizing alma for solar observation Chai, Yi Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-064
Characterizing co-modulation of multiple components of an oscillatory neural circuit Li, Xinping Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-038
Characterizing motor control signals in the spinal cord Guo, Yi Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-091
Characterizing the evolution of operating systems Peng, Yi Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-034
Chat and instant messaging : the risks of secondary orality Kohn, Gregory P. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-049
Chemical reactions and mass transport in emulsion liquid membrane Fan, Huifang PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-032
Chemical vapor deposition of polymeric films Yu, Chi Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-019
Chemical volatilization of heavy metals for waste separation and real time metals analysis Ul-Alam, Mohammad Nasr MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-102
Chute flow experiments Zhang, Yahong MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-127
Circular plate analysis using finite element method Chiu, Shyh-Rong MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-012
Classification of hand held shapes and locations in continuous signing Karri, Swetha Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-093
On the classification of the solution space of linear anisotropic elasticity Carman, Richard Clement Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1970 njit-etd1970-010
Classification, testing and optimization of intrusion detection systems Leon, Javier Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-059
Classifying malicious windows executables using anomaly based detection Sutaria, Ronak Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-016
Classifying RNA secondary structures using support vector machines Sunkara, Prathy Usha Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-015
Close-range, noncontact distance measurement by controlled image irradiance Kim, Jaeho Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-036
Closed-loop control of vortex shedding by means of Lorentz force Sun, Xiaoyun Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-029
Cloud-aided wireless systems: communications and radar applications Khalili, Shahrouz Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-035
Cluster-based wireless mobile ad-hoc network security Bajracharya, Mandur Bajra Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-046
A clustered back-bone for routing in ad-hoc networks Kothawala, Delzad Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-056
Clustered wireless sensor networks Machado, Renita Margaret Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-061
Co-operative location updates for mobile nodes for cellular networks Shah, Samir Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-101
A co-processor design to support MPI primitives in configurable multiprocessor designs Bafna, Rohan Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-003
CO2 reduction over noble metal/carbon nanotube catalyst Zhu, Yuan PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-122
Coagulation and disinfection by-products formation potential of dissolved organic matter fractions Pipada, Neeraj S. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-022
Coagulation in waste water treatment Westerhoff, Garret P. MS ©1968 njit-etd1968-003
Coating of aluminum powder with polymers in supercritical carbon dioxide Yuan, Li Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-030
Collaborative development of a small business emergency planning model Hendela, Arthur Henry Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-032
Collaborative examinations in asyncronous learning networks : field experiments on collaborative learning through online assessments Shen, Jia Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-084
Collaborative filtering in TV Recommender Podberezniak, Elizabeth MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-088
Collaborative learning utilizing a domain-based shared data repository to enhance learning outcomes Lubliner, David J. Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-033
Collaborative problem solving and program development model DeFranco-Tommarello, Joanna Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-043
Collaborative rescheduling of flights in a single mega-hub network Ikhmeis, Sufian Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-052
Collaborative software agents support for the texpros document management system Lin, Jrtian PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-059
A collaborative, hierarchical, incremental, and problem solving information systems development model Burns, Timothy Joseph Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-015
Color image quality measures and retrieval Fu, Yan-Yu Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-023
A combined channel-modified adaptive array MMSE canceller and viterbi equalizer Friedman, Richard M. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-085
Combined effects of prozac and hypothalmic mediated response on masseter muscle activity in the cat Nwaorgu, Chika P. Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-111
A combined gel entrapped and membrane attached microbial process for biodegrading organic compounds Lakhwala, Fayaz Saifuddin Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1991 njit-etd1991-050
A combined simulated annealing and TABU search strategy to solve network design problem with two classes of users Zeng, Qifeng PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-032
Combustion dynamics of individual reactive material particles Badiola, Carlo Francisco Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-021
Combustion dynamics of metal powders in mixed gas flows Corcoran, Amy Lee Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-004
Combustion of aerosolized spherical aluminum powders and flakes in air Eapen, Binu Zacharia Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-003
Combustion of fine magnesium paritcles Wang, Song Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-078
Combustion of methyl chloride, monomethyl amine, and their mixtures in a two stage turbulent flow reactor Mao, Fuhe PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-059
Combustion of nanocomposite thermite powders Monk, Ian Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-028
Communication risk and strategy in temporary organizations McIvor, Shelley R. Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-077
Communications over fading channels with partial channel information : performance and design criteria Deng, Xinmin Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-065
Community composition, demographic change, and the impact of spatial proximity to disadvantage on violence and gang presence in New Jersey municipalities Engelmann, Brian Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-074
A community of physicians : the rural New York medical practices of David Hanford (1816-1844), Jonathan Johnson (1823-1829), and George M. Teeple (1847-1872) Black, Lois Fischer MA ©1999 njit-etd1999-063
Community-based evaluation of the air toxic provisions of title III of the 1990 clean air act amendments : risks, costs and benefits Silverman, Keith C. Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-029
A comparative analysis of haptic and EEG devices for evaluation and training of post-stroke patients within a virtual environment Ranky, Gregory Nicholas Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-010
A comparative analysis of machine learning algorithms for genome wide association studies Singh, Neha Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-072
Comparative analysis of parametric, nonparametric and permutation methods for differential expression Patil, Rahul Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-064
Comparative analysis of the dissolution performance of aspirin tablets in the usp apparatus 2 and in a minivessel dissolution system Walker, Annmarie C. MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-139
A comparative analysis of the efficacy of zero-order, first-order and Monod kinetic models in representing raw aerobic biodegradation data Bakun, Andrew I. MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-010
Comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) of phenyl ring substituted methylphenidates Misra, Milind MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-002
Comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) of protonated methylphenidate phenyl-substituted analogs Gilbert, Kathleen Mary Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-004
Comparative studies of network traffic in actual and emulated wireless networks Salley, Jr., Curtis Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-058
A comparative study of cadmium uptake by cells of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria Bhende, Shubhangi Rajan MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-027
A comparative study of common crosslinking agents for electrospun collagen scaffolds Masih, Pallavi Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-088
A comparative study of edge detection techniques Dhaliwal, Jaskaran Singh MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-003
A comparative study of image compress schemes Wang, Kui MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-104
A comparative study of sequence analysis tools in computational biology Chuang, Wei-Jen MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-051
Comparing the effectiveness of instructor-led training to stand-alone web-based training : a case study Myre, Robert P. MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-043
Comparing the writing ability of transfer and non-transfer students enrolled in a technical writing course at New Jersey Institute of Technology : A case study Young, Lisa S. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-135
Comparison between different techniques of preprocessing for resting state fMRI analysis Girdhar, Megha Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-104
A comparison between revealed preference (RP) and stated preference (SP) based on results of simulations Chen, Qiuzi MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-075
Comparison between stimulated EMG and natural EMG Belfki, Zak MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-023
Comparison of adaptive radar algorithms : transformed SMI, eigencanceler, and SMI Kathiari, Chaitanya H. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-027
A comparison of anhydrous ethanol production from ethylene and from corn utilizing life cycle analysis methodology Morse, Gregory MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-098
Comparison of DCOM and CORBA distributed computing Reynolds, Reginald J. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-089
Comparison of different differential expression analysis tools for rna-seq data Zhu, Junfei Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-040
Comparison of different signal processing algorithms to extract the respiration waveform from the ECG Caggiano, David J. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-014
A comparison of field-delineated wetlands to the New Jersey freshwater wetland maps Moskowitz, David P. MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-064
A comparison of integration architectures Mahidadia, Amar MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-021
Comparison of linear parametric models for predicting fMRI response Gandhi, Parina Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-013
Comparison of muscle synergies elicited from transcranial meganetic stimulation (tms) and voluntary movements Wei, Yifei Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-085
Comparison of optical density, total cell protein, and number of viable cells (via fluorescent straining) as measures of microbial growth kinetics in suspended and biofilm cultures during biodegradation of naphthalene Shim, Jeong Seop PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-047
Comparison of reductive dehalogenation by microbial populations on adsorptive versus non-adsorptive bioreactor support materials Colella, Linda S. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-051
A comparison of risks from New Jersey chemical facilities and the benefits of risk communication Dobbs, Heather R. Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-016
A comparison of software engines for simulation of closed-loop control systems Nikam, Sanket D. Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-080
Competition between two microbial populations in a sequencing fed-batch reactor and its implications for waste treatment applications Dikshitulu, Sitaram PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-031
Competition of copper, lead, and cadmium adsorption to goethite Christophi, Chris A. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-048
Competitive bidding strategy in the construction industry : a game theoretic approach Chen, Hongbin MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-004
Complete stress-strain characteristics of high performance concrete Lee, Insang Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-049
Complex adaptive systems based data integration : theory and applications Rohn, Eliahu Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-040
The complex behavior of poly(dte) carbonate and its blend properties Elvin, Christopher George Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-053
Component-based software engineering Wang, Zhiyuan PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-032
Composite beam analogy fracture model (CBAFM) : a non-linear fracture mechanics model for concrete Haque, Mohammed Enamul PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-052
Composite columns Berge, Magnar MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-038
A comprehensive part model and graphical schema representation for object-oriented databases Halper, Michael H. PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-033
A comprehensive study of evolution of photospheric magnetic field and flows associated with solar eruptions Wang, Shuo Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-034
Computation and control of flow-induced noise behind a circular cylinder using an acoustic analogy approach Taechajedcadarungsri, Sirivit Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-020
Computational and experimental determination of the hydrodynamics in a stirred unbaffled vessel provided with angle-mounted axial impellers Ma, Ji Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-015
Computational and experimental determination of the mixing efficiency of a microfluidic serpentine micromixer Arockiam, Siril MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-132
Computational determination of laminar flow loss coefficients in 90° channel bend Parkin, Leonard Paul MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-024
Computational methods for the analysis of next generation sequencing data Wang, Wei Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-057
Computational methods for two-phase flow with soluble surfactant Xu, Kuan Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-115
A computational model for transdermal diffusion of lidocaine and tetracaine topical patches Dong, Qian Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-082
A computational model of spasticity based on a decoupling of the alpha and gamma efferents Mantilla, Bruno A. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-035
Computational optimization methods for modeling the effect of muscle forces on bone strength adaptation Florio, Catherine Siena Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-008
Computational studies of electronic structure of doped graphene Chu, Yan Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-065
Computational studies of viscoelastic multiphase flows Pillapakkam, Shriram B. Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-036
Computational thermochemistry of hydrocarbons, oxygenates, cyclic alkanes, and furans Hudzik, Jason Michael Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-075
Computationally efficient search for large primes Amber, Wieslawa E. Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-032
Computer aided analysis of skin lesions Panja, Sukanya Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-009
Computer aided localization of neurological diseases Parlar, Yusuf Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1990 njit-etd1990-032
Computer aided stress analysis of long bones utilizing computed tomography Marom, Shlomo Asher Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1986 njit-etd1986-022
Computer aided stress analysis of the femur with prosthetic hip stem utilizing computed tomography Chang, Wei-Chun PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-037
Computer anxiety's impact on computer user documentation Moore, Brenda Y. MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-042
Computer automated experimentation for the control and assessment of the classically conditioned eyeblink response Bergen, Michael Terrence MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-009
Computer controlled oxygen bioreactor Sachdeva, Dinesh MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-027
The computer evaluation of the natural frequencies of vibrating circular plates with free, fixed and simply supported edges Juliano, Thomas Michael MS ©1970 njit-etd1970-002
Computer model for reactor design of an ethane cracking unit Lough, Derek J. MS ©1971 njit-etd1971-002
Computer modeling and analysis of biological rhythms Yang, Shi Xiong Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1990 njit-etd1990-034
Computer simulation of automotive disc brake noise Milovs, Vadims MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-011
Computer simulation of cavity filling during injection molding process Banerjee, Sumit MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-010
Computer simulation of cerebrovascular circulation : assessment of intracranial hemodynamics during induction of anesthesia Wolk, Steven D. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-108
Computer simulation of cerebrovascular responses during induced hypotension Schalago, John A. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-090
Computer-aided process design for waste minimization Abeliotis, Konstadinos PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-037
Computer-aided process planning (CAPP) SORICH Pirzada, Sohail MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-008
Computerize data information for architecture design Yu, Syau-yi MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-008
Concept graphs: Applications to biomedical text categorization and concept extraction Bleik, Said Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-067
Concepts in LSI servo-control-electronics Tuszynski, Alfons Alfred Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1969 njit-etd1969-004
A conceptual framework for using feedback control within adaptive traffic control systems Chhonkar, Renu Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-021
A conceptual framework of cost/benefit justification for ergonomic projects to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace Boon-long, Nitipong PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-066
Concurrent engineering and design for manufacture in the medical device industry Mathelier, Martin A. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-108
Concurrent evaporating spray jets in dilute gas-solid pipe flows Wang, Xiaohua Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-057
Concurrent use of two programming tools for heterogeneous supercomputers Vasquez, Javier G. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-003
Conditional artificial dielectrics ; fabry-perot etalon Hu, Ling-Yi MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-039
Confidence bands for survival curves using model assisted cox regression Mondal, Shoubhik Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-096
Confidence bands for survival functions under semiparametric random censorship models Zhang, Peixin Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-067
Configurable computer systems can support dataflow computing Sathe, Anish Arvind Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-012
Configuring the radial basis function neural network Sohn, Insoo MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-084
Congestion control in resilient packet ring networks Fahd, Alharbi Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-024
Congestion control, energy efficiency and virtual machine placement for data centers Zhang, Yan Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-061
Congestion management systems development and implementation : four case studies Willis, Arlene Rose-Marie MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-121
Consequences of stochastic mrna synthesis in a gene regulatory pathway Shah, Khyati Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-015
The consolidation analysis of a clay layer in the city of Belem do Para, Brazil Bezerra Jr., John MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-035
The constant fracture angle model for cementitious materials Kim, Suk Ki PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-023
Constitutive equation for concrete using strain-space plasticity model Xing, Yuxiang PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-024
Constitutive modeling of glassy memory polymers Khanolkar, Mahesh Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-096
Constitutive modeling of the thermo-mechanics associated with crystallizable shape memory polymers Barot, Gautam Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-109
Construction and assessment of a computer graphics-based model for wheelchair propulsion Odle, Brooke Marie Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-017
Construction cost estimating in project management Patel, Kalpit N. MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-022
Construction labor and productivity : productivity improvements Stavros, Nicolaou C. MS ©1987 njit-etd1987-010
Construction of accurate molecular models using laser stereolithography and determination of NMR spectra for amiloride hydrochloride and its free base Ofsievich, Ana Deborah MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-073
Construction of FASR subsystem testbed and application for solar burst trajectories and RFI study Liu, Zhiwei Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-066
Container arrivals forecasting practice and experience at marine terminals Sideris, Alexios C. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-094
Context-aware collaborative storage and programming for mobile users Khan, Mohammad A. Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-109
Continuity of bridges composed of simple-span precast prestressed concrete girders made continuous Yin, Libin Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-128
Continuous esterification of lactic acid with n-Butyl alcohol Dix, Robert Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1970 njit-etd1970-003
Continuous monitoring of enterprise risks: A delphi feasibility study Baksa, Robert Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-039
Continuous monitoring of volatile organic compound emissions using microtrap based injection technique and gas chromatography Chen, Wenjun MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-088
Continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds using microtrap based gas chromatographic systems Xu, Yonghua PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-113
The continuous non-equilibrium parametric pump: a theoretical and experimental study Rak, John Lawrence Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1978 njit-etd1978-004
Continuous polymer coating of host particles by hollow fiber-based crystallizers Chen, Dengyue Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-016
Continuum mechanical analysis of space and time dependent deformation pattern of brain with blunt injury Miao, Chen Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-078
Control of construction costs during construction Foo, David H. MS ©1981 njit-etd1981-003
The control of frequency of a conditional oscillator simultaneously subjected to multiple oscillatory inputs Ambrosio, Christina L. Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-061
The control of industrial sales operations Gieser, Herbert MS ©1957 njit-etd1957-004
Control of NOx in alkaline media with tertiary butyl hydroperoxide Edwards, David R. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-054
Control of smart structure using adaptive dither Hong, Tian MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-088
Control of stress in silicon nitride thin films Krishnan, Ajay MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-018
The control of the false discovery rate under structured hypotheses Lynch, Gavin Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-014
A controlled release technique using microporous membranes Farrell, Stephanie PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-025
The cooperative effects of channel length-bias, width asymmetry, gradient steepness, and contact-guidance on fibroblasts’ directional decision making Pham, Quang Long Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-060
Cooperative retransmission protocols in fading channels : issues, solutions and applications Stanojev, Igor Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-038
Coordinate measuring machines : a modern inspection tool in manufacturing Mantel, Matthias Richard MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-004
Coordination of time-overcurrent relays for high-speed power line protection Charalambous, Nicos MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-074
Correlation and prediction of vapor-liquid equilibrium in electrolytic solutions Rastogi, Anil Krishna Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1981 njit-etd1981-008
Correlation between particle velocities and conditions of abrasive waterjet formation Chen, Wei-Long Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1990 njit-etd1990-001
Correlation of 1/f noise with threshold drift in MOSFET's Rooney, John Peter MS ©1969 njit-etd1969-001
Correlation of Curtis and Gullett equation for viscosity of non-Newtonian suspensions and Franks and Rinaldi equation for heat transfer coefficients Kukowski, John Lawrence MS ©1956 njit-etd1956-001
Wisla, Irene S.
