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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
Aalderks, Daniel Richard Contact the author © 2014 MS Using latent semantic analysis to detect non-cognitive variables of academic performance njit-etd2014-025
Abate, John Edward © 1967 Dr. Eng. Sci. Linear and adaptive delta modulation njit-etd1967-004
Abbassi, Younes Contact the author © 2002 MS Determination of phase composition of sputtered tantalum on steel substrates by resistivity measurements njit-etd2002-026
Abbruzzese, Kevin Contact the author © 2017 PhD Assessment of a hand exoskeleton on proximal and distal training in virtual environments for robot mediated upper extremity rehabilitation njit-etd2017-001
Abdel-Aziez, Yasser A. © 1994 MS Fabrication of micron-sized mirror/cantilever silicon devices for crosspoint switching arrays njit-etd1994-049
Abdijalilov, Kakhkhor Contact the author © 2005 PhD Hybrid explicit-implicit FDTD-FEM time-domain solver for electromagnetic problems njit-etd2005-017
Abdo, Ammar Riad Contact the author © 2007 MS In vitro feasibility testing of floating light-activated minroelectrical stimulators njit-etd2007-033
Abdollahi-Nasab, Ali Contact the author © 2014 PhD Influence of beach hydrodynamics on saltwater transport and oil persistence in beaches njit-etd2014-016
Abdullah, Syed Asif Contact the author © 2007 MS Solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide njit-etd2007-001
Abedrabbo, Sufian © 1998 PhD Emissivity measurements and modeling of silicon related materials and structures njit-etd1998-025
Abeliotis, Konstadinos © 1995 PhD Computer-aided process design for waste minimization njit-etd1995-037
Aboobaker, Nazhat © 1996 MS Solidification/stabilization of petroleum contaminated soils with cold mix asphalt concrete njit-etd1996-039
Aboobaker, Nazhat © 2001 PhD Fractionation & segregation of suspended particles using acoustic and flow fields njit-etd2001-062
Aboukhalil, Joseph C. © 1991 MS N-cross coupled phase locked loops njit-etd1991-033
Abraham, Ani Contact the author © 2016 PhD Custom engineered nanomaterials for energetics and energy applications njit-etd2016-045
Abrams, Halle © 1965 MS Electrolytic polishing of copper and nickel silver njit-etd1965-005
Achaibar, Bhebishan © 1998 M. Arch. Flexibility and responsiveness in the design of research/office buildings : a proposal for the Los Alamos National Laboratory research park njit-etd1998-012
Acharya, Srihari G. © 1992 MS Design for productivity using GD&T njit-etd1992-010
Achebe, Kingsley Oseloka Contact the author © 2011 PhD Risk based models for the optimization of oil and gas supply chain critical infrastructure njit-etd2011-002
Achhpiliya, Vikas Manohar Contact the author © 2004 MS Participatory learning environment : requirements and design analysis njit-etd2004-040
Acolatse, Kodzovi Contact the author © 2011 PhD Design of single-carrier frequency domain equalization (SC-FDE) with transmit diversity for wireless and optical communications njit-etd2011-001
Adams, Bart © 1998 PhD Automobile air bag inflation system using pressurized carbon dioxide njit-etd1998-034
Adams, Jr., Donald Martin Contact the author © 2008 MS Altered brain activity in autistic children versus healthy controls while performing simple tasks using fMRI njit-etd2008-078
Addabbo, Raymond © 2001 PhD The structure and stability of expanding and converging near-stoichiometric flames njit-etd2001-097
Adib, Mansour © 1995 MS Implementation of time-frequency distribution software and its use to study biological signals njit-etd1995-038
Adiwijaya, Igg © 2000 MS Universal access in digital libraries njit-etd2000-076