Correlation of drain breakdown with excess noise and other surface-related phenomena in enhancement MOSFETS Rij, Jerry J. MS ©1973 njit-etd1973-001
Correlation of maximum air velocity with liquid entrainment loading for wire mesh mist eliminators Poppele, Edward W. MS ©1958 njit-etd1958-001
Correlation of thixotropic parameters and related tests of blood from human subjects Fabisiak, Walter Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1980 njit-etd1980-003
The corrosion of zinc-stainless steel couples in flowing sea water Shaw, Henry MS ©1962 njit-etd1962-002
Corrosion studies of stainless steel blades Kothari, Dhruv S. Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-075
Corrosion studies on alpha tantalum and beta tantalum coated steel Maeng, Sung Min Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-029
Cortical location of saccadic and vergence oculomotor learning using fMRI Alkan, Yelda Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-003
Cortical response to facial expressions of young adult males with autism spectrum disorders and controls using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) Arora, Jagriti Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-059
A cost model for multi-lifecycle engineering design Zhang, Bin MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-011
Cost reduction through closer control of quality Kuzmin, Walter Robert MS ©1952 njit-etd1952-005
Counterpulsation cardiac assist device controller defection filter simulation and canine experiments Werner, Carl Edward PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-107
Coupled simulation of loading and response of columns under extreme events Allahverdi, Navid H. Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-083
Creating new visualization and human interface devices for theraputic video games Doshi, Kunal Jayant Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-012
The creation and testing of a mock functional magnetic resonance imaging facility for pain patients Reid, Gladstone Vincent Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-118
The creep and stress relaxation behavior of silver bearing copper wire Fox, Alfred MS ©1972 njit-etd1972-006
Crimp-type electrical connectors Kuo, Ted Lai-Che Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1982 njit-etd1982-007
A critical analysis of the new urbanism Yildirim, Metin Cihan M. Arch. ©1997 njit-etd1997-007
Cross-cultural study of Maslow's need theory of motivation Mishra, Jitendra N. MS ©1985 njit-etd1985-004
Cross-layer design for wireless sensor relay networks Liu, Lichuan Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-080
Crystalization studies in hollow fiber devices Zarkadas, Dimitrios Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-041
Crystallization kinetics and polyblends of poly(ethylene terephthalate) recycled from post-consumer beverage bottles Hsu, Peming Peter PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-028
Crystallographic structure and mechanical properties of tantalum coatings on steel deposited by DC magnetron sputtering Paur, Charanjeet Singh Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-070
Cuprous oxide rectification Cobb, Philip G. BS ©1928 njit-etd1928-001
Current measurements in electrospinning Lien, Clinton K. Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-051
Current requirements by electro hydrodynamic filter systems under shipboard operation conditions Attri, Ravi Shankar Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-028
Current-potential effects of trace impurities in manganese electrowinning Ferment, George Robert Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1965 njit-etd1965-008
Current-voltage characteristics of TaSi2/Si and MOS devices using Labview Tangirala, Prasant MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-088
Custom engineered nanomaterials for energetics and energy applications Abraham, Ani Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-045
The cyberspace workplace : an argument and design for the virtual office Jones, Richard C. M. Arch. ©1995 njit-etd1995-087
Cyclic prefix assisted block transmission for low complexity communication system design Huang, Haibin Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-007
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Data allocation in disk arrays with multiple raid levels Xu, Jun Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-071
Data analysis and simulation for warranties and golf handicaps Bandha, Sonia Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-044
Data analytics with mapreduce in apache spark and hadoop systems Du, Zongxuan Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-049
Data broadcasting and reduction, prefix computation, and sorting on reduced hypercube (RH) parallel computers Mukherjee, Arup MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-110
Data feed management automation : an empirical approach Majumder, Dibyendu Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-011
Data hiding in multimedia - theory and applications Ramkumar, Mahalingam PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-068
Data mining in computational proteomics and genomics Song, Yang Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-057
Data mining of tetraloop-tetraloop receptors in RNA XML files Ramazanoglu, Sinan Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-075
Data mining using neural networks for large credit card record sites Wei, Wei Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-027
Data recording and analysis of American sign language DeMarco, Robert Michael Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-041
A data science approach to pattern discovery in complex structures with applications in bioinformatics Hua, Lei Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-033
Deactivation and enhancement effects of sulfur on supported platinum oxidation catalysts Ladolcetta, Mark PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-038
Deagglomeration and mixing via the rapid expansion of high pressure and supercritical suspensions To, Daniel Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-061
Decentralized optimal control with application to dynamic routing in computer communication networks Wang, Ning Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1984 njit-etd1984-016
Decentralized reliable control for large-scale LTI systems Chen, Zhengfang PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-046
Deciphering the biology of axon stretch-growth Loverde, Joseph R. Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-023
Decision making based on quantitative and qualitative evaluations Pandit, Rohan A. Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-023
Decision models for fast-fashion supply and stocking problems in internet fulfillment warehouses Zhang, Jingran PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-098
Decision support system for forecasting product and waste disposal over time Amte, Amit P. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-043
A decision support system for the equipment selection of robotic manufacturing cells Resare, Lars Johan MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-003
Decision tree rule-based feature selection for imbalanced data Liu, Haoyue Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-076
Decomposing non-product form queueing lattices through autorouting with A* algorithm Yu, Chun-Chang MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-014
Decontamination of aquifers via air sparging/biofiltration : an experimental study Tellez, Armando Mora MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-097
Decontamination of the passaic river sediments using ultrasound with ozone nano-bubbles Hewa Batagoda, Janitha Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-025
Deconvolution techniques with applications in cardiovascular systems analysis Rajaram, Lakshminarayan MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-011
Deep learning methods for mining genomic sequence patterns Gao, Xin Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-056
Deer impact and plant resistance traits Fan, Xueyang Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-098
A defect detection algorithm for sequential and parallel computers Hross, Ralf MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-086
Degradation and breakdown in ultra-thin silicon oxides Franck, Christopher MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-053
Degradation of polylactic acid in the presence of microsize and nanosize fillers Zhou, Quyuan Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-110
DEM simulated floor pressure induced by a granular column Chester, Shawn A. Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-097
DEM simulated radial and axial pressure in a cylindrical granular column Cui, Meng Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-112
Demanufacturing metrics for industrial fasteners and disassembly process Raj, Narendra P. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-092
Demarcation of coding and non-coding regions of DNA using linear transforms Venkat, Krithika Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-018
Denoising techniques reveal neural correlates of modulation masking release in auditory cortex Chaubal, Sahil Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-022
Density relaxation of granular matter through Monte Carlo and granular dynamics simulations Dybenko, Oleksandr M. Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-060
Deposition and characterization of laser-ablated silicon Luo, Wenwen Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-095
Deposition and characterization of magnetron sputtered BCC tantalum Patel, Anamika Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-028
Deposition of particles in a convergent channel Chiou, Hsi-Chung PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-030
Deposition of particles in tubes due to gravity and electrostatic charges Chen, Win-Chung Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1986 njit-etd1986-021
Deposition of particles in vertical conduits due to electrostatic charge, diffusion, and gravity Gelber, Melvin Wilbur Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1981 njit-etd1981-005
Deposition of suspensions in convergent channels due to electrostatic image forces Hui, Kwok Wah Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1986 njit-etd1986-020
Deposition of suspensions in laminar flow in the entrance region of channels with diffusive, electrostatic and gravitational effects Korjack, Thomas Anthony Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1978 njit-etd1978-002
Deposition of suspensions in laminar flow in the entrance region ofa channel and in a diffuser Eldighidy, Shawki Mahmoud Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1975 njit-etd1975-006
Deposition of tantalum on steel by sputtering Shah, Bhavin Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-008
Deposition of tantalum thin films by RF sputtering with substrate bias Raina, Savita Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-116
Derivation of the respiratory rate signal from a single lead ECG Lakdawala, Murtaza M. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-084
Design and analysis of a scalable terabit multicast packet switch : architecture and scheduling algorithms Chen, Feihong PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-011
Design and analysis of algorithms for similarity search based on intrinsic dimension Ma, Xiguo Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-024
Design and analysis of an instrument system for rheological testing of whole blood samples Sinusas, Robert Rimvydas Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1974 njit-etd1974-011
Design and analysis of environmentally safe cooling systems for machine tools Xu, Haiping MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-111
Design and analysis of movable boundary allocation protocol Sekhri, Karun MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-015
Design and analysis of scalable scheduling schemes for high-speed input-queued packet switches Lin, Chuan-bi Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-036
Design and application of near infrared tunable filter for ATST and NST Ma, Jun Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-071
Design and automated operation of a condensation-induced depressurization system Du, Fen Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-061
Design and characterization of ultra high frame rate burst image sensors Kabra, Rakesh K. PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-067
Design and construction of a novel transpalpebral ophthalmic tonometer Moinot, Philippe R. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-095
Design and development of flexible manufacturing cells - a case study Barzani, Behrouz MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-014
Design and development of four to sixteen channel video multiplexers Rahimi, Ronan MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-079
Design and engineering of a tensile fabric structure Rios, Jairo MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-039
Design and evaluation of a list gathering tool in a web-based collaborative environment Wang, Yuanqiong Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-117
Design and evaluation of a voting tool in a collaborative environment Li, Zheng PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-112
Design and evaluation of an adaptable vector coprocessor for multicores Steele, Timothy William Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-110
Design and fabrication of a microneedle for the implantation of floating microstimulators Ahmed, Faysal Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-111
Design and fabrication of a miniature pressure sensor head using direct bonded ultra-thin silicon wafers Statler, Chad Eugene MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-097
Design and fabrication of a tapped densification apparatus for bulk solids De Jong, Joshua H. Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-030
The design and fabrication of a thermal microprobe integrated on an atomic force microscope probe tip Zhang, Yongxia PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-013
Design and fabrication of optical resonators Moholkar, Pushkar MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-061
Design and implementation of a cyberinfrastructure for RNA motif search, prediction and analysis Wen, Dongrong Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-105
The design and implementation of a time-shared computer based construction cost estimating system for an electric utility Westphal, Thomas Arnold MS ©1974 njit-etd1974-005
Design and implementation of fuzzy logic controller for a process control application Nerurkar, Sujit S. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-006
Design and implementation of generalized adaptive neural filters Tam, Chun Yip MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-108
Design and implementation of heart rate variability measures in the time domain Mathews, Binoy John Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-058
Design and implementation of IPIS : an X-Window based image processing interactive system Morales, Eduardo MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-050
Design and implementation of on-line metrics Vantipalli, Ashok MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-102
Design and implementation of split TCP in the Linux kernel Jain, Rahul Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-072
Design and micro-fabrication of tantalum silicide cantilever beam threshold accelerometer Kim, Chang Joo PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-053
Design and optimization of an explosive storage policy in internet fulfillment warehouses Onal, Sevilay Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-044
The design and optimization of cooperative mobile edge Huang, Xueqing Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-047
Design and performance of CDMA codes for multiuser communications Poluri, Radharani Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-054
Design and resource management of reconfigurable multiprocessors for data-parallel applications Wang, Xiaofang Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-039
Design and stability analysis of high performance packet switches Guo, Zhen Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-025
Design and synthesis studies of new s-adenosyl-l-methionine analogues Wu, Shanshan Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-069
Design development and evaluation of collario, a group support system for collaborative scenario creation Yao, Xiang Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-083
Design fabrication and characterization of high performance in GaAs/InP focal plane array in the 1-2.6 µm wavelength region Linga, Krishna R. PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-016
Design for a developing consortium Mauermeyer, Henry A. MS ©1974 njit-etd1974-003
Design for assembly : re-design of an electrical switch for the ease of automatic assembly Pannala, Achyuta Reddy MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-021
Design for manufacturability Sreedhar, Kocherlakota MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-036
Design for manufacturability : re-design of pencil sharpener for the ease of assembly Rathod, Amit R. MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-041
Design for productivity using GD&T Acharya, Srihari G. MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-010
Design for quality manufacturability analysis for common assembly process Ramachandra, Suriyanarayanan MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-008
Design for quality manufacturability analysis of missing/misplaced parts and part interference Tamboo, Altaf Yusuf MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-113
Design for quality manufacturability analysis of total nonconformity damaged parts Gami, Samir R. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-055
Design improvement using reverse analysis in design for quality manufacturability Datla, Vikram V. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-050
Design of a communications interface for a very high performance computer Zydallis, Jesse Boyd MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-118
Design of a fiber optic oxygen sensor based on immobilized hemoglobin Raj, Mendu Govind MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-025
Design of a gear driven anti-twister mechanism for a seal-less blood processor Dastane, Ajit Nachiket MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-024
Design of a LAPD interface using the T7130 multichannel LAPD controller and the T715A synchronous protocol data formatter Walker, Hopeton Saint John MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-116
Design of a mode of delivery for macrobead transplantation Desai, Jagdip MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-010
Design of a real time optical sensor for continuous blood cell separation Yerande, Girish S. MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-029
Design of a YIG-tuned oscillator Jin, Tien Liang MS ©1975 njit-etd1975-001
The design of adjustable spherical mechanisms using plane-to-sphere and sphere-to-plane projections Lee, Wen-Tzong Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-089
Design of an autonomous vehicle system Momplaisir, Fritz Gerald MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-007
Design of an effective and timely product development process for medical devices Almonor, Jean Benoit MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-035
Design of an FPGA-based parallel SIMD machine for power flow analysis Kunta, Tirupathi Rao Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-050
Design of components for a generic microprocessor architecture Mohare, Pradnesh R. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-081
Design of drug delivery strategies based on well-stirred experiments Kanneganti, Kumud Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-058
Design of feedback control systems with transport lag by parameter plane techniques Eisenberg, Lawrence Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1966 njit-etd1966-002
Design of gait rehabilitation system Pletenetskyy, Andriy Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-021
Design of linear control systems with distributed parameter elements by parameter plane techniques Weinberg, Murray Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1968 njit-etd1968-012
Design of novel drug delivery system and optimal dosage regimens Kim, Kwang Seok Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-110
Design of single-carrier frequency domain equalization (SC-FDE) with transmit diversity for wireless and optical communications Acolatse, Kodzovi Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-001
Design of three-dimensional axon stretch growth device Assanah, Fayekah Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-004
Design of traffic shaper / scheduler for packet switches and DiffServ networks : algorithms and architectures Zeng, Surong PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-092
The design thing : a study of design in practice and theory Donia, Magd MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-008
Design, analysis and optimization of visible light communications based indoor access systems for mobile and internet of things applications Shao, Sihua Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-031
Design, construction and characterization of a wind tunnel Ge, Chang Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-069
Design, construction and characterization OFA magnetic augmented rotation system (MARS) based wind turbine Li, Da Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-085
Design, construction, and operation of water treatment plant residual monofills Bian, Haitao MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-065
Design, fabrication and characterization of silicon microlenses for IR-CCD image sensors Pattnaik, Dhiren MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-086
Design, fabrication and characterization of the infrastructure for a two part non volatile RAM Madapur, Suma MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-017
Design, fabrication and testing of a fiber optic stress/strain sensor for soft stretchable materials using polarization imaging technique Zheng, Jianjun Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-075
Design, implementation, and evaluation of a shared-memory parellel processing system (SMPPS) Staub, Eric H. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-098
Design, process and performance simulation of a 360x360-element very high frame rate burst-image sensor Yang, Guang PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-033
Design, simulation and fabrication of a mems in-situ contactless sensor to detect plasma induced damage during reactive ion etching Ganesh, Subramanian MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-054
Design, simulation, fabrication and testing of microprobes for a new MEMS wafer probe card Zhang, Yanwei PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-014
A design-for retirement rating model for environmentally conscious products He, Xin MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-064
Designing multimodal interaction for the visually impaired Chen, Xiaoyu Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-063
Designing novel abstraction networks for ontology summarization and quality assurance Ochs, Christopher Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-055
Designing web-based adaptive learning environment : distils as an example Cao, Lilian PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-098
Destructive disassembly of bolts and screws using impact Pak, Kyung Geun Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-051
Detecting and characterizing self hiding behavior in android applications Samuel, Raina Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-015
Detecting malfunction in wireless sensor networks Lake, Pablito C. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-052
Detecting user demographics in twitter to inform health trends in social media Markson, Christopher R. PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-091
Detection and robustness of digital image watermarking signals : a communication theory approach Elmasry, George F. PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-029
Detection of denial of service attacks using database queries Zakhalyavko, Dmytro Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-121
Detection of network anomalies and novel attacks in the internet via statistical network traffic separation and normality prediction Jiang, Jun Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-027
The detection of partial discharges in transformer oil FitzPatrick, Gerald J. MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-008
Detection of vapor phase mercury species by laser fluorescence methods Tong, Xiaomei PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-105
Detection of video frame insertion based on constraint of human visual perception Zheng, Lu Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-112
Determinants of risky sexual behaviors of Kenyan immigrant men in the US and during visits in Kenya Kaluyu, Japheth K. Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-071
Determination and studying of stress distribution in various ankle-foot orthoses : experimental stress analysis Feng, Rong MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-023
The determination of 2-methylisoborneol and geosmin in water using fluorescence spectroscopy Sharma, Ramesh Chandra MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-101
Determination of effects of stress on polymeric ankle-foot due to weight change: experimental stress analysis Wang, Lin Yu MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-103
Determination of electron in the reductive dechlorination of tetrachloroethene Marasigan-Bernal, Samantha L. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-075
Determination of phase composition of sputtered tantalum on steel substrates by resistivity measurements Abbassi, Younes Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-026
Determination of physical parameters affecting biofiltration of VOCs Wojdyla, Steven Matthew MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-107
Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from incineration emission samples Cebula, Robert MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-009
Determining continual improvement process methods within quality management systems Bové, Diane M. Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-003
Determining how stable network oscillations arise from neuronal and synaptic mechanisms Martinez, Diana Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-109
Deterministic and adaptive routing algorithms for mesh-connected computers Cai, Yikui MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-068
Developing a labview based thermally stimulated current (tsc) controller to measure residual charge in electrospinning Veezhinathan, Jai Abhishekh Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-038
Developing a virtual city for emergency preparedness planning and training Morgan, Jon K. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-096
Developing crash modification factors for operational parameters on urban freeways Maina, Eugene Vida Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-081
Developing techniques for enhancing comprehensibility of controlled medical terminologies Gu, Huanying PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-031
Development and analysis of aluminum-PTFE reactive composite material Valluri, Siva Kumar Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-061
Development and application of a computer simulation tool for ecological risk assessments Lu, Haiyi Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-004
Development and application of dynamic models for predicting transit arrival times Ding, Yuqing PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-052
Development and application of fractionation procedure for drinking water organic matters Pu, Yong Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-037
Development and characteristics of carbon nitride thin solid films for advanced coating applications Hussain, Muhammad A. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-066
Development and characterization of methodology and technology for the alignment of fMRI time series Ciulla, Carlo Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-042
Development and characterization of techniques for neuro-imaging registration Ciulla, Carlo MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-002
Development and evaluation of a simultaneous multithreading processor simulator Nunez, Carla Verena S. Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-038
Development and evaluation of cooperative intersection management algorithm under connected vehicles environment Gutesa, Slobodan Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-024
Development and evaluation of machine learning algorithms for biomedical applications Turki, Turki Talal Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-052
The development and evaluation of software to foster professional development in educational assessment Benton, Morgan C. Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-028
Development and field testing of pulse introduction membrane extraction (PIME) for measurement of ground water contamination San Juan, Anthony MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-097
Development and integration of a decision support system for electronic outsourcing into telemanufacturing service provider Batra, Vikram MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-044
Development and testing of a simulated closed loop drug delivery system for CHF patients under milrinone administration Shah, Runa MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-071
Development and verification of a laboratory model for use in the study of a continuous flow pressurized activated sludge process Nolte, Wayne Frederick Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1979 njit-etd1979-011
Development of 3-d liver model for drug screening applications Rajendran, Divya Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-024
The development of a biodegradable scaffold for a tissue engineered heart valve Alheidt, Thomas Adam Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-001
Development of a centrifugal microfluidic device for separation and sorting in biological fluids Bagwe, Gaurav Sunil Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-027
Development of a classification and coding system for computer-aided process planning Patel, Shilpan K. MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-007
Development of a context-specific search engine, an executive information system, and a novel www ready external cost model Revankar, Amit V. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-088
Development of a demanufacturing system modeling and simulation tool Hu, Jingjing MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-096
Development of a device for whole body stimulation of the otoliths Weimer, Jon Edward Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-012
Development of a fiber optic polarimetric sensor for concrete Lee, Insang MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-060
Development of a finite element method for light activated polymers Hamel, Craig Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-072
Development of a framework for internet based education system Lanka, Srinivas MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-071
Development of a gel content analysis protocol for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Jeanty, Max Harold MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-035
Development of a mathematical model of gait dynamics Choi, Tae Ho PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-049
Development of a method to examine shear stress on cardiomyocytes Desai, Dhawal Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-030
Development of a multi-lead trans-thoracic impedance pneumograph for heart rate variability studies Bashford, Curtis MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-014
Development of a multivariate logistic model to predict bicycle route safety in urban areas Allen-Munley, Cheryl Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-067
Development of a multivariate QSAR model to predict desorption of halogenated aliphatic hydrocarbons from activated sludge solids Mukherjee, Sudhi, Ranjan PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-094
Development of a practical and effective technique to determine the complete level of autonomic neural activity during stress Hazelwood, Vikki MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-031
Development of a system to measure cardiac function in the drosophila melanogaster animal model Reinhardt, Heather Anne Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-065
Development of a toolbox for the kinematic evaluation of hands-up video games Odle, Brooke Marie Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-085
Development of a traffic safety index for urban intersections Kang, Jae-Hong PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-091
Development of a vibration-powered impact recorder Contreras, William Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-105
Development of adsorption filtration process for virus removal for drinking water treatment Gawarikar, Vishal Vijay Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-067
Development of advanced algorithms to detect, characterize and forecast solar activities Yuan, Yuan Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-065
Development of an experimental system to determine the contribution of titin and collagen to passive stiffness of myocardium Shah, Saurin Bharat Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-041
Development of an expert system to facilitate a pump manufacturing/warehouse facility Ghauri, Muhammad Mutahir MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-084
Development of an integrated photonic sensor for monitoring hazardous organics Luo, DianHong PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-102
Development of an ion source for implantation of decaborane Gurudath, Ravidath MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-059
Development of analytical systems and monitoring of VOCs emissions during polymer processing Xiang, Qin Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-022
Development of aqueous scrubber to oxidize and absorb nitric oxide Lolertpiphop, Wanna MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-005
Development of computer model and expert system for pneumatic fracturing of geologic formations Sielski, Brian Michael PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-095
Development of correction algorithm for pulsed terahertz computed tomography (THz-CT) Mukherjee, Suman Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-084
Development of dynamic recursive models for freeway travel time predictions Liu, Xiaobo Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-092
Development of environmentally benign microencapsulation with polymer microspheres and liposomes Yue, Baohua Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-044
Development of enzymatic biofuel cell based on carbon nanotube electrodes on porous silicon Yang, Fan Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-013
The development of executives Messineo, Joseph Ralph MS ©1953 njit-etd1953-001
Development of fMRI compatible lower body negative pressure system Kunwar, Pratap Singh Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-007
Development of gis database for hayward fault Maku, Olugbope Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-025
The development of h Homogeneous nucleation rate model for thermoplastic foams based on a molecular partition function and Fickian diffusion Gabbard, Ronald G. Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-044
Development of icejet machining technology Shishkin, Dimitri V. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-013
Development of icejet-based surface processing technology Shishkin, Dimitri V. Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-087
Development of low alloy steel by direct metal laser sintering Jelis, Elias Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-017
Development of luminescent probes for ultrasensitive detection of biopolymers, their complexes, and living cells Wirpsza, Laura A. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-028
Development of membrane extraction systems for measuring trace level organic compounds in water Guo, Xuemei PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-030
Development of membrane extraction techniques for water quality analysis Kou, Dawen Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-079
Development of methods for field determination of chromium (VI) in water and groundwater Chesbro, David John MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-028
Development of micro-scale and automated membrane extraction systems for water analysis Wang, Xiaoyan Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-137
Development of pharmacophore and CoMFA studies for sigma2 receptor ligands Wirpsza, Laura Ann Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-099
Development of pharmacophore and comfa study of rigid and flexible sigma 2 receptor ligands Patel, Hemantbhai Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-009
Development of prediction technique for the geometry of the abrasive waterjet generated kerf Chung, Yichung PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-015
Development of supercritical processes for particle coating / encapsulation with polymers Wang, Yulu Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-035
Development of the commodity strategy: the case of sidel Celiberti, Giuseppe Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-003
Development of x-ray holography methods for structure determination : Application of high speed detectors and novel numerical methods Wang, Yuhao Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-001
Dexamethasone- and age-sensitive genes in neonatal small intestine Cerqueira, Carla Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-049
Dichloromethane pyrolysis and oxidation : formation of chlorinated aromatic precursors to PCDD/F Chiang, Hong-Ming PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-015
Dielectrophoretic manipulation of biological and non-biological analytes in a microfluidic channel Bennett, Dawn J. Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-020
Difference-expansion based reversible data hiding and its steganalysis Tian, Guangsen Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-057
Differentiating schizophrenic patients from healthy control; application of machine learning to resting state fmri Ebrahimi Nezhad, Hossein Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-030
Differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing cells: optimization to enhance the overall differentiation efficiency Ma, Xiaotang Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-075
Diffuse axonal injury effect on myelinating cells and axons Zalk, Jennifer Alison Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-008
Diffusive and wavelike phenomena in thermal processing of materials Pelesko, John A. PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-032
Diffusivity of drug actives in transdermal drug delivery (TDD) Gendelberg, Natali R. Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-050
Digital FM-demodulation using digital signal processing techniques Wagner, Peter MS ©1985 njit-etd1985-003
Digital image forensics Long, Fei Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-077
Digital libraries and middleware technology Qasim, Muhammad Umar Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-008
Digital library development : a case study of New Jersey's Virtual Academic Library Environment project Talbot, Paulette Joan MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-100
A digital signal processor based optical position sensor and its application to flexible beam control Spirock, Thomas J. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-096
A digital signature and watermarking based authentication system for JPEG2000 images Jing, Rui Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-010
Digitally implemented Klapper-Kratt FM detector using the Intel-292O digital signal processor Park, Chang-Hwan MS ©1985 njit-etd1985-002
Dimensional study of desaminotyrosyl polyarylates Pai, Kalsank Vaishali Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-067
Direct application of the least action principle to solve (human) movement dynamics without using differential equations of motion Kumar, Amitha Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-057
Direct computations of marangoni driven flows using a volume of fluid method Seric, Ivana PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-095
Direct numerical simulations and experimental investigation of dielectrophoresis John-Kadaksham, Arun Thankamony Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-074
Direct recovering of surface structure characterized by an Nth degree polynomial equation using the UOFF approach Salhi, Mazen A. MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-035
Direct simulation of electrorheological suspensions subjected to pressure driven flow and spatially non-uniform electric field John Kadaksham, Arun Thankamony Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-048
Direct simulations of cells motions and deformations in flow Jin, Quan Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-049
A discovery and analysis of influencing factors of pair programming Choi, Kyungsub Steve Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-080
Discreet dynamical population models : higher dimensional pioneer-climax models Joshi, Yogesh Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-055
Discrete element method based scale-up model for material synthesis using ball milling Santhanam, Priya Radhi Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-019
Discrete element modeling of dry granular material using a massively parallel supercomputer Washington, David W. PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-106
Discrete element simulation and nonlinear dynamic analysis of particles in a simple lattice structure Buckley, Liam E. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-119
Dispersion and dissolution kinetics of API particles in pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion Zhan, Wang Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-082
Dispersion of particles on liquid surfaces Gurupatham, Sathishkumar Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-094
Dissolution kinetics of model api in molten polymer excipients during batch processing Ji, Shen Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-053
Dissolution of different commercial aspirin tablets using a novel off-center paddle impeller (OPI) dissolution testing system Qu, Yang Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-041
Dissolution of disintegrating solid dosage forms in a modified dissolution testing apparatus 2 Parekh, Shrutiben Rameshbhai Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-080
Dissolution testing of prednisone and salicylic acid calibrator tablets at different tablet locations Arulmozhi, Anandhavalavan Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-069
On distributed mobile edge computing Sun, Xiang Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-032
A distributed network architecture for video-on-demand Dai, Ge MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-018
Distributed parameter sensitivity theory to solve certain reliability problems Ayiku, Moses Nee Buernor Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1976 njit-etd1976-004
Distributed spectrum leasing via cooperation Elkourdi, Tariq Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-011
Distributed synchronization algorithms for wireless sensor networks Varanese, Nicola Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-020
Distribution of velocities and velocity gradients in mixing and flocculation vessels : comparison between LDV data and CFD predictions Luo, Changgen PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-021
Dmodel and Dalgebra : a data model and algebra for office documents Mhlanga, Fortune Solani PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-038
Do industrial back support belts reduce stress in asymmetric lifting? Brown, Ryan Jamor Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-121
Document preprocessing and fuzzy unsupervised character classification Chen, Shy-Shyan PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-045
Doing business in China : a primer for foreign architects Wu, Shijie MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-007
Domain architecture a design framework for system development and integration Kirova, Vassilka D. PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-066
Domain decomposition methods for the solution of multiple scattering problems Pedneault, Michael Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-059
Doppler spread estimation in mobile fading channels Zhang, Hong Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-031
Doppler ultrasound technique used to determine the blood flow viscosity in the middle cerebral artery of a canine animal model Ganpath, Raj P. Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-004
Driver behavior classification and lateral control for automobile safety systems Yang, Jing Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-039
Driver injury severity at u.s. highway-rail crossings Hao, Wei Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-018
Drowsy driver data acquisition system Norat, Rafael MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-006
Dry magnetic assisted impaction mixing of sub-micron boron and barium chromate for a time delay composition Barrow, Ryan Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-050
Dry particle coating and granulation in rotating fluidized beds Kolli, Madhuri Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-033
The dry removal process of sulphur dioxide from flue gases using aluminum oxide Lu, Ching-Hwang MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-009
Dual frequency bi-othogonally polarized antennas for GPS applications Mahale, Anand Arun MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-079
Dual material gate field effect transistor (DMG-FET) Long, Wei PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-074
Dual parametric sensors for highly sensitive nucleic acid detection Sebastian Mannoor, Manu Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-030
Dynamic analysis of structures with solid-fluid interaction Pedrido, Rennee Ramona Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1977 njit-etd1977-017
Dynamic analysis of the generalized slider crank Rahman, Sahidur MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-012
Dynamic bandwidth management with service differentiation over ethernet passive optical networks Luo, Yuanqiu Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-081
Dynamic friction measurement Aly, Atif MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-004
Dynamic friction measurement, modeling, and compensation for precise motion control Cohn, Simon MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-005
Dynamic friction of UHMWPE angular compliant bearing for joint implants and machinery Roman, Max MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-037
Dynamic friction: measurement and results Jij, Yanal Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-035
Dynamic measuring tools for online discourse Saltz, Jeffrey S. Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-034
Dynamic mechanical analysis of particulate dental composites Parekh, Minu MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-075
Dynamic multi-ramp metering control with simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation (SPSA) Luo, Jiangtao Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-079
Dynamic recomposition of documents from distributed data sources Verma, Abhishek Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-070
Dynamic response of highway bridges under a moving truck and development of a rational serviceability requirement Darjani, Shabnam Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-027
Dynamic simulations of particle suspensions subjected to an external electric-field Jiang, Xianjin Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-028
Dynamic stress concentrations about an epilliptical discontinuity in an elastic solid Schroll, Kenneth Roy Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1970 njit-etd1970-012
A dynamic supine stander for subjects with disabilities leading to prolonged immobility Espina, Luis Alberto Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-005
Dynamic-parinet (D-parinet) : indexing present and future trajectories in networks Nandi, Mou Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-079
A dynamical model of the distributed interaction of intracellular signals James, Adrienne C.N. PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-073
Dynamical systems associated with particle flow models : theory and numerical methods Samulyak, Roman V. PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-050
Dynamics of 1d granular column Zuo, Luo Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-062
Dynamics of filaments, flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) Jing, ju Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-073
Dynamics of interconnected systems with pulse frequency modulators Gulcur, Halil Ozcan Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1973 njit-etd1973-009
Dynamics of online chat Moldovan, Mihai Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-064