Afolabi, Afolawemi Contact the author © 2013 PhD Batch and continuous production of stable dense suspensions of drug nanoparticles in a wet stirred media mill njit-etd2013-113
Agas, Agnieszka Contact the author © 2017 MS Profiling the neurovascular cell interactions in alcohol exposure and HIV-1 infection njit-etd2017-058
Aggarwal, Nitin Contact the author © 2008 MS Mixing of nanoparticles in a stirred tank in high pressure carbon dioxide njit-etd2008-001
Agirman-Tosun, Handan Contact the author © 2010 PhD Generalized discrete Fourier transform with non-linear phase : theory and design njit-etd2010-015
Agostinho, Maria L. © 1992 MS Mathematical model and simulation of the progression of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma njit-etd1992-021
Agrawal, Ankur Contact the author © 2013 PhD Structural indicators for effective quality assurance of snomed ct njit-etd2013-101
Agrawal, Ashish © 1994 MS Fast point pattern matching by heuristic and stochastic optimization techniques njit-etd1994-046
Agrawal, Ashish © 2001 MS Testing of semiconductor-based adsorption modified photosensitive (SAMP) sensor for response to toluene njit-etd2001-006
Agrawal, Jitesh H. © 1995 MS Use of multiple transmitters for 3-D non-intrusive particle tracking njit-etd1995-039
Agrawal, Nitish © 1994 MS Artificial dielectrics : characteristics at low and microwave frequencies njit-etd1994-030
Agrawal, Shuchi Contact the author © 2011 PhD Uniform heating of thin ceramic slabs in a multimode microwave cavity njit-etd2011-087
Ahmadi, Behzad Contact the author © 2013 PhD Adaptive data acquisition for communication networks njit-etd2013-063
Ahmed, Akheel Contact the author © 2005 MS Rebuild performance enhancement using onboard caching and delayed vacation termination in clustered raid 5 njit-etd2005-044
Ahmed, Faysal Contact the author © 2008 MS Design and fabrication of a microneedle for the implantation of floating microstimulators njit-etd2008-111
Ahmed, Gul Contact the author © 2012 MS Ergonomic evaluation of shoulder muscle activation during light weight hand tool exertion task njit-etd2012-110
Ahmed, Nubyra Contact the author © 2015 PhD Methods for two-sample comparisons from censored time-to-event data njit-etd2015-038
Ahmed, Zikri Mostafa © 1981 Dr. Eng. Sci. Parametric pumping with pH and ionic strength : enzyme purification njit-etd1981-010
Ajgaonkar, Mahesh U. © 2001 PhD Nonlinear optical properties of nano structures njit-etd2001-055
Akcay, Zeynep Contact the author © 2014 PhD Dynamics of phase locking in neuronal networks in the presence of synaptic plasticity njit-etd2014-042
Akiti, Otute © 2000 PhD Turbulent mixing and chemical reaction in baffled stirred tank reactors : a comparison between experiments and a novel micromixing-based computational fluid dynamics model njit-etd2000-036
Akoud, Husam © 1998 M. Arch. Value engineering for the practice of architecture njit-etd1998-013
Akpan, Friday Bassey Contact the author © 2003 MS Evaluation of intrusion detection systems with automatic traffic generation programs njit-etd2003-002
Aksoy, Cem Contact the author © 2016 PhD Semantics and result disambiguation for keyword search on tree data njit-etd2016-003
Akyureklier, Ozan © 1996 MS Empirical and theoretical analysis of foreign exchange markets : a case of Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands njit-etd1996-040
Al-Nadi, Luay © 1996 MS Numerical simulation of clipping distortion in lightwave CATV systems njit-etd1996-041
Al-Okush, Hussam Fawzi © 1999 MS Assessing the impact of design for environment guidelines : a case study of office telephones njit-etd1999-037
Al-Rashdan, Ala’a Contact the author © 2017 PhD Hand control of bipedal balance in quiet standing: implementations for lower extremity exoskeleton njit-etd2017-036