Dynamics of phase locking in neuronal networks in the presence of synaptic plasticity Akcay, Zeynep Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-042
Dynamics of school playground use in low-income neighborhoods : Four case studies from Newark, New Jersey Yaacov, Caryn Schneider Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-081
Dynamics of submerged cylindrical shells with eccentric stiffening Chu, Kerry Kier-ten Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1978 njit-etd1978-003
Dynamics of the glucose-insulin-glucagon system Hartmann, Joseph P. MS ©1977 njit-etd1977-011
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
E pluribus unum: what individual whales can tell us about enigmatic species' distribution and social organization Lubansky, Tanya Marie Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-023
e-DOCSPROS : exploring TEXPROS into e-business era Cheng, Zhenfu PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-069
Early public participation and support for a brownfields redevelopment project : a study on Perth Amboy Raut, Leena A. Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-024
Earthshine : Photometry, modeling, and spectral observations Hickey, Jeffrey Patrick Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-098
Economic and monetary union in Europe Demetriou, Charalambos K. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-079
Ecuador and a business opportunity Paredes Roldan, Cesar Arturo MS ©1977 njit-etd1977-006
Editing MPEG2 video in compressed domain Egawa, Ren MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-083
EEG data compression Wu, Yun-Chu MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-037
EEG mapping using the personal computer Pei, Zhuan-Zhang MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-021
The effect of a higher order pole on the optimum design of minimum threshold phase locked detectors Zivotofsky, Bernard Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1985 njit-etd1985-010
The effect of chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus compounds on deactivation of palladium catalysts Yu, Tai-Chiang PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-065
Effect of cleaning methods upon electrochemical behavior of high-carbon steel cathodes in a chromic acid electrolyte Chaplenko, George MS ©1961 njit-etd1961-003
The effect of deposition of H2S on the catalyst activity of 1.5 % Pt on [gamma]-Al2O3 Zhu, Ping MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-116
Effect of dry particle coating on the properties of cohesive pharmaceutical powders Beach, Lauren Elizabeth Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-045
The effect of dynamic standing on the bone mineral density of non-ambulatory children: a pilot study Damcott, Megan Diane Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-116
Effect of endplate on the blast wave profile in a compressed gas shock tube Kahali, Sudeepto Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-099
Effect of fiber-matrix coupling on the mechanical properties of a totally bioabsorbable composite Perez, Barbaro Jesus MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-103
Effect of fullerene containing lubricants on wear resistance of machine components in boundary lubrication Titov, Andriy Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-033
Effect of gas temperature gradients and radiant heat transmission on kinetic model behavior Robertson, Richard W. J. Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1974 njit-etd1974-010
Effect of glove port height on upper body stress for performing laboratory work Williams, Jason Mark Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-107
The effect of handle characteristics of a hammer stapler on biomechanical and physiological response Latta, Wayne Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-059
Effect of heavy metals on salt march biota Suntornvongsagul, Kallaya Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-136
Effect of impeller submergence on power dissipation and solids suspension in mixing systems equipped with pitch-blade turbines Song, Yufeng Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-089
Effect of inorganic salts on adsorption process Horng, Pai-Yuan Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1990 njit-etd1990-031
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Exploring the potential usefulness of binary space partitions in architectural representations Hoon, Michael Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-034
Extending the boundary method for solving human motion problems using a 3 dimensional coupled pendulum model Patel, Avani Janardan Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-064
Extension and application of the Sedov-Berdichevskii variational principle Prendergast, Francis X. Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1970 njit-etd1970-007
Extension to pv optics to include front electrode design in solar cells Guhabiswas, Debraj Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-015
Extensions of SNOMED taxonomy abstraction networks supporting auditing and complexity analysis Wei, Duo Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-095
External cavity laser power stabilizer Ding, Jie MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-078
Extracting product development intelligence from web reviews Yagci, Ismail Artun Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-022
The extraction of type 1 collagen and the fabrication of multi-filament embedded hydrogels for guided nerve regeneration Siriwardane, Mevan Lakmal Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-054
Extrusion and evaluation of degradation rate and porosity of small diameter collagen tubes Patel, Bipinkumar G. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-065
Eye detection using discriminatory features and an efficient support vector machine Chen, Shuo Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-012
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Fabrication and characterization of back illuminated CMOS photodiode array Banerjee, Amitra Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-096
Fabrication and characterization of gated silicon field emission micro triodes Liu, Nanchou PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-027
Fabrication and characterization of microcrystalline silicon solar cells Li, Liwei Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-027
Fabrication and characterization of WSi2/p-si and TaSi2/p-si devices Kodali, Anitha MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-094
Fabrication and evaluation of a collagen-based fiber-gel three-dimensional construct for peripheral nerve repair Siriwardane, Mevan Lakmal Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-011
Fabrication of aligned nanofiber yarns, mats and isolation of single nanofiber in electrospinning Nathilvar, Venkatesh T. Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-062
Fabrication of hydroxyapatite-biodegradable polymer scaffolds by electrospinning for potential bone tissue application Suzuki, Satomi Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-105
Fabrication of integrated optic sensor to monitor pollutant concentration in effluents Chatty, Kiran MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-048
Fabrication of micron-sized mirror/cantilever silicon devices for crosspoint switching arrays Abdel-Aziez, Yasser A. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-049
Fabrication of nanofiber scaffolds by electrospinning and it's potential for tissue engineering Shanmugasundaram, Shobana Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-069
Face recognition using multiple features in different color spaces Liu, Zhiming Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-011
Face recognition using principal component analysis Larkin, Timothy Kevin Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-093
Facial analysis in video : detection and recognition Shih, Peichung Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-085
Facial feature representation and recognition Chuang, Chao-fa Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-022
Factors and state electric utility deregulation policy influences on green power marketers Orlusky, Richard Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-022
Factors effecting calcification of bioprosthetic heart valves Yu, Sumei MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-125
Factors that impact seat belt usage and injury severity of belted front seat occupants Nukenine, Siri Konje Lawrencia Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-012
Factors that influence changes in temporal and spatial accumulation of debris on an estuarine shoreline, Cliftwood beach, New Jersey, USA Pace, Laura MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-038
Failure surface for L-shaped reinforced concrete short columns Liu, Mon-Chen MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-014
Family business: innovation and tradition in a global economy Fornasari, Francesca Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-004
Fast adaptive algorithms for signal separation Manzo, Robert A. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-106
Fast algorithms for Brownian dynamics simulation with hydrodynamic interactions Liang, Zhi Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-088
A fast boundary tracking alogorithm for constrained nonlinear mathematical programming problems Moradi, Jacob Yaghoub Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1977 njit-etd1977-015
Fast estimation model of pressure-temperature response for planning focused ultrasound surgery Arif, Tariq Mohammad PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-088
Fast point pattern matching by heuristic and stochastic optimization techniques Agrawal, Ashish MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-046
Fast program for sequence alignment using partition function posterior probabilities Prasad, Meera Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-081
Fates of spilt oil and factors affecting the bio-degradation of oil: a review Chakravarthy, Amogh-Ranganath Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-003
The fatigue problems of cracks subjected to obliquely incident stress waves Weng, I-Chung PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-106
Fault protection with a digital computer Rockefeller, George D. MS ©1968 njit-etd1968-014
Fault-tolerant interconnection networks for multiprocessor systems Nassar, Hamed Mohamed Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-034
FDTD-based full wave co-simulation model for hybrid electromagnetic systems Li, Tong PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-023
The feasibility of micromachined dynamic resonant beam coriolis true mass flow meter Lee, Sang Hwui Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-032
Feasibility of superconductivity in semiconductor superlatices Walsh, Kenneth P. Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-114
The feasibility of transferring clean technology from the United States to China : a case study from the paper industry Ning, He MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-081
Feasibility of using canine olfaction as a means of detecting hazardous substances Messur, Stuart David MS ©1987 njit-etd1987-006
Feasibility study of rotating fluidized bed as a dry coater and granulater Sawhney, Manish MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-075
Feasibility study to extract iron and chromium from chromium contaminated soils Kamolpornwijit, Wiwat PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-037
A feasible direction procedure for general multiple objective optimization Liu, Wen-Tsia Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1988 njit-etd1988-029
Feedback algorithm for switch location : analysis of complexity and application to network design Polyakov, Yuriy S. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-054
Fem of electrospinning compared to inkjet printing model Ghaly, Maikel Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-006
Field induced assembly of particulate systems Shah, Kinnari Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-051
Field methods for rapidly characterizing contaminant mobility in paint waste during bridge rehabilitation Shu, Zhan Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-054
Field oriented control of permanent magnet synchronous motor with third-harmonic injection pulse width modulation to reduce quadrotors’ speed ripples Shi, Yuxi Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-079
A field study coupling soil fractionation and sonic energy for enhancing the in situ removal of volatile organic compounds in the vadose zone Kaleem, Hassan MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-065
Finding role errors of the NCIT gene hierarchy using the NCBI Oren, Marc Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-063
Finger joint impedance control applications to investigate spasticity Paglia, David Naisby Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-019
Finger walking control of a two-dimensional walking model through inverse kinematics Ratcliff, Jordan Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-027
Finite element analysis of skin injuries by water jet cutting Arif, Syed Muhammad MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-009
Finite element analysis of the femoral head Ramamurthy, Ghandikota MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-005
Finite element modeling of a femoral stem in a total hip prosthesis Cohen, Robert C. MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-005
Finite element modeling of temperature elevation due to NIR exposure in neural tissue Yucel, Atabek Can Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-032
Finite fraction method for tracking desinfection by-product precursors in water treatment Van, Doanh PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-089
Firewall interface for java FTP SMTP and HTTP servers Erukulla, Ratan Kumar Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-004
First impression : the study of entry in architecture Polpuech, Siriwan MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-007
FLAG : the fault-line analytic graph and fingerprint classification Huang, Ching-Yu PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-065
Flame dynamics in steady strained flows Huang, Zili PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-049
Flash ADC using 2um CMOS P-well technology : design and test Levinson, Joseph E. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-062
Flexibility and responsiveness in the design of research/office buildings : a proposal for the Los Alamos National Laboratory research park Achaibar, Bhebishan M. Arch. ©1998 njit-etd1998-012
Flexible electronics : materials and sensor fabrication Duncan, Katherine J. Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-105
Flexible manufacturing system utilizing computer integrated control and modeling Al-Smadi, Yahia Mohammed Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-027
The floating contract between risk-averse supply chain partners in a volatile commodity price environment Otegbeye, Mojisola Kike Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-091
Flow characteristics and phase interactions of evaporating sprays in gas-solid suspensions Rafique Qureshi, Muhammad Mushahid Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-027
Flow of polymer melt blends through porous media Parker, James Atwood Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1977 njit-etd1977-016
Flow tube reactions of selected chlorocarbons with molecular hydrogen or water vapor in a microwave induced plasma reactor Barat, Robert Benedict MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-001
Flow-oriented anomaly-based detection of denial of service attacks with flow-control-assisted mitigation Song, Sui Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-036
Fluid flow and gas absorption in an ejector venturi scrubber Atay, Iclal Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1986 njit-etd1986-001
Fluid flow modeling for pneumatically fractured formations Nautiyal, Deepak MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-051
Fluid-phase thermodynamics from molecular-level properties and interactions based in quantum theory Arturo, Steven G. Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-062
Fluidization and soot filtration in a rotating fluidized bed Qian, Gui-Hua PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-028
Fluidization of agglomerates of nanoparticles under different force fields Quevedo, Jose A. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-116
Fluidization of nanoparticles Nam, Caroline Hijung Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-133
Fluorescence spectroscopy for the characterization of humic and fulvic acids and their disinfection by-products formation potential Kochar, Ishvinder H. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-041
Fluorescence spectroscopy for the characterization of total organic carbon and disinfection by-product formation Washington, Matthew Brendan MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-029
fMRI assessment of ischemic stroke in humans Yuan, Rui Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-096
Foaming of amorphous drug delivery systems prepared by hot melt mixing and extrusion Terife, Graciela Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-092
A folder organization model for information systems : exploring its architectural expressive power and predicate-based filing Doong, Simon PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-052
Force and effort analysis of unfastening actions in disassembly processes Sonnenberg, Manuela PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-084
Forensic research on detecting seam carving in digital images Ye, Jingyu Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-055
Formation & characterization of p/n shallow junctions in sub-micron MOSFETs Chawda, Samrat G Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-060
Formation and characterization of n/p shallow junctions in sub-micron MOSFETs Madishetty, Sridhar Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-064
Formation of branching angles at bifurcations of ant trail networks Ray, Subash Kusum Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-088
Formation of RDX nanoparticles by rapid expansion of supercritical solution : in situ characterization by laser scattering Matsunaga, Takuya Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-050
Formation of screen-printed contacts on multicrystalline silicon (mc-Si) solar cells Mehta, Vishal R. Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-092
Formulation and dissolution of polymer strip films for the delivery of poorly water-soluble drug nanoparticles Krull, Scott Matthew Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-009
Formulation of uv curable resins utilized in vat photo polymerization for the additive manufacturing of gun propulsion charge in 3d printers Bird, David T. MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-133
FPGA implementation of a Cholesky algorithm for a shared-memory multiprocessor architecture Haridas, Satchidanand G. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-046
An FPGA implementation of a sleep enabled PON system Liu, Zheyu Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-014
FPGA-based implementation of parallel graph partitioning Kharashgeh, Mohammad Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-101
A FPGA/DSP based ultrasound system for tumor detection Ratnakar, Ashish Ravindra Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-082
A FPGA/DSP design for real-time fracture detection using low transient pulse Mathur, Akash Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-005
Fractionally sampled decorrelating detectors for time-varying rayleigh fading CDMA channels Liu, Huaping PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-025
Fractionation & segregation of suspended particles using acoustic and flow fields Aboobaker, Nazhat PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-062
Fractionation of multicomponent mixtures by staged sequence cyclic process and parametric pumping Kerobo, Charles Omotayo Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1982 njit-etd1982-011
Fracture energy and tensile behavior of concrete Chiou, Wen-Jinn MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-016
Fracture healing : the effects of local insulin delivery via calcium sulfate and tricalcium phosphate Buchala, Sarah Elizabeth Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-009
Fracture mechanics of high strength concrete members Navalurkar, Rajendra K. PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-021
A framework for guiding transportation improvements to support desired land use Leoviriyakit, Jiruttichut Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-102
Freeway speed-flow relationships under rain and congested conditions Byun, Jongho Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-048
Fresh kills dumped : a policy assessment for the management of New York City's residential solid waste in the twenty-first century Comrov, Aaron William Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-040
From "the projects" to houses : Physical redevelopment, poverty deconcentration, and resident self-sufficiency impacts on public housing residents at hope IV developments in Camden, New Jersey Brown, Michael C. Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-100
From geographically dispersed data centers towards hierarchical edge computing Kiani, Abbas Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-027
Fuel-rich combustion of ethylene and air in a two stage turbulent flow reactor Salem, Tara Byrnes MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-082
A full wave method for rough surface scattering using fictitious current distributions Triolo, Anthony A. PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-036
Fully dense aluminum-rich aluminum copper oxide powders for energetic formulations Stamatis, Demitrios Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-026
Fully nonlinear interfacial waves in a bounded two-fluid system Barannyk, Lyudmyla Leonidivna Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-068
Functional annotation and dendrogram representation of gene expression clustering results Vladimirova, Antoneta Petkova Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-018
The functional effects of barium and hypoxia on the in vitro respiratory activity Xu, Gaofeng Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-068
Functionalization of nanoclays through exchange reactions Ha, Jin Uk Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-006
Functionalization, growth and applications of single wall carbon nanotubes Wang, Yubing Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-138
Fundamentals of adhesion of organic compounds and aqueous cleaning of glass and metal surfaces : applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries de Ruijter, Michel J. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-110
Fundamentals of dry coating in fluidized bed Iyer, Rakesh MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-016
Fuzzy logic for task space telemanipulation of a five fingered robotic hand Srinivasan, Raaghavann Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-007
A fuzzy logic-based text classification method for social media Wu, Keyuan Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-082
FWER controlling procedures for testing multiple hypotheses with hierarchical structure and applications in clinical trials Qiu, Zhiying Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-050
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
g-factors for ternary crystals of groups iii and v Mateescu, Liviu Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-114
Gabor expansion of an equivalent dipole antenna Manzhura, Oksana MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-067
Gait development for use in dynamic gait optimization of qudrupedrobot walking Will, Mark MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-093
A gait generation mechanism for leg rehabilitation therapy Manna, Yazan Ahmad Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-109
Gallium nitride film deposition by ionized cluster beam epitaxy Bakiri, Ghulum MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-004
Game engine architecture : A comprehensive view Kehoe, Donald Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-084
Gas chromatography on self assembled single walled carbon nanotubes Karwa, Mahesh Kumar Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-077
Gas fluidization of nanoparticles Yu, Qun Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-090
Gas-phase reactions of methylene chloride and methylene chloride-trichloroethylene mixture with methane in tubular flow reactor and atmospheric pressure Tavakoli-Attar, Javad Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1988 njit-etd1988-031