Al-Saber, Nabeel Contact the author © 2008 MS Kerberos phone secure messenger njit-etd2008-002
Al-Shuwaili, Ali © 2017 PhD Mobile cloud computing and network function virtualization for 5g systems njit-etd2017-087
Al-Smadi, Yahia Mohammad Contact the author © 2009 PhD Kinematic synthesis of planar four bar and geared five bar mechanisms with structural constraints njit-etd2009-001
Al-Smadi, Yahia Mohammed Contact the author © 2002 MS Flexible manufacturing system utilizing computer integrated control and modeling njit-etd2002-027
Al-Zube, Loay Ahmed-Wasfe © 2004 MS Mathematical modeling and simulation of human motion using 3-dimensional, multi-segment coupled pendulum system : derivation of a generalized formula for equations of motion njit-etd2004-042
Alay, Eren Contact the author © 2014 MS Using the piezoelectric backscatter signal for remote sensing of neural signals njit-etd2014-041
Albano, Maria Angela © 2001 PhD Low energy implantation of boron with decaborane ions njit-etd2001-063
Alcocer, Felix J. © 2001 PhD Numerical studies of Newtonian and viscoelastic fluids njit-etd2001-048
Aldalbahi, Adel © 2017 PhD Simulation, performance and interference analysis of multi-user visible light communication systems njit-etd2017-112
Alemany, Mariano © 1995 M. Arch. The architecture of Ricardo Porro : questions of form and content njit-etd1995-006
Alenezi, Ali Hamdan Contact the author © 2018 PhD Borehole communication via drill strings in oil wells njit-etd2018-017
Alfonso, Noel Contact the author © 2014 MS Optimizing alginate-chitosan microcapsules using co-axial air flow method as 3d stem cell microenvironment njit-etd2014-063
Alheidt, Thomas Adam Contact the author © 2003 MS The development of a biodegradable scaffold for a tissue engineered heart valve njit-etd2003-001
Ali, Abdus © 2017 MS Spatial and temporal deformation pattern of the brain from blunt trauma njit-etd2017-100
Ali, Syed Riffat © 1982 D. Eng Pattern generation and fault detection in digital circuits using a microprocessor njit-etd1982-001
Aljouie, Abdulrhman Fahad M. Contact the author © 2015 MS Rice and mouse quantitative phenotype prediction in genome-wide association studies with support vector regression njit-etd2015-002
Alkan, Yelda Contact the author © 2008 MS Cortical location of saccadic and vergence oculomotor learning using fMRI njit-etd2008-003
Alkan, Yelda Contact the author © 2013 PhD Quantification of neural substrates of vergence system via fMRI njit-etd2013-016
Allahverdi, Navid H. Contact the author © 2010 PhD Coupled simulation of loading and response of columns under extreme events njit-etd2010-083
Allen, Jerome Contact the author © 2004 MS Parametric synthesis of sign language njit-etd2004-041
Allen-Munley, Cheryl Contact the author © 2003 PhD Development of a multivariate logistic model to predict bicycle route safety in urban areas njit-etd2003-067
Almonor, Jean Benoit © 1998 MS Design of an effective and timely product development process for medical devices njit-etd1998-035
Alsawadi, Amer Muhammad © 1990 MS Wideband microstrip antenna optimization njit-etd1990-019
Altan, Hakan Contact the author © 2005 PhD Characteristics of nanocomposites and semiconductor heterostructure wafers using THz spectroscopy njit-etd2005-018
Alterman, Stanley Bruce © 1965 Dr. Eng. Sci. Optimum linear and adaptive polynomial smoothers njit-etd1965-006
Altin, Ersin Contact the author © 2014 PhD Rationalizing everyday life in late nineteenth century Istanbul c. 1900 njit-etd2014-002
Aly, Atif © 1994 MS Dynamic friction measurement njit-etd1994-004
Aly, Yasmine Contact the author © 2014 PhD Synthesis and characterization of metal-based reactive powders njit-etd2014-093