Gas-solid transport and reaction via intervened evaporating sprays He, Pengfei Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-047
Gated multi-cycle integration (GMCI) for focal plane array (FPA) applications Ou, Haijiang PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-080
Gaussian beam scattering from a deterministic rough metal surface Wang, Qi Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-090
Gene network understanding and analysis Somoza, Maria E. Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-059
A general method for the inverse kinematics of rotational displacements in spatial mechanisms Kliminski, John D. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-068
General parallel-leg mechanism : position analysis Gangwar, Hans Buus MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-054
On generalized adaptive neural filter Zhang, Zhiqiang PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-050
Generalized DFT: extensions in communications Wang, Yuewen Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-009
Generalized discrete Fourier transform with non-linear phase : theory and design Agirman-Tosun, Handan Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-015
The generalized virial equation of state Patel, Ghanshyam R. Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1968 njit-etd1968-011
A generalized, parametric PR-QMF/wavelet transform design approach for multiresolution signal decomposition Caglar, Hakan PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-054
Genetically evolved dynamic control for quadruped walking Grasso, Giorgio PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-020
Genome wide search for pseudo knotted non-coding RNAs Vasavada, Meghana S. Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-039
Geotechnical characterization of water treatment plant residuals Xia, Zhengyuan MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-028
Get a grip: Analysis of muscle activity and perceived comfort in using stylus grips Henry, Evanda Vanease Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-023
A Gibbs sampling approach to maximum a posteriori time delay and amplitude estimations Picarelli, Michele Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-094
A GIS based multi-modal multiple optimal path transit advanced traveler information system Koncz, Nicholas A. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-048
Global fuzzy control based on cell mapping Kim, Tea-Quin PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-092
Global optimization methods for localization in compressive sensing Rossi, Marco Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-053
The goodness-of-fit tests for geometric models Chen, Feiyan Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-024
GPU implementation of block transforms Zhang, Boyan Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-100
Grain-size optimization and scheduling for distributed memory architectures Liou, Jing-Chiou PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-058
Granular dynamics study of sieving Yung, Heng MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-114
A graph based process model measurement framework using scheduling theory Mou, Gary Guang-li PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-078
Graphene-coated substrates for biochemical and optoelectronic applications Banerjee, Amrita Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-091
A graphical environment for change detection in structured documents Patel, Girish A. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-082
Graphical OODB modeling for medical information standards (GOMMIS) Liu, Jiping MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-101
Graphical user interface for image processing Chebrolu, Kumar MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-003
Graphical user interface for improved laser eye surgery Kuruganti, Venkata K. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-051
Graphical user interface for the DSP : using Texas Instruments TMS320C31 and LabVIEW Nazir, Tahir MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-040
Green vs. sustainable: analyzing and expanding LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) Aykan, Sonay Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-005
Growth behavior of fibroblasts influenced by small changes in polymer structure Doddi, Saraswathi Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-101
Growth of grass shrimp, palaemonetes pugio, in a contaminated and an uncontaminated site Bhan, Suruchi MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-043
Growth patterns of bacteria in pressurized sewage Mazzei, Dennis MS ©1977 njit-etd1977-005
The growth, enrichment, and dehalogenating properties of pyrococcus GBD and desulfurococcus SY Mueller, Siegfried Georg MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-099
The guarding of the principal metalworking machines : the techniques, need, and responsibility Schwalje, Peter James MS ©1977 njit-etd1977-002
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
H-SIMD machine : configurable parallel computing for data-intensive applications Xu, Xizhen Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-089
Halal certification for an industrial machine intended to come in contact with food Caffarelli, Luca Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-002
Hamiltonian bifurcations in Schrodinger trimers Basarab, Casayndra H. Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-094
Hand control of bipedal balance in quiet standing: implementations for lower extremity exoskeleton Al-Rashdan, Ala’a Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-036
Handgrip pattern recognition Chen, Zong Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-022
Handoff effect on PRMA (Packet Reservation Multiple Access) in micro-cellular system Park, Dongsuk MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-085
A haptic control system for functional electrical stimulation of paraplegic legs Shaker, Mark R. Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-109
Haptic induced motor learning and the extension of its benefits to stroke patients Coppa, Adrienne M. Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-100
Hardware support for real-time network security and packet classification using field programmable gate arrays Guinde, Nitesh Bhicu Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-086
Hazard recognition and regulation : an asbestos chronology Colson, Diane A. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-066
Head impacts in the A7FL McGeever, Stephen Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-010
Heart rate variability studies on ambulatory subjects using EKG derived respiration Tang, Xiaorui MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-011
Heart rate variability study using phase response curve Zhang, Peizhuan PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-057
Heat transfer between a turbulent round jet and a segmented flat plate perpendicular to it Chamberlain, John Edward MS ©1967 njit-etd1967-002
Heat transfer by natural convection in horizontal fluid layers : a statistical correlation of experimental data O'Toole, John Lawrence MS ©1959 njit-etd1959-002
Heat transfer characteristics of non-Newtonian suspensions Bauman, Irving MS ©1954 njit-etd1954-001
Quinn, Robert Gregory
Heat transfer enhancement from a heat pipe immersed horizontally in water, under natural convection conditions, with the aid of gas injection Minakas, Evangelos J. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-077
Heat transfer in silicon – experiments and simulation Huang, Chihlin Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-024
Heat transfer model for the ignition of metal powder on a heated filament Ward, Trent Stanton Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-060
Heavy metal adsorption on iron oxide and iron oxide-coated silica : macroscopic, spectroscopic, and modeling studies Xu, Ying Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-042
Heterogeneity-aware and energy-aware scheduling and routing in wireless sensor networks Vasanthu Somashekar, Mahesh Kumar Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-017
Heterogeneous combustion of condensed particles in transition regime Yildiz, Deniz Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-035
Heterogeneous flow structure and gas-solid transport of riser You, Jun Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-064
HfO2 as gate dielectric on Si and Ge substrate Garg, Reenu Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-075
High aspect ratio electrodes for high yield electroporation of cells Shrirao, Anil B. Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-103
High frequency field potentials of the cerebellar cortex Groth, Jonathan David Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-047
High performance cloud computing on multicore computers Shan, Jianchen Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-030
High performance digital signal processing: Theory, design, and applications in finance Torun, Mustafa Ugur Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-093
High performance lattice boltzmann method yield-stress calculations based on intravital images of clot formation in live mice Chandran, Vishnu Deep Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-061
High pressure effects on electron transport and structure of colossal magnetoresistive materials Cui, Congwu Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-071
High rate space time code with linear decoding complexity for multiple transmitting antennas Laufer, Amir Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-006
High resolution solar observations from first principles to applications Verdoni, Angelo P. Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-080
High resolution solar observations in the context of space weather prediction Yang, Guo Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-037
High resolution studies of complex solar active regions Deng, Na Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-017
High solid loading aqueous base metal/ceramic feedstock for injection molding Behi, Mohammad PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-110
High speed protocols for dual bus and dual ring network architectures Zhou, Yaling PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-115
A high temperature pressure sensor based on magnetic coupling and silicon wafer bonding Zhu, Deguang MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-128
High-dimensional indexing methods utilizing clustering and dimensionality reduction Zhang, Lijuan Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-094
High-order adaptive methods for computing invariant manifolds of maps Wrobel, Jacek K. Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-063
High-performance matrix multiplication on Intel and FGPA platforms Li, Gang Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-080
A high-temperature pressure sensor utilizing linear voltage differential transformer (LVDT) and silicon wafer-to-wafer fusion bonding technologies Okojie, Robert Sylvester MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-039
Highway advisory radio in the state of New Jersey Nemeth, Thomas Mark MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-042
History of oxygenated gasoline use in New Jersey 1992-1998 Borne, Jean Niebuhr MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-046
Hollow cathode sputtering system  installation, operation and theoretical background Falk, Sebastian Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-067
Hollow fiber membrane-based air gap membrane distillation Wang, Xuan Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-031
Hop-limited routing for multihop cellular networks Dincer, Cem Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-042
HOSX: Hospital operations excellence model Boodhoo, Shivon S. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-068
Hot-melt mixing of partially miscible active pharmaceutical ingredient-polymer mixtures Yang, Min Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-107
How much weight is too much for manual lifting : determining a weight limit guideline for team-effort lifting tasks Chapla, Piyush G. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-111
Human factors approach towards improving readability of bus schedules Tharanathan, Anand Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-075
Human visual system modelling : analysis of evoked potential dynamics Hu, Zongqi PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-040
Hybrid explicit-implicit FDTD-FEM time-domain solver for electromagnetic problems Abdijalilov, Kakhkhor Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-017
A hybrid low bit-rate video codec using subbands and statistical modeling Cakrak, Ferhat MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-069
Hybrid routing and bridging strategies for large scale mobile ad hoc networks Xu, Sheng Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-103
Hydrodynamic and water quality modeling of the Whippany river Krohn, John E. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-089
Hydrodynamic CFD modeling of a pharmaceutical reactor vessel provided with a retreat-blade impeller under different baffling conditions Foehner, Christopher G. Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-068
Hydrodynamic effects of a cannula in a USP dissolution testing apparatus 2 Liu, Qianqian Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-048
Hydrodynamic effects of an arch-shaped fiber optic probe in a dissolution testing apparatus 2 Zhang, Yiran Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-066
Hydrodynamics investigation of in-vitro dissolution testing Bai, Ge Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-014
Hydrodynamics, dissolution, and mass transfer effects in different dissolution testing apparatuses and laboratory systems Wang, Bing Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-111
Hydrogen storage in pt/carbon nanotube sheets Ma, An-Yu Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-033
Hydrological and geotechnical investigation of a Sparta, New Jersey landslide Talerico, James Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-016
Hydrotropic extraction of hydrocarbon mixtures Ram, Michael Jay Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1966 njit-etd1966-005
Hyperbolic position location estimator with TDOAs from four stations Potluri, Sreeram Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-037
Hypoxic and viral contributions to the etiopathogenesis of schizophrenia: a whole transcriptome analysis Gorski, Kathryn A. Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-005
Hytexpros : a hypermedia information retrieval system Shen, Hong PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-072
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
I/Q imbalance mitigation for space-time block coded communication systems Cao, Mingzheng Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-049
Iceberg database system for the graduate advisors of Computer and Information Science Department of New Jersey Institute of Technology Lin, Tao MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-076
Icing thickness prediction model for overhead transmission lines Ming, Yue Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-052
Identifying and exploiting concurrency in object-based real-time systems Yu, Guohui PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-045
Identifying modifier genes in SMA model mice Xu, Weiting Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-092
Ignition mechanism in nanocomposites thermites Williams, Rayon Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-100
Ignition of metal powder by electrostatic discharge stimulation Beloni, Ervin Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-005
III-nitride nanowire light-emitting diodes: design and characterization Choudhary, Dipayan Datta Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-062
The illusion of science : images of science on stage Ganapathy, Preethi Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-044
Image data hiding Ni, Zhicheng Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-030
Image enhancement and analysis of leukocyte adhesion Lin, Yee-Ruh MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-022
Image enhancement techniques applied to solar feature detection Kowalski, Artur J. Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-076
Image morphological processing Gaddipati, Vijayalakshmi Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-070
Image segmentation and pattern classification using support vector machines Cheng, Shouxian Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-021
Image statistical frameworks for digital image forensics Sutthiwan, Patchara Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-041
Image watermarking, steganography, and morphological processing Wu, Yi-Ta Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-087
Immobilized liquid membranes for facilitated transport and gas separation Kovvali, Anjaneya Sarma PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-111
The impact and fate of aqueous sodium nitrate on hydrocarbon flames Flynn, Ann Marie PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-017
The impact of abiotic and biogenic mn oxide coatings on contaminant mobility, bioavailability, and attenuation Boonfueng, Thipnakarin Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-110
Impact of access points on multilane highway accidents Qu, Tao MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-090
The impact of combined maternal alcohol and tobacco use on low birth weight in singleton pregnancies : a population based study in the US, 2003 Campbell, Della A. Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-042
The impact of cultural differences in temporal perception on global software development teams Egan, Richard William Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-061
The impact of dynamic and passive standing on bone mineral density and appositional growth in immobilized children Damcott, Megan Diane Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-090
Impact of missed beats on heart rate variability using time-frequency analysis Hailu, Kilbrom T. Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-005
Impact of truck regulation and 65MPH speed limit on truck accidents in New Jersey Rajbhandari, Rajat G. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-038
The impacts of Delphi communication structure on small and medium sized asynchronous virtual teams Cho, Hee-Kyung Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-022
Impairments in ground moving target indicator (GMTI) radar Vu, Phuoc Doan Huu Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-064
Impingement of an axi-symmetric jet on a flat surface Daibes, Amir J. MS ©1980 njit-etd1980-001
Implementation and performance study of image data hiding/watermarking schemes Komenda, Arkadiusz Edward MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-069
Implementation of a friction estimation and compensation technique Amin, Jayesh N. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-044
Implementation of a geometric hashing technique and it's application to 3D molecular structure search Cerequas, Jennifer Lynn MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-042
Implementation of a three-dimensional non-intrusive particle tracking system Gupta, Vivek MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-057
Implementation of a two-dimensional discrete element method to describe granular materials composed of elliptical cohesionless particles Martinez Alvez, Juan Jose Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-008
Implementation of an automatic mapping tool for massively parallel computing Gadangi, Ajitha MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-085
Implementation of automated assembly Kong, Kang H. MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-025
Implementation of cyclic exercise protocol on two study groups - AIDS and insomnia Kalambur, Ujwala G. Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-090
Implementation of Fortran finite element analysis source code with application : particle deposition in a 90 degree duct bend Loiacono, Pantaleo MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-065
Implementation of stereo correspondence algorithms for multi-baseline vision system Shivram, Navaneetha Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-012
Implementation of time-frequency distribution software and its use to study biological signals Adib, Mansour MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-038
The importance of liability for the redevelopment of brownfields : the developers view Chachakis, Daniel F. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-009
Improved SU320 NIR camera image processing system Shi, Weimin MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-093
Improvement of waterjet and abrasive waterjet nozzle Li, Zheng PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-002
Improving document representation by accumulating relevance feedback : the relevance feedback accumulation (RFA) algorithm Bot, Razvan Stefan Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-127
Improving k-nn search and subspace clustering based on local intrinsic dimensionality Wali, Arwa M. Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-041
Improving methods to estimate time of death from body temperature Berdan, Carly Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-044
Improving the process of laser retinal eye surgery using electro static micro mirrors Chakravarthy, Narashiman Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-037
Improving the reliability of electronic systems by minimization of the variances and stabilization of the mean values of the system performance criteria Neu, Emil Carl Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1966 njit-etd1966-004
Improving the run time of the decomposition algorithm for fault tolerant Clos interconnection networks through swap re-ordering McMakin, Andrea Laura MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-027
Improving the throughput of plasticating extruders : manufacture of non-circular pellets, measurement of their interparticulate friction coefficient, and implications for screw design Liu, Chia-Ying PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-026
In silico prediction of non-coding RNAs using supervised learning and feature ranking methods Griesmer, Stephen J. Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-001
In situ aortic root in vitro testing of the stented and stenless porcine aortic heart valves Parker, Sean MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-086
In situ enhancement of well recovery by pneumatic media injection Galbraith, Michael Thomas MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-057
In situ laser etch-depth monitoring of the deep reactive ion etching process Imura, Yuki Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-005
In vitro comparison of a new stand-alone anterior lumbar interbody cage device with established fixation techniques Chawla, Nitin Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-044
In vitro cytotoxicity study of glutaraldehyde and no-react treated bioprosthetic heart valves and the aortic wall Ongosi, Roger MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-083
In vitro evaluation of human mesenchymal stem cell neural differentiation on tyrsine-derived polyarylates and polycarbonates Lee, Yee-Shuan Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-108
An in vitro evaluation of tyrosine derived polyarylates and polycarbonate as polymeric scaffold for human mesenchymal stem cells osteogenic differentiation Godbole, Manish Suresh Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-051
The in vitro evaluation of various biodegradable composites used in internal fixation devices Hsieh, Hui-chen MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-058
In vitro feasibility testing of floating light-activated minroelectrical stimulators Abdo, Ammar Riad Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-033
In vitro studies of degradation and bioactivity of aliphatic polyesther composites Chouzouri, Georgia Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-045
An in vitro study to characterize a new automated high throughput neuronal stretch injury system Hususan, Nicolae Valerian Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-037
In vitro testing and evaluation of intraaortic and extraaortic balloon counterpulsation devices Izzo, Joseph V. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-091
In-group / out-group dynamics and effectiveness in partially distributed teams Privman, Faina Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-075
In-line measurement of solibility of physical blowing agents in thermoplastic melts as related to extrusion foaming Zhang, Qiang PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-102
In-vitro characterization of boronized titanium alloy by means of corrosion and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy methods in simulated body fluids Panus, David Anthony Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-103
The In0.75Ga0.25As/In0.52Al0.48As/InP hall effect magnetic field sensor Mitrofanov, Oleg MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-077
The incandescent lamp Tenbroeke, E. F. BS ©1938 njit-etd1938-002
Incentive factors that affect the redevelopment of brownfield sites in New Jersey Hammond, Edison L. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-026
Incineration and environmental justice : the case of communities around Connecticut resource recovery facilities Bilheimer, Michael A. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-045
The incorporation of electrohydrodynamics and other modifications into a dry spinning model to develop a theoretical framework for electrospinning Imura, Yuki Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-055
Increasing adolescent interest in computing through the use of social cognitive career theory Eljabiri, Osama Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-007
Indifférance Pohorylo, John F. M. Arch. ©1998 njit-etd1998-014
Individual cell pressure control in an air mattress for the prevention of the pressure sores Anand, Kapilchandra Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-100
An industrial ethanol azeotropic distillation process : modeling, analysis, and simulation Chawla, Harpreet Singh Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1985 njit-etd1985-011
Industrialized-subsidized housing in the Hackensack meadowlands Gildersleeve, Andrew Carl MS ©1974 njit-etd1974-006
Inelastic seismic behavior of stiffening systems : multi-span simply-supported (MSSS) bridges Yazdani-Motlagh, Alireza Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-023
Influence of beach hydrodynamics on saltwater transport and oil persistence in beaches Abdollahi-Nasab, Ali Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-016
Influence of defects and impurities on solar cell performance Budhraja, Vinay Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-007
The influence of exercise on oxygen uptake in mild hypertension Herban, Matthew Joseph Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-089
Influence of fly ash and chromium characteristics on compressive strength of mortar and concrete Wang, Lin MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-007
The influence of high performance matrices on fracture behavior of concrete Lertwattanaruk, Pusit PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-047
The influence of organizational and information systems factors on the effectiveness of post-merger technology integration Morsell, Gianilda A. PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-059
The influence of pore fluids on shear strength and stress-strain behavior of granular soils Ratnaweera, Prasanna PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-029
Influence of rear wheel tire type on wheelchair propulsion biomechanics Yarossi, Mathew Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-106
Influence of SiNx/Si interface states on Si solar cells Sahoo, Santosh Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-086
Influences of cardiac and respiratory parameters on heart rate variability Leifer, Melissa MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-098
Influences of surfactant on the breakup of a fluid jet in viscous surrounding Hameed, Muhammad Irfan Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-069
Information filtering by multiple examples Zhu, Mingzhu Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-062
Information retrieval and mining in high dimensional databases Wang, Xiong PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-092
An infrared device to measure the eyeblink for the study of classical conditioning Patel, Alka MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-010
Infrared imaging - case studies and applications Du, Shuang Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-048
Initial Hertzian characteristics of the human tooth as a damage tolerant bio-ceramic/bio-compostie bi-layer Kilpatrick, Ivory Camille MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-036
Inkjet printing multifunctional chromatic sensors and chromism study Wu, Aide Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-035
Inkjet printing of resistive-type humidity sensor for harsh environments Kazerani, Hamed Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-054
Inkjet printing polymerized pcda as a means of serialization Stavrou, Constantino Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-033
Innovations in state-level solar energy policy : motivating community investment in resiliency Gentile, Sarah Katheryn Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-031
Innovative local texture descriptors with application to eye detection Gu, Jiayu Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-009
An innovative protective jacket for structures subject to blast loads: A comprehensive experimental and simulation study Carlson, Nicholas J. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-070
Inplane and out of plane buckling of thick rings subjected to hydrostatic pressure Juliano, Thomas Michael Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1979 njit-etd1979-005
Instabilities in newtonian films and nematic liquid crystal droplets Lin, Te-Sheng Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-051
Instabilities of volatile films and drops Murisic, Nebojsa Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-065
Instability of electrified viscous films Savettaseranee, Knograt Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-052
Institutional controls and brownfield redevelopment Tiyarattanachai, Ronnachai Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-046
Instruction fusion and vector processor virtualization for higher throughput simultaneous multithreaded processors Lu, Yaojie Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-036
Instruction of throwing events in track and field : an historical analysis Coleman, Marilyn Louise Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-005
Integrated anaerobic-aerobic system for the biodegradation of highly chlorinated aromatic compounds Kung, Cheng-Ming PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-053
An integrated approach to implement ISO 9000 series standards to United States manufacturing industry Amin, Jatin N. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-058
Integrated component-based computer design modeling system : the implications of the representation of control parameters on the design process Jablonski, Allen D. M. Arch. ©1990 njit-etd1990-005
An integrated environment for problem solving and program development Deek, Fadi Pierre PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-001
An integrated membrane-based chromatographic process for biomolecule isolation and purification Dai, Xiaoping PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-016
An integrated MRP and finite scheduling system to derive detailed daily schedules for a manufacturing shop Nathan, Sita D. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-019
Integrated product and process development methodologies for environmentally conscious electronic products Yan, Pingtao PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-094
An integrated transport solution to big data movement in high-performance networks Yun, Daqing Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-091
Integrated voice/data services on multihop radio networks Lu, Chialun MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-017
Integrating hypertext with information systems through dynamic mapping Wan, Jiangling PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-102
Integrating key functions in product development : a conceptual product development model for the Korean context Kim, Jong-Wook MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-059
Integrating tolerances in G and M codes using neural networks Sundareshan, Vijay Kumar Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-015
Integration of e-business strategy for multi-lifecycle production systems Luo, Yanchun PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-103
Integration of electronic and optical techniques in the design and fabrication of pressure sensors Padron, Ivan Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-034
Integration of multi lifecycle assessment and design for environment database using relational moddel concepts Suratran, Bhagyashree MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-086
Integration of pneumatic fracturing and in situ vitrification in coarse grained soils McGonigal, Sean Thomas MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-001
Integration of pneumatic fracturing to enhance in situ bioremediation Fitzgerald, Conan Dante MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-028
The intelligent browser for texpros Wang, Chih-Ying PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-112
Intelligent process for UASB reactors Mohan, Sita MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-060
Intense ultrasonic waves in fluids: nonlinear behaviour Kewalramani, Jitendra Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-006
Intent-based user segmentation with query enhancement Xiong, Wei Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-101
Inter-relationship of mechanical and bio-chemical processes governing the settlement of municipal solid waste (MSW) using the (C +H)/L ratio Lifrieri, Joseph John Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-028
Interaction between structures and fluids Falsafi-Haghighi, Rahim Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1978 njit-etd1978-006
Interaction of a vortex pair and a free-surface : numerical simulation Ruan, Haisheng PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-030
Interaction of disparity and accommodative vergence Kung, Michele Liu Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-092
Interaction of methoxyethyl methyl imidazolium-based ionic liquids with uranium and its effect on bioreduction of uranium Wang, Hao Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-073
Interaction of voluntary activity and functional electrical stimulation in the upper extremity as a method for short-term alteration of corticospinal excitability and force control Gerton, Katherine Maia MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-101
Interactions between adult human mesenchymal stem cells and nanofibrous scaffolds of different compositions Moore, Lisamarie Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-089
Interactions between polymer nanoparticles and blood plasma applied to drug delivery systems Bannon, Mark Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-048
Interactions of ionic liquids with uranium and its implications on biotransformation Zhang, Chengdong Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-091
Interactive and batch creation of OODB medical vocabularies Arif, Muhammad MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-055
An interactive computer graphics based off-line AVAIL programming environment for coordinate measuring machines Bhandutia, Nayanesh B. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-064
An interactive system for the estimation of emissivity of a wafer in a rapid thermal processing chamber Fulco, Maurizio MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-056
Intercity travel demand : a utility-consistent simultaneous trip generation and mode choice model Li, Guilin Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-026
An interface chip for saw based sensor in an ad-hoc network Vadapalli, Yagneshwara Ramakrishna Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-017
Interfacially polymerized thin film composite membranes on microporous polypropylene supports for reverse osmosis desalination Li, Chao Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-061
Interference suppression and diversity for CDMA systems Cai, Xiaodong PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-058
Intermittent noise sampling and control strategies in the hospital environment Guerrero, Rosarito M. Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-033
Intermodal commuter network planning Boile, Maria P. PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-002
Intermodal transit system coordination with dynamic vehicle dispatching Chowdhury, Md. Shoaib PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-014
Internet traffic over wide area network - statistical modeling and analysis Lee, Yan Yi MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-094
The interpretation of infrared and raman spectra using pattern recognition Comerford, John Martin Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1974 njit-etd1974-008
Interventions of water jet technology on skin surgery Vichyavichien, Kittipat MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-014
Intramural, collaborative learning systems Friedman, Robert S. Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-086
Introduction on intrusion detection systems : focus on hierarchical analysis Bajaj, Ratna Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-091
Introduction to pollution prevention concepts in freshman chemistry through simulations and hypermidia Bhaumik, Anirban MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-039
Introductory guide to Bridgeport series I CNC milling, drilling and boring machine Doshi, Apurva Vinodchandra MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-015
Intrusion detection system for ad hoc mobile networks using neighborhood watch theory Rajagopalan, Ramani Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-057
Inverse dynamic modeling for characterization of spasticity Swift, Katharine Markel Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-061
Inverse methods for sound speed estimation in the ocean Lin, Tao Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-048
Inverse solid-liquid fluidization of aerogel granules and its application in removing oil from water Patel, Gaurav Babubhai Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-010
Investigating graphical user interface usability on task sequence and display structure dependencies Sengupta, Tirthankar Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-125
Investigating neural mechanisms of hand movements in virtual reality Mu, Chuang Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-017
Investigation and optimum design of the generalized second-order phase-locked loop Novick, William Allen Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1976 njit-etd1976-007
An investigation into artificial intelligence based generative computer process planning Tereshkovich, William MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-114
Investigation into fracture behavior and longevity of pneumatically fractured fine-grained formations Hall, Heather Ann MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-067
Investigation into the acupuncture and meridian system Pan, Jingong Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-073
An investigation into the feasibility of utilizing pneumatic ultrasonic devices coupled with pneumatic fracturing in enhancing removal of volatile organic compounds from soils Fernandez, Hugo J. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-052
Investigation of an integrated regional environmental watershed methodology Boggio, Marshall R. Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-069
Investigation of CEBus traffic across a router, with and without acknowledgment Fernando, Wannakuwattawaduge Lalith MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-083
An investigation of centrifugal blood-cell separation Roche, Timothy Edward PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-082
Investigation of different CMOS DRAM sense amplifier configurations in VLSI Chiu, Bihju MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-005
Investigation of dynamic friction in lubricated surfaces Rachoor, Hanuman PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-029
An investigation of electrical and optical properties of reactively sputtered silicon nitride and amorphous hydrogenated silicon thin films Kim, Tae Hoon MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-017
An investigation of electrical and optical properties of sputtered amorphous silicon nitride and germanium thin films Khandelwal, Rajendra S. MS ©1987 njit-etd1987-007
Investigation of epitaxial lift-off GaAs and langmuir-blodgett films for optoelectronic device applications Shah, Divyang M. PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-030
Investigation of forces in the course of the water jet--work piece interaction Li, Hung-Yuan MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-026
Investigation of formation and applications of high-speed liquid projectiles Petrenko, Oleg Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-052
Investigation of heart rate variability during sleep apnea Subramanian, Sekar Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-016
Investigation of hybrid message-passing and shared-memory architectures for parallel computer : a case study : turbonet Li, Xi PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-056
Investigation of infinite-dimensional dynamical system models applicable to granular flows Wu, Hao Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-112
Investigation of major mutagenic substances in airborne particulate matter : biologically-driven analysis of fractions and analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) nitro-PAHs and other classes of compounds Lwo, Jung-Hen MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-009
Investigation of mass motions above and around sunspots with highest-resolution observations Li, Qin Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-037
Investigation of mixed-made fracture in concrete Aniftos, Stylianos C. MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-024
Investigation of new feature descriptors for image search and classification Sinha, Atreyee Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-055
Investigation of new learning methods for visual recognition Liu, Qingfeng Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-043
Investigation of NH3 and no adsorption over Cu/SAPO-34 and Cu/AlOo3 catalysts for NH3–SCR system Rawah, Basil Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-078
Investigation of optical properties of InP, AIN and Sapphire for applications in non-contact semiconductor process monitoring Velagapudi, Rajasekhar MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-007
Investigation of paraelectric PTL thin films using reactive magnetron sputtering Kim, Hyun Hoo PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-042
Investigation of pathophysiologic trends in Caucasian and Afro-American hypertensives by means of heart rate variability recording during upright tilt-table testing Torrealba, Jose F. MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-109
An investigation of polyethylene bearing wear of New Jersey LCS knee on cobalt chromium and titanium nitride types Wang, Lei MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-105
An investigation of position and force during gait-mimicking finger motions Noesner, Matthew Stephen Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-060
Investigation of potential oxygen defect mechanism of persistent photoconductivity and photoinduced superconductivity in YBa2Cu3Ox Chew, Denise Catherine MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-049
Investigation of pre-detection signal processing of pseudonoise communication signals in the presence of additive white gaussian noise and CW and bursty interference Mayk, Israel Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1985 njit-etd1985-009
Investigation of reactor design parameters towards optimizing biodegradation of chlorophenols by phanerochaete chrysosporium Pal, Nirupam PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-041
Investigation of solid polymeric hollow fiber heat exchange devices for use in thermally-driven desalination processes Christian, Saskia Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-099
Investigation of stagnation flow heat transfer for a heated horizontal round plate Wei, Ching-Hua PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-052
Investigation of static and dynamic enhancement of laminar natural convection cooling of electronics Florio, Laurie Ann Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-025
Investigation of the baroreflex of the rat : steady state and dynamic features Tang, Xiaorui PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-031
Investigation of the consumer electronics bus Yang, Jaesoo PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-048
An investigation of the dynamic response of the activated sludge process Pan, Tin-Bai Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1980 njit-etd1980-006
An investigation of the dynamics of abrasive waterjet formation Khan, Md. Ekramul Hasan MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-016
An investigation of the effect of sonic frequency in the removal of volatile organic compounds from soils using a siren-pneumatic fracturing coupled technique Lin, Chin-Yu MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-075
An investigation of the formation of turbulent water and abrasive water jets Khan, Md. Ekramul Hasan PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-025
Investigation of the fracture phenomena during the milling process of inorganic particulates and brittle fracture of polymer composites using fractal theory Qian, Zheng Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-048
An investigation of the mechanism controlling the co-deposition of aluminas with copper during electrodeposition of copper Hoffmann, James Edward MS ©1965 njit-etd1965-002
An investigation of the mechanism of advanced oxidation processes (AOP) involving free radicals and charged species. Lin, Yaw-Kuen PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-120
An investigation of the neuromuscular command in the control of respiration Mishra, Nirmal Kumar Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1972 njit-etd1972-010
An investigation of the optical absorption properties of silicon as related to its electrical conductivity Russo, Onofrio Louis Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1975 njit-etd1975-005
An investigation of the oxygraphic response of stressed bovine blood McKenna, Cristin PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-036
Investigation of the potential catalytic activities of several metal organic framework (MOF) materials Zhang, Guangyu Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-102
Investigation of the relevance of heart rate variability changes after heart transplantation Arnold, Sheeba MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-098
Investigation of the striation formation in the course of abrasive waterjet cutting Chao, Jo-fei PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-052
Investigation of thermal contact resistance at a plastic-metal interface in injection molding Sridhar, Lakshminarayanan PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-097
Investigation of velocity distribution within high speed waterjet Cao, Hong MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-071
Investigation of waterjet-workpiece interaction Li, Hung-Yuan PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-001
Investigation on advanced image search techniques Verma, Abhishek Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-099
Investigations into b-o defect formation-dissociation in cz-silicon and their effect on solar cell performance Basnyat, Prakash M. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-066
Investigations of gate turn-off structures Becke, Hans Werner Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1981 njit-etd1981-004
Ion assisted magnetron sputtering of tantalum thin film deposition and characterization Ren, Hua Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-069
Ion exchange technology in the sodium and ferric ion-dowex 50 systems Hoerrner, Alfred George MS ©1958 njit-etd1958-002
Ionic liquids as additives for biodegradable polyactic acid Park, Ku-Il Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-108
IP traceback with deterministic packet marking DPM Belenky, Andrey Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-105
IP-based virtual private networks and proportional quality of service differentiation Zeng, Jingdi Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-038
Is the public invited? Design, management and use of privately owned public spaces in New York City Huang, Te-Sheng Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-011
Isolation and characterization of a crude extracellular phenol oxidase from a recirculation bioreactor Tang, Yun MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-043
Isoparametric finite elements for linear isotropic micropolar plate bending Suresh, Vallanore K. Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-037
On issues of equalization with the decorrelation algorithm : fast converging structures and finite-precision Bateman, Andrew James MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-063