Amah, Edison Chijioke Contact the author © 2018 PhD Electric-field assisted manipulation and self-assembly of particle suspensions njit-etd2018-018
Amaro, Carlos C. © 1998 PhD A resource allocation mechanism based on cost function synthesis in complex systems njit-etd1998-036
Amber, Wieslawa E. Contact the author © 2001 MS Computationally efficient search for large primes njit-etd2001-032
Ambrosio, Christina L. Contact the author © 2005 PhD The control of frequency of a conditional oscillator simultaneously subjected to multiple oscillatory inputs njit-etd2005-061
Amin, Jatin N. © 1994 MS An integrated approach to implement ISO 9000 series standards to United States manufacturing industry njit-etd1994-058
Amin, Jayesh N. © 1996 MS Implementation of a friction estimation and compensation technique njit-etd1996-044
Amin, Rajesh © 1994 MS An on-line approach for evaluating trigonometric functions njit-etd1994-059
Amte, Amit P. © 1999 MS Decision support system for forecasting product and waste disposal over time njit-etd1999-043
An, Beongku Contact the author © 2002 PhD Multicast outing protocols and architectures in mobile ad-hoc wireless networks njit-etd2002-076
An, Liping © 1997 MS TCP/IP traffic over ATM network with ABR flow and congestion control njit-etd1997-039
An, Yoo Jung Contact the author © 2008 PhD Ontology learning for the semantic deep web njit-etd2008-027
Anand, Deepthi Contact the author © 2002 MS Study of the trajectories of visually guided movement of unimanual and bimanual tasks njit-etd2002-002
Anand, Kapilchandra Contact the author © 2006 MS Individual cell pressure control in an air mattress for the prevention of the pressure sores njit-etd2006-100
Anantharam, Karunakar Contact the author © 2005 MS An autonomous router-based solution to detect and defend low rate DDoS attacks njit-etd2005-002
Anantharam, Kirthikar Contact the author © 2006 MS Separation of SSL protocol phases across process boundaries njit-etd2006-049
Andalam, Pranitha Surya Contact the author © 2016 MS Semi supervised weighted maximum variance dimensionality reduction njit-etd2016-046
Androutsopoulou, Helen © 1994 MS A study of the biofiltration process under shock-loading conditions njit-etd1994-060
Androwis, Ghaith J. Contact the author © 2014 PhD The effect of mechanical vestibular stimulation on muscle tone and spasticity in individuals with neurological impairment njit-etd2014-003
Aniftos, Stylianos C. © 1990 MS Investigation of mixed-made fracture in concrete njit-etd1990-024
Ansari, Tayyab A. © 1988 MS Study of the structure and capacity of construction industry in Pakistan njit-etd1988-011
Antalec, Frank Andrew © 1952 MS Manual for quality control njit-etd1952-002
Antoniou, Eliana S. Contact the author © 2002 PhD A new theory of premixed flames in near-stoichiometric mixtures njit-etd2002-012
Antoniou, Nicholaos C. © 1994 MS Processor allocation for partitionable multiprocessor systems njit-etd1994-061
Appel, Jesse S. Contact the author © 2008 PhD Modeling edge effects of mesa diodes for silicon photovoltaics njit-etd2008-101
Apte, Sachin V. Contact the author © 2001 MS Reactive media for chromium reduction under alkaline conditions for use in permeable reactive barriers njit-etd2001-011
Areeratchakul, Nathapol Contact the author © 2005 PhD On the design for flexibility of manufacturing systems : a stochiastic approach njit-etd2005-125
Ariantaj, Abdolreza © 1986 MS Measurements of basic semiconductor properties njit-etd1986-007
Arif, Muhammad © 1997 MS Interactive and batch creation of OODB medical vocabularies njit-etd1997-055
Arif, Syed Muhammad © 1997 MS Finite element analysis of skin injuries by water jet cutting njit-etd1997-009
Arif, Tariq Mohammad © 2017 PhD Fast estimation model of pressure-temperature response for planning focused ultrasound surgery njit-etd2017-088