Issues of seismic response and retrofit for critical substation equipment Hashemi Nezhad Ashrafi, Seyed Ali Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-088
Iterative learning control for improved tracking of fluid percussion injury device Susanibar, Steve MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-103
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
J-Horror : A discourse in cross-cultural communication and cinematic hybridity Quillen, MaryLou Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-077
Jet assisted fluidization of nanoparticle agglomerates Omosebi, Ayokunle O. Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-009
Job seeking and job application in social networking sites : predicting job seekers' behavioral intentions Plummer, Maria Marcella Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-032
Joint buffer management and scheduling for input queued switches Liu, Dequan Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-024
Joint source channel coding for progressive image transmission Zhao, Minyi PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-093
Jurisdictional disputes within the construction industry Magarelli, Dominick Joseph MS ©1962 njit-etd1962-001
Just-in-time hypermedia Zhang, Li PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-093
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Kerberos phone secure messenger Al-Saber, Nabeel Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-002
Kinematic analysis of a swash-plate mechanism using transformation matrices Evans, David Edgar MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-008
A kinematic analysis of hand configurations in static and dynamic fingerspelling Sherry, Gillian B. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-070
A kinematic analysis of sign language Koech, Chemuttaai C. Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-007
Kinematic and kinetic analysis of geneva mechanisms and their applications to synchronization of motion Sepahpour, Bijan D. Eng ©1994 njit-etd1994-053
Kinematic synthesis of adjustable four-bar mechanisms for multi-phase motion generation Wang, Shao Jie PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-047
Kinematic synthesis of adjustable spatial four and five-bar mechanisms for finite and multiply separated positions Russell, Kevin PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-051
Kinematic synthesis of mechanisms for multiply separated positions Kim, Hyoung Jun Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-035
Kinematic synthesis of planar four bar and geared five bar mechanisms with structural constraints Al-Smadi, Yahia Mohammad Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-001
Kinetic analysis of thiol oxidation to study the effects of fluorinated groups on metal phthalocyanine catalysts Reid, Nellone Eze Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-051
Kinetic modeling of a laminar-flow reactor Chang, Shih-Hsin Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1985 njit-etd1985-008
Kinetic studies of photo-initiated oxidation of toxic organic pollutants including the formation and the destruction of intermediates Li, Yuan-Shen PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-025
Kinetic studies on pyrolytic and oxidative decomposition of chlorocarbons in a tubular flow reactor Won, Yang Soo PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-047
Kinetic study of decomposition of azo dyes and phenol in advanced oxidation processes reaction mechanisms, pathways and intermediates Shu, Hung-Yee PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-046
A kinetic study of lysine and lysine derivatives Stanley, Stephen Joseph MS ©1975 njit-etd1975-002
A kinetic study of the anionic polymerization of neopentylethylene oxide Meisinger, Albert Edward Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1970 njit-etd1970-006
Kinetic study on pyrolysis of C6H5Cl and m-C6H4Cl2 diluted in H2 : detailed reaction kinetics and thermodynamic property estimation techniques Ritter, Edward Robert Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1989 njit-etd1989-030
The kinetics of drug dissolution in polymers during hot-melt extrusion Fang, Huayang Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-068
Kinetics of HO2 abstraction of H atoms from hydrocarbons and thermochemical properties of urethane monomers and radicals Shah, Rajul Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-013
Kinetics of hydrogen reduction by manganese dioxide Barner, Herbert Eugen Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1967 njit-etd1967-006
Kinetics of the lactic acid-butyl alcohol esterification reaction Kaplan, Joel Howard Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1966 njit-etd1966-003
Knowledge discovering for document classification using tree matching in Texpros Wei, Ching-Song PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-105
Knowledge discovery and modeling in genomic databases Yin, Michael M. Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-084
Knowledge discovery in biological databases : a neural network approach Ma, Qicheng PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-039
Knowledge management for TEXPROS Hu, Jianshun PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-062
Knowledge management in new product development (NPD) Mancinelli, Luca Maria Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-009
A knowledge-based design system for a housing project for altzheimer's [sic] disease patients and their caregivers Bannier, Karin S. M. Arch. ©1992 njit-etd1992-003
Knowledge-based document filing for texpros Fan, Xien PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-057
Knowledge-based document retrieval with application to TEXPROS Sheng, Fang PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-083
Koh etching of silicon Wang, Ying Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-062
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
A laboratory and field study of the attenuation of sound intensity using a whistle as the sonic generator Kumar, Navneet Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-020
Laboratory studies of the biodegradation of chemically dispersed oil: effect of droplet size and nutrient amendment D'Ambrose, Christopher Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-006
Laborconsult : an expert system for evaluating fetal heart rate and the progress of labor Raymond-Fink, Wendy MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-109
Labview controlled study of the propagation properties of ultrasound in synthetic fog environment Venkataraman, Aparna Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-001
A LabVIEW program to obtain the initiating component of a vergence eye movement in an open-loop experiment Daftari, Anuj P. Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-002
LabVIEW-controlled stimulus presentation on a monitor for smooth pursuit eye movement experiments Chua, Florence Bautista Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-039
Laminar viscous resuspension in two-dimensional channels Yin, Wenyue PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-035
Late deflation study : hemodynamic effects of IAB timing in humans Morcos, Manal MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-062
Leachate treatment technique utilizing fly ash as a low cost sorbent Ramadan, Turan A. MS ©1982 njit-etd1982-003
Leaching of metals and metalloids from highway marking glass beads and the potential environmental impact Sandhu, Nimrat K. Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-017
Leader delegation and trust in global software teams Zhang, Suling Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-044
Leadership in partially distributed teams Plotnick, Linda Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-066
Learning environments : redefining the discourse on school architecture DeGregori, Alessandro Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-034
Least space-time first scheduling algorithm : scheduling complex tasks with hard deadline on parallel machines Cheng, Bo-Chao PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-015
Ligand-based design of dopamine reuptake inhibitors : fuzzy relational clustering and 2-D and 3-D QSAR modleing Misra, Milind Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-031
Ligand-based drug design : I. conformational studies of GBR 12909 analogs as cocaine antagonists; II. 3d-QSAR studies of salvinorin a analogs as kappa opioid agonists Pandit, Deepangi Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-051
Light rail and changing development patterns in Dallas, San Diego and Jersey City Buga, Joseph S. Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-104
Linear and adaptive delta modulation Abate, John Edward Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1967 njit-etd1967-004
Linear and log-linear models based on generalized inverse sampling scheme Lahiri, Soumi Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-078
Linearly tapered slot antenna Tumialan, Luis Alberto MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-100
Liquid vapor equilibrium in nucleate and film boiling Rothaug, Walter Henry MS ©1968 njit-etd1968-001
Liquid-liquid mixing in stirred tanks with varying liquid depths Mehta, Sunil Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-010
Live, virtual, and constructive environments for performance support Lacontora, John Michael Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-031
Lived body architecture : an argument for lived bodies in architecture and an exploration of women's lived bodies in society Scribner, Sherri A. M. Arch. ©1997 njit-etd1997-004
Load balancing and scalable clos-network packet switches Sule, Oladele Theophilus Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-063
Local mole fraction equations for the excess free energy of mixing Marina, Jose Mario Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1971 njit-etd1971-008
Local selection of features and its applications to image search and annotation Sun, Jichao Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-032
Local stress factors of pipe-nozzle under internal pressure Ha, Jih-Lian Jack PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-039
On local stresses and spring constants of a sphere-nozzle connection Lyow, Ban-Li PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-049
On local stresses and spring constants of pipe-nozzle connection Sun, Hson-Chih PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-055
Local stresses on lateral pipe-nozzle with 45 degree angle intersection Xu, James Jin PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-112
Local thermal stress factor of pipe-nozzle Chen, David Chihwei PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-038
Location estimation in a 3D environment using radio frequency identification tags Jain, Adwitiya Akash Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-056
Location reliability and gamification mechanisms for mobile crowd sensing Talasila, Manoop Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-033
Long driving hours and health of truck drivers Benstowe, Stephen J. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-006
Long exposure point spread function estimation from solar adaptive optics loop data Marino, Jose Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-048
Long term risks associated with brownfield containments Chirputkar, Shailesh Shirish PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-034
Long-term management and condition assessment of concrete culvert Zou, Zhenting PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-099
Looping predictive method to improve accuracy of a machine learning model Pogili, Subramanyam Reddy MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-137
Loss of synchrony in an inhibitory network of type-I oscillators Oh, Myongkeun Contact the author PhD ©2009 njit-etd2009-012
Low energy implantation of boron with decaborane ions Albano, Maria Angela PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-063
Low frequency characterization of a loop antenna Koukhta, Irene MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-064
Low interference routing for wireless ad-hoc networks Gupta, Mohit Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-123
Low jitter phase-locked loop clock synthesis with wide locking range Gundel, Adnan Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-046
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) of titanium nitride : synthesis and characterization Dharmadhikari, Sameer Narsinha MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-055
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition of boron nitride thin films from triethylamine borane complex and ammonia Ramanuja, Narahari MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-093
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition of copper films from CU(I)(HFAC)(TMVS) King, Wei-Shang MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-054
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbonitride films from tri(dimethylamino) silane Shah, Rajive MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-089
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition of silicon dioxide and phosphosilicate glass thin films Venkatesan, Vijayalakshmi MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-101
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition of silicon nitride films from ditertiarybutylsilane Fan, Xiangqun MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-081
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition of silicon nitride films from tridimethylaminosilane Lin, Xin MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-093
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition of tungsten as an absorber for x-ray masks Chen, Hongyu MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-073
Low temperature performance of field effect transistors Zhu, Wei MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-020
A low-cost high-speed twin-prefetching DSP-based shared-memory system for real-time image processing applications Christou, Charalambos Stephanou PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-049
Low-power transceiver design for mobile wireless chemical biological sensors Sripuram, Harshavardhan Reddy Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-064
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
Machine learning based digital image forensics and steganalysis Xu, Guanshuo Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-014
Machining of silicon wafers with an abrasive water jet cutter Marciniak, Frank J. MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-107
Magnetic augmented rotation system (MARS ) - properties and performance Liu, Ruolei Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-054
Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: synthesis, characteristics, magnetic behavior, and biomedical applications Fu, Chengyin Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-083
Magnetic reconnection in small and large scales on the sun Chen, Xin Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-029
Magnetic seeding aggregation to enhance the removal efficiency of TiO2 nanoparticles from water Borgaonkar, Ashish Dhananjay Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-053
Magnetic targeted drug delivery system in gene therapy Lu, Weilong Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-078
Magnetically assisted impaction mixing of nanosize particles Scicolone, James V. Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-053
Magneto-rheological fluid orthosis for suppressing tremor Yeo, Hyoung-Joo Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-018
The making and meaning of gay space : the case of the Castro in San Francisco Lesher, Scott Richard Contact the author M. Arch. ©2008 njit-etd2008-015
Management of construction jobsite productivity : a self assessment approach Nicolaou, Nicos Poliviou MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-011
Managing toxic and hazardous substances of concern in manufacturing Jancerak, Craig Contact the author MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-013
The Manhattan Project legacy : low level radioactive waste health effects, an epidemiological study Voyce, Lisa Fetterman MS ©1984 njit-etd1984-010
Manpower and productivity in the construction industry Purciello, John A. MS ©1972 njit-etd1972-004
Manual for quality control Antalec, Frank Andrew MS ©1952 njit-etd1952-002
Mapping inter-subject and inter-regional brain connectivity during free viewing of novel natural scenes Nagaraj, Sheela Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-018
Mapping ms-ptc programmatic core competencies to emerging professionalization standards: are our students fully prepared? Newsham, Faye Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-034
Mapping of portable parallel programs Chen, Song PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-046
Markovian and stochastic differential equation based approaches to computer virus propagation dynamics and some models for survival distributions Xu, Lianzhe Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-064
Mass transfer of hazardous organic compounds in soil matrices relevant to thermal desorption/incineration Dong, Jong-In Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1990 njit-etd1990-033
Mass transfer of Pryene between a solid phase and oil/water suspensions Purekar, Sachin Ashok MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-078
Masseter muscle activity resulting from stimulation of hypothalamic behavioral sites : wavelet analysis Petrock, Anne Marie Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-071
Massively parallel reasoning in transitive relationship hierarchies Lee, Yugyung PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-067
A mathematical and computational exploration of the effect of the A-current in determining the activity phase of follower neurons Zhang, Yu Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-077
Mathematical model and simulation of the progression of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma Agostinho, Maria L. MS ©1992 njit-etd1992-021
A mathematical model for the prediction of depth of cut in the course of AWJ machining Ma, Naijian MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-010
Mathematical model of a continuous sterilization system for fermentation media containing suspended solids Leskowicz, Mark A. MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-012
A mathematical model of cardiovascular system with feedback control Gu, Jiayu MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-019
Mathematical model of human sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit motion analysis Gandhi, Jayeshkumar MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-058
A mathematical model of photopolymerization in a batch reactor Li, Jyh-Yao MS ©1987 njit-etd1987-001
A mathematical model of wheelchair racing Schenk, Susan J. PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-008
Mathematical modeling and analytical solutions of dissolved oxygen and biochemical oxygen demand profiles under three-dimensional, unsteady-state conditions Kim, Uing Woong Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1981 njit-etd1981-006
Mathematical modeling and simulation of human motion using 3-dimensional, multi-segment coupled pendulum system : derivation of a generalized formula for equations of motion Al-Zube, Loay Ahmed-Wasfe MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-042
Mathematical modeling and simulation of the progression of AIDS Nagpal, Anju H. MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-028
Mathematical modeling of carrier mediated mass transfer through liquid membrane systems Wang, Keng Chao Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1984 njit-etd1984-001
Mathematical modeling of chemical vapor deposition processes and its application to thin film technology Loney, Norman W. PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-001
Mathematical modeling of distillation operation from non-equilibrium approach Pan, Wen-Dow Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1984 njit-etd1984-003
Mathematical modeling of heavy metals diffusion and removal from cylindrical cement forms coated with bio-film Tabatabaie, Mojdeh Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-060
Mathematical modeling of jet bubbling reactor Cheng, Fred Jyh-Woei MS ©1981 njit-etd1981-002
Mathematical modeling of mass transfer in a hollow fiber dialyzer Yu, Tzyy-Kai MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-009
Mathematical modeling of mass transfer in microvascular wall and interstitial space Kim, Daekyung PhD ©1991 njit-etd1991-024
Mathematical modeling of membrane filtration Sanaei, Pejman Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-050
Mathematical modeling of the unsteady state glucose and insulin concentrations in blood for normal subjects and diabetics Shih, Tung MS ©1983 njit-etd1983-002
Mathematical modeling of transient state transdermal drug delivery Weltner, Alison Nickol Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-076
Mathematical modeling of unsteady state photo-polymerization Liang, Rong-Fa Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1984 njit-etd1984-004
Mathematical models for bistable nematic liquid crystal displays Cai, Chenjing Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-069
Mathematical models for polymer-nematic interactions Mema, Ensela Contact the author PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-019
Mathematical models of combustion at high pressure Fong, Daniel Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-058
Mathematical models of unsteady operation of a packed column Chao, Jen-Fu Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1983 njit-etd1983-003
Mathematical problems arising in interfacial electrohydrodynamics Tseluiko, Dmitri Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-087
Mathematical simulation of proteins separation in a packed bed Huang, Jing James Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1984 njit-etd1984-002
Mathematically modeling the mechanical constants of thoracolumbar fascia under compression, in vivo Patel, Vrajeshri Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-037
Matrix completion algorithms with applications in biomedicine, e-commerce and social science Wang, Yiran MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-105
MBE growth of InxGa1-xAs/GaAs/Si heterostructure system Liu, Jun MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-102
Measurement of finger coordination during a motor learning task Ebel, Robert Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-066
Measurement of gas flow through porous structures using thz spectroscopy Wang, Yihui Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-037
Measurement of microcarrier weighted floc using the environmental electron microscope Vithayaveroj, Viriya MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-091
Measurement of oxygenated volatile organic compounds using the thermionic ionization detector Li, Wanfang MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-099
Measurement of the baroreceptor sensitivity index (BRSI) in the frequency domains Raquib, Tanvir MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-094
Measurement of the effectiveness of enhanced external counterpulsation on heart rate variability for patients with myocardial ischemia Jayaraman, Kripa Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-005
Measurement of the electroencephalogram (EEG) coherence, atmospheric noise, and Schumann resonances in group meditation Newandee, Douglas A. MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-013
Measurement of the Hall coefficient and electron mobility using Van Der Pauw type Hall effect measurements Luo, Hong-Sheng MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-105
Measurement of the nonlinear refractive index (n2) and stimulated Raman scattering in optical fibers as a function of germania content, using the photorefractive beam coupling technique Oguama, Ferdinand Anayo Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-114
Measurement of the reaction to stress and meditation using brain wave coherence and heart rate variability King, Christopher B. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-088
Measurements of basic semiconductor properties Ariantaj, Abdolreza MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-007
Measurements of the effects of colored light on the body Hendrickson, Lynne MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-019
Measuring the need for manufacturing flexibility and evaluating its economic benefits Karwande, Navin MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-022
Mechanical behavior of polystyrene foam bead lightweight concrete Ni, Hai-Ying MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-100
Mechanical design of an experimental parallel robot Song, Philip MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-093