Aris, Virginie Contact the author © 2004 PhD Non-parametric algorithms for evaluating gene expression in cancer using DNA microarray technology njit-etd2004-077
Armstrong, A. H. © 1932 BS Problems encountered in the development of an airport njit-etd1932-001
Arnold, Sheeba © 2000 MS Investigation of the relevance of heart rate variability changes after heart transplantation njit-etd2000-098
Arockiam, Siril © 2017 MS Computational and experimental determination of the mixing efficiency of a microfluidic serpentine micromixer njit-etd2017-132
Arora, Jagriti Contact the author © 2002 MS Cortical response to facial expressions of young adult males with autism spectrum disorders and controls using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) njit-etd2002-059
Arora, Sachin Contact the author © 2003 MS Soft fault detection using MIBs in computer networks njit-etd2003-034
Arturo, Steven G. Contact the author © 2005 PhD Fluid-phase thermodynamics from molecular-level properties and interactions based in quantum theory njit-etd2005-062
Arulambalam, Ambalavanar © 1996 PhD Explicit congestion control algorithms for available bit rate services in asynchronous transfer mode networks njit-etd1996-086
Arulmozhi, Anandhavalavan Contact the author © 2011 MS Dissolution testing of prednisone and salicylic acid calibrator tablets at different tablet locations njit-etd2011-069
Aryusook, Krit © 1997 MS Trifluoroiodomethane as an environmentally friendly gas for water patterning by plasma etching process njit-etd1997-040
Asadathorn, Nutthapol © 1997 PhD Scheduling in assembly type job-shops njit-etd1997-034
Asan, Ahmet Sait Contact the author © 2016 MS An electromechanical system for characterization of piezoelectric materials njit-etd2016-047
Aska, Gerald © 1998 MS Telephone-accessed controller using CEBus for device control over power line njit-etd1998-011
Assanah, Fayekah Contact the author © 2008 MS Design of three-dimensional axon stretch growth device njit-etd2008-004
Asselin, Pierre Contact the author © 2005 MS Relationship between the autonomic nervous system and the recovering heart post exercise using heart rate variability njit-etd2005-045
Atalla, Nadi Contact the author © 2011 MS Non-invasive interventions top reduce low back dysfunction njit-etd2011-026
Atay, Iclal © 1986 Dr. Eng. Sci. Fluid flow and gas absorption in an ejector venturi scrubber njit-etd1986-001
Attri, Ravi Shankar Contact the author © 2002 MS Current requirements by electro hydrodynamic filter systems under shipboard operation conditions njit-etd2002-028
August, Katherine Grace Contact the author © 2009 PhD Sensorimotor experience in virtual environments njit-etd2009-068
Aunsri, Nattapol Contact the author © 2014 PhD Particle filtering for frequency estimation from acoustic time-series in dispersive media njit-etd2014-004
Auzmendi Murua, Itsaso Contact the author © 2013 PhD Reaction mechanisms of hydrocarbon and mercury systems in the atmosphere and in combustion: A theoretical study of thermochemical and kinetic properties njit-etd2013-064
Aydin, Zuleyha © 2017 MS Effects of 8 and 12 hour non-rotating shift schedules for security and protective services workers njit-etd2017-106
Ayiku, Moses Nee Buernor © 1976 Dr. Eng. Sci. Distributed parameter sensitivity theory to solve certain reliability problems njit-etd1976-004
Aykan, Sonay Contact the author © 2014 PhD Green vs. sustainable: analyzing and expanding LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) njit-etd2014-005
Ayoub, Tareq F. © 1998 PhD Space-time reduced rank methods and CFAR signal detection algorithms with applications to HPRF radar njit-etd1998-037