Mechanical design of the heater used in near infrared filter Ma, Jun MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-039
Mechanical evaluation of pedicle screw fixation of the lumbar spine Lu, Ding MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-070
Mechanical properties and stress-strain behavior of high performance concrete under uniaxial compression Jiratatprasot, Pornchai Contact the author MS ©2002 njit-etd2002-005
The mechanical testing of single nanofiber Dahule, Pratik Manohar Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-022
Mechanical, electronic and optical properties of multi-ternary semiconductor alloys Chen, Dongguo Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-071
Mechanics of biocell landfill settlements Hettiarachchi, Chamil Hiroshan Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-070
Mechanism and kinetics of the reduction of nitric oxide by granular activated carbon induced by PdO/Ai2O3 in the presence of O2 Sang, Tian MS ©2001 njit-etd2001-040
Mechanism of pneumatic fracturing King, Trevor Compton MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-018
The mechanism of second breakdown in transistors Fabricius, Eugene David Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1968 njit-etd1968-009
Mechanisms for quality-of-service provisioning in networks with extended services Qin, Zhen Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-119
Mechanisms of ionic current changes underlying rhythmic activity recovery after decentralization Khorkova Sherman, Olga E. Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-035
Mechanisms of layer-transfer related to silicon-on-insulator structures Chen, Bo Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-079
Mechanochemical nitration of aromatic compounds Lagoviyer, Oleg Shlomo Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-007
Mediating chance encounters through opportunistic social matching Mayer, Julia M. Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-037
Medical equipment planning and construction of a interventional neuroradiology suite Elahi, Furqan Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-001
Medium access control design for all-IP and ad hoc wireless network Jiang, Zaihan Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-076
Medium access control mechanisms for high speed metropolitan area networks Papamichail, Michail PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-042
A meeting of minds : coalitions, representations and American non-governmental organizations in the Brazilian Amazon Sedrez, Lise Fernanda MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-098
MegSDF Mega-system development framework Zemel, Tamar PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-049
Melt hydroperoxidation polypropylene with potential application in pollution control Cherian, Zeena MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-047
Membrane-based reactors for ozonolysis of organic pollutants in aqueous and gaseous streams Shanbhag, Purushottam V. PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-020
Memorizing chromic response to pressure Padh, Maulik Kiritkumar Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-077
Mems approaches in infrared imaging Papavieros, George Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-035
A meta-semantic language for smart component-adapters Jololian, Leon K. PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-022
Metal based reactive nanocomposites prepared by cryomilling Zhang, Shasha Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-095
Methane partial oxidation over phthalocyanine catalyst Zhu, Yuan Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-033
A method for assessing transportation impacts of new land developments using integrated land use and transportation network modeling Dimitrijevic, Branislav Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-035
A method for developing in-silico protein homologs McClatchy, Susan Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-009
Method for theoretically determining the locus and location of the transmission zeros in microwave filter networks Um, Keehong PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-116
A method of tracking eye motion for human-computer interface Maranski, Martin MS ©2000 njit-etd2000-082
A methodological framework for quantifying impacts of truck traffic on regional network with implications to transport policy Pathak, Chaitanya Narendra Contact the author PhD ©2018 njit-etd2018-029
A methodology for component-based system integration Tang, Yongming PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-101
Methodology for modeling high performance distributed and parallel systems Kushwaha, Rakesh PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-025
A methodology for solving the network toll design problem Chen, Mei PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-048
A methodology for the design of an integrated air stripping/biofiltration process to clean contaminated aquifers Stamatiadis, Pothitos Ioannis MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-094
Methods for acoustic holography and acoustic measurements Fischer, Wolfgang Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1972 njit-etd1972-007
Methods for the direct simulation of nanoscale film breakup and contact angles Mahady, Kyle Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-108
Methods for two-sample comparisons from censored time-to-event data Ahmed, Nubyra Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-038
Metrics for estimating the product disassembly effort Yedlarajaiah, Pradeep Kumar MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-004
Micro electromechanical relays and their application in variable inductor networks Zhou, Shifang PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-116
Micro, meso and macro materials processing using high-speed liquid projectiles Samardzic, Veljko Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-068
Microaccelerometer with mechanically-latched memory Ma, Zhenyu MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-094
A microcosm study in the reductive dechlorination of tetrachloroethylene using fermentation acids and alcohols as electron donors Siccardi, III, Anthony MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-104
Microengineered sensor devices with field emission electron sources Sun, Chao PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-002
A microfabricated microconcentrator for sensors and chromatography Kim, Minhee Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-080
A microfluidic culture for two populations of dorsal root ganglia for differential staining Sidhu, Ishnoor Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-083
A micromachined thermo-optical light modulator based on semiconductor-to-metal phase transition Jiang, Lijun Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-025
Micromechanical study of two-phase flow during air sparging Gao, Shengyan Contact the author PhD ©2012 njit-etd2012-010
Micromechanics of hot mix asphalt material formulation and numerical simulation Chang, Kuo-Neng G. PhD ©1995 njit-etd1995-036
Microporous polymeric membranes via melt processing Chandavasu, Chaiya PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-067
Microporous silicon dioxide/vycor membranes for gas separation Barone, Justin R. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-041
A microprocessor based digital logic simulator Dresher, Kevin MS ©1980 njit-etd1980-002
Microstrip zero-sum antenna; CAD and experimental study Lam, Tuan H. MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-031
Microwave heating of fluid/solid layers : a study of hydrodynamic stability and melting front propagation Gilchrist, John PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-024
Microwave treatment of hazardous wastes : chemical fixation of insoluble non-volatile, chemically non-reactive organics in soil Zhu, Naihong MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-030
Microwave treatment of organic contaminated soil Fan, Suning MS ©1989 njit-etd1989-016
Migration of an intruder particle in a boundary driven shear flow Liu, Jian Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-028
Minimum agitation speed for solid suspension and mixing time in a torispherical -bottomed pharmaceutical stirred tank under different baffling conditions Wijayasekara, Dilanji Bhagya Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-073
The minimum maximal-cube covering approach to switching theory Hwang, Yu-tsang Gene Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1980 njit-etd1980-004
Minimum redundancy array structure for interference cancellation Chen, Wan-Ling PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-029
Mixed culture biodegradation of pentachlorophenol, hexachlorobenzene, and tetrachloromethane under anaerobic conditions Zahn, Jesse MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-005
Mixed metal removal and recovery by hollow fiber membrane-based extractive adsorber Chilukuri, Ramprakash MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-048
Mixing effect on chemical reaction in liquid phase Hsu, Ming-Teh Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1984 njit-etd1984-018
Mixing enhancement by dual speed rotating stirrer Goullet, Arnaud Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-085
Mixing of nanoparticles in a stirred tank in high pressure carbon dioxide Aggarwal, Nitin Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-001
Mixing of nanosize particles by magnetically assisted impaction techniques Scicolone, James V. Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-016
Mixing performance of a novel, continuous confined impinging jets mixer using competitive reactions Zheng, Han Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-043
Mobile ad hoc networks for intelligent systems Wang, Zhigang Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-038
Mobile agent based distributed network management : modeling, methodologies and applications Ye, Jian Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-105
Mobile cloud computing and network function virtualization for 5g systems Al-Shuwaili, Ali PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-087
Mobile information communication technology for crisis management : understanding user behavior, response and training Gomez, Elizabeth Avery Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-064
The mobile satellite service (MSS) systems for global personal communications Lee, Kiho MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-090
Mobility modeling and management for next generation wireless networks Choi, Woo-Jin Contact the author PhD ©2003 njit-etd2003-107
Modal analysis of a cantilever plate Song, Ohseop MS ©1986 njit-etd1986-004
Model and clinical device development for noninvasive diagnosis of low back pain and dysfunction Patraju, Ravi MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-011
Model driven architecture - a tool for enterprise architecture : a look at emergency response systems Lamba, Ritu Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-009
A model for the determination of market based pricing of telecommunication products Sullivan, Katherine J. MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-018
A model for travel mode switching Cao, Lei PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-041
Model parameter identification for rod and cone oscillatory potentials Banker, Kehur MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-040
Model predictive control for building temperature regulation Dong, Weiqiang Contact the author MS ©2013 njit-etd2013-030
Model predictive control of timed continuous petri nets Zhan, Huaiyu Contact the author MS ©2014 njit-etd2014-039
Model reference control for ultra-high precision positioning systems Yu, Lan Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-024
Modeling and analysis of hospital facility layout problem Padgaonkar, Amol Shrikrishna Contact the author MS ©2004 njit-etd2004-010
Modeling and experimental validation of a single-feed semi-batch precipitation process Uehara-Nagamine, Ernesto PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-107
Modeling and numerical analysis of beam matrix plasma display system Zhang, Jungwu MS ©1998 njit-etd1998-115
Modeling and quasi-Monte Carlo simulation of risk in credit portfolios Ren, Bo Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-042
Modeling and simulation of robot arms with flexible links Danis, John G. MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-015
Modeling arsenic transformation in clay soils Chung, Chao-Yi MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-077
Modeling biodegradation settlement of municipal solid waste (msw) based on measurement of landfill gas and degradable solids in leachate recirculated bioreactors Shah, Vatsal Atulkumar Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-031
Modeling cell proliferation in a perfusion tissue engineering bioreactor Pohlmeyer, Jeffrey Vincent Contact the author PhD ©2013 njit-etd2013-026
Modeling contaminant transport and fate and subsequent impacts on ecosystems Fan, Ming Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-123
Modeling controlled vocabularies using OODBs and multilevel area diagrams Liu, Li-min PhD ©1999 njit-etd1999-077
Modeling edge effects of mesa diodes for silicon photovoltaics Appel, Jesse S. Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-101
Modeling hydrogen diffusion for solar cell passivation and process optimization Zhang, Yi Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-024
Modeling inventory and responsiveness costs in a supply chain Nearier, Robert Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-066
Modeling next generation air traffic control system with petri net Wu, Hang Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-042
Modeling of 3D swept volumes using sde/sede methods and its application to five-axis nc machining Wang, Liping PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-105
Modeling of a permeable reactive barrier Ijoor, Guatam C. MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-078
Modeling of cardiovascular system to simulate ventricular septal defect Gupta, Adarsh Kumar MS ©1996 njit-etd1996-056
Modeling of deformed swept volumes with SDE and its applications to NC simulation and verification Lu, Feng MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-071
Modeling of electrical behavior of graphene-based ultracapacitors Dzisah, Patrick Contact the author MS ©2015 njit-etd2015-066
Modeling of equilibrium point trajectory control in human arm movements Chen, Kai Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-003
Modeling of flexible drug-like molecules : qsar of GBR 12909 analog dat/sert selectivity Gilbert, Kathleen Mary Contact the author PhD ©2005 njit-etd2005-068
Modeling of magnetic field driven simultaneous assembly Rivero, Rene David Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-015
Modeling of non-uniform hydrodynamics and catalytic reaction in a solids-laden riser Patel, Rajeshkumar Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-056
Modeling of objects using planar facets in noisy range images Phansalkar, Girish MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-084
Modeling projection neuron and neuromodulatory effects on a rhythmic neuronal network Kintos, Nicholas Contact the author PhD ©2007 njit-etd2007-022
A modeling study of the history-dependence of conduction delay in unmyelinated axons Zhang, Yang Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-024
Modeling study on the neopentyl+ O2 reaction system and experimental and modeling study on MTBE pyrolysis and oxidation Wei, Ru PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-120
Modeling subconcussive and cumulative subconcussive impacts using a lateral fluid percusion injury device Long, Mathew Todd PhD ©2017 njit-etd2017-127
Modeling the fate of volatile organic compounds in wastewater treatment facilities; implementation of volatilization models in envirocad Chhahira, Vinita MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-076
Modeling usage of an online research community Zhang, Yi Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-129
Modeling with bivariate geometric distributions Li, Jing Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-097
Modeling, control and simulation of control-affine nonlinear systems with state-dependent transfer functions Kwadzogah, Roger Kobla Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-052
Modeling, design and fabrication of thin-film microcrystalline silicon solar cells Chen, Wei PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-013
Modeling, design and scheduling of computer integrated manufacturing and demanufacturing systems Tang, Ying PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-085
Modeling, design, and fabrication of pulsed fluidic micro-actuators Roman, Max Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-033
Modeling, simulation and hemodynamic response analysis of arteriovenous malformation occlusion Mao, Huijuan MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-005
Modelling of in-situ bioremediation with emphasis on inhibitory kinetics and biomass growth Mandal, Dilip Kumar PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-119
Modelling of oxygen diffusion in cork Rane, Swapnil Shivputra Contact the author MS ©2018 njit-etd2018-013
Modification of biodegradable polyesters with inorganic fillers Chouzouri, Georgia Contact the author MS ©2003 njit-etd2003-038
Modification of clays with ionic liquids for polymer nanocomponents Kim, Neung Hyun Contact the author MS ©2006 njit-etd2006-008
A modified approach to flood prediction in urban watersheds Ofungwu, Joseph PhD ©1992 njit-etd1992-028
A modified extended kalman filter as a parameter estimator for linear discrete-time systems Schnekenburger, Bruno Johannes MS ©1988 njit-etd1988-008
A modified LRT-based spread-spectrum receiver using spatial and temporal processing Cutcher, Jeffrey L. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-077
A molecular dynamics simulation based principal component analysis framework for computation of multi-scale modeling of protein and its interaction with solvent Wu, Tao Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-021
Molecular modeling of sigma 1 and sigma 2 receptor ligands: pharmacophore development and comparison using discotech and bioactivity prediction comparison of ab initio and density functional comfa studies for spiro and other receptor ligands Kardos, Lisa M. Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-021
Molecular modelling studies of acetylcholinesterase Linaras, Charilaos E. PhD ©1998 njit-etd1998-072
Monitoring of cerebellar injury using micro ECoG signals in ketamine/xylazine treated rats Ordek, Gokhan Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-027
Monolithic silicon opto-electro-mechanical light modulator Wu, Ching-Horng MS ©1993 njit-etd1993-001
A more efficient document retrieval method for TEXPROS Dong, Yin PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-059
Morphological operations in image processing and analysis Pu, Chamim Christopher PhD ©1993 njit-etd1993-044
The morphology of UHMWPE wear debris generated by a hip joint simulator Essner, Aaron P. MS ©1995 njit-etd1995-025
Moths fight back: arms race in the cloud forest Rivera, Diana Pamela Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-083
Motion compensation and very low bit rate video coding Lin, Shu PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-069
Motion coordination and control in the development of a gait rehabilitation system Manna, Yazan Ahmad Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-027
Motion estimation and video coding Xia, Xiaochun PhD ©1996 njit-etd1996-109
Motion estimation using optical flow field Pan, Jingning PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-031
Motion of viscous liquid in rotating cylinder Wu, ChiCheng Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1982 njit-etd1982-004
Motion synthesis of mechanisms using constraint manifolds in image space Wu, Yeou-Kai PhD ©1994 njit-etd1994-056
Motor data scaling by respiration frequencies in rest Kamble, Amit Madhukar Contact the author MS ©2010 njit-etd2010-117
Motor planning for reach memorization task in 3D space Narkhede, Atul Contact the author MS ©2011 njit-etd2011-035
Moxon based RFID tag reader and GPS antenna Liu, Haojiong Contact the author MS ©2012 njit-etd2012-079
Mueller matrix spectroscopic ellipsometry of multiferroics Basistyy, Roman Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-014
Multi well uni-axial stretch injury device Choudhury, Mridusmita Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-010
Multi-component boron coatings on low carbon steel AISI 1018 Suwattananont, Naruemon Contact the author PhD ©2010 njit-etd2010-100
Multi-degree of freedom telemanipulation in an unstructured environment Ramirez, Diego Contact the author MS ©2007 njit-etd2007-011
A multi-dimensional model of passive MESFETS for use in non-linear microwave signal processing Dorval, Roger MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-079
Multi-disk subsystem organizations for very large databases Huang, Zhiyi MS ©1994 njit-etd1994-090
A multi-factor model for evaluating manufacturing defect opportunities in six sigma analysis Sundaram, Karthikeyan Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-122
Multi-functional, self-sensing and automated real-time non-contact liquid dispensing system Shen, Qiong Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-109
Multi-lifecycle assessment design tools and software development Jin, Ji MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-017
Multi-lifecycle assessment of cathode ray tubes Badwe, Devendra Jayant MS ©1997 njit-etd1997-073
Multi-mode cavity effects in the microwave heating of a ceramic slab Walker, Stuart J. PhD ©2001 njit-etd2001-088
Multi-population-based differential evolution algorithm for optimization problems Chatterjee, Ishani Contact the author MS ©2017 njit-etd2017-064
Multi-rate access schemes and successive interference cancellation for wireless multimedia MC-CDMA communications Tan, Mizhou Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-098
Multi-spectral light interaction modeling and imaging of skin lesions Patwardhan, Sachin Vidyanand Contact the author PhD ©2004 njit-etd2004-030
Multi-user detection for multi-rate DS/CDMA systems Ma, Jinwen PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-067
Multi-wavelength infrared imaging computer systems and applications Li, Jun PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-068
Multi-wavelength pyrometric systems for emissivity-independent non-contact temperature sensing Kaplinsky, Michael B. PhD ©1997 njit-etd1997-033
Multicast outing protocols and architectures in mobile ad-hoc wireless networks An, Beongku Contact the author PhD ©2002 njit-etd2002-076
Multiclass intermodal network model : the use of combined model on system evaluations Deng, Yi Contact the author PhD ©2008 njit-etd2008-030
Multicodes for improved range resolution in radar Vitto, Rhiya Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-123
Multifractal analysis of heart rate variability using wavelet-transform modulus-maxima method Jani, Chirag Contact the author MS ©2005 njit-etd2005-107
Multifunctional reactive nanocomposite materials Stamatis, Demitrios Contact the author PhD ©2011 njit-etd2011-117
Multilevel adaptive security system Li, Hongwei Contact the author PhD ©2006 njit-etd2006-029
Multimedia modeling of organic contaminants in the Passaic river watershed Coulibaly, Lansana PhD ©2000 njit-etd2000-015
A multimodal investigation in eye movements Jaswal, Raj Contact the author PhD ©2016 njit-etd2016-097
Multiple testing procedures for complex structured hypotheses and directional decisions Grandhi, Anjana Contact the author PhD ©2015 njit-etd2015-046
Multiprocessor system design tutor : expert system approach Kamdar, Rakesh MS ©1990 njit-etd1990-020
Multisensory integration in weakly electric fish Roeser, Andrea Contact the author MS ©2016 njit-etd2016-057
Multistage interconnection networks : improved routing algorithms and fault tolerance Chen, Kuo-Yu MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-011
Multiyear drought simulation with periodic-stochastic hydrologic processes Wijayaratne, Lankeswara Hemal Dr. Eng. Sci. ©1988 njit-etd1988-027
Mutational studies in the dNTP binding pocket of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase Shukla, Smita Contact the author MS ©2008 njit-etd2008-091
Mutual interference investigation of CEBus and X-10 powerline signaling Pallithotungal, Sajid MS ©1999 njit-etd1999-084
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Title Author Degree Year ETD#
N-cross coupled phase locked loops Aboukhalil, Joseph C. MS ©1991 njit-etd1991-033
Nano-structured platforms as a spectroscopic tool Li, Ruiqiong Contact the author MS ©2009 njit-etd2009-024
Nanocarbons as charge carriers in organic solar cells Lau, Xinbo C. Contact the author PhD ©2014 njit-etd2014-012
Nanocomposite thermite powders with improved flowability prepared by mechanical milling</