Azimi, Seyyed Mohammadreza Contact the author © 2018 PhD Online edge caching and wireless delivery in fog-aided networks njit-etd2018-019
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
Babaram, Vijay © 2000 MS Experimental ion implantation system for decaborane ions njit-etd2000-077
Babaria, Bhavin Contact the author © 2004 MS Transmission of light and audible sound in a synthetic fog medium njit-etd2004-131
Babets, Konstantin © 2001 PhD Numerical modeling and optimization of waterjet based surface decontamination njit-etd2001-044
Babladi, Manish R. © 1999 MS Radiative properties of IR materials njit-etd1999-036
Badiola, Carlo Francisco Contact the author © 2012 MS Combustion dynamics of individual reactive material particles njit-etd2012-021
Badwe, Devendra Jayant © 1997 MS Multi-lifecycle assessment of cathode ray tubes njit-etd1997-073
Bafna, Rohan Contact the author © 2005 MS A co-processor design to support MPI primitives in configurable multiprocessor designs njit-etd2005-003
Bagavandoss, Shivashanker © 1996 MS Removal of gasoline-based hydrocarbons by vapor permeation membranes njit-etd1996-042
Bagwe, Gaurav Sunil Contact the author © 2011 MS Development of a centrifugal microfluidic device for separation and sorting in biological fluids njit-etd2011-027
Bahn, Byong Youl © 1994 PhD Behavior of concrete and slender reinforced concrete columns under cyclic axial compression with bidirectional eccentricities njit-etd1994-032
Bai, Ge Contact the author © 2007 PhD Hydrodynamics investigation of in-vitro dissolution testing njit-etd2007-014
Bai, Yitao © 1993 MS Simulation study for the effect of dependencies in queueing systems njit-etd1993-017
Bajaj, Ratna Contact the author © 2002 MS Introduction on intrusion detection systems : focus on hierarchical analysis njit-etd2002-091
Bajracharya, Mandur Bajra Contact the author © 2005 MS Cluster-based wireless mobile ad-hoc network security njit-etd2005-046
Bakiri, Ghulum © 1983 MS Gallium nitride film deposition by ionized cluster beam epitaxy njit-etd1983-004
Baksa, Robert Contact the author © 2015 PhD Continuous monitoring of enterprise risks: A delphi feasibility study njit-etd2015-039
Bakun, Andrew I. © 1991 MS A comparative analysis of the efficacy of zero-order, first-order and Monod kinetic models in representing raw aerobic biodegradation data njit-etd1991-010
Balakrishnan, Aravind Contact the author © 2002 MS Recent advances in silicon light emitting diodes njit-etd2002-029
Baliga, Satish © 1989 Dr. Eng. Sci. Thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters based on the monomer of poly(ethylene terephthalate) njit-etd1989-029
Ballesteros, Jr., Florencio C. Contact the author © 2008 PhD Projecting land use changes using parcel-level data : model development and application to Hunterdon County, New Jersey njit-etd2008-056
Bandha, Sonia Contact the author © 2014 PhD Data analysis and simulation for warranties and golf handicaps njit-etd2014-044
Bandyopadhyay, Aparajita Contact the author © 2006 PhD Study of propagation and detection methods of terahertz radiation for spectroscopy and imaging njit-etd2006-072
Banerjee, Amit Contact the author © 2005 PhD Robust techniques and applications in fuzzy clustering njit-etd2005-126
Banerjee, Amitra Contact the author © 2006 MS Fabrication and characterization of back illuminated CMOS photodiode array njit-etd2006-096
Banerjee, Amrita Contact the author © 2012 PhD Graphene-coated substrates for biochemical and optoelectronic applications njit-etd2012-091
Banerjee, Angana Contact the author © 2008 MS Thermal and morphological analysis of collagen-plla electrospun blends njit-etd2008-079
Banerjee, Aniruddha Contact the author © 2013 MS Power dissipation and mixing time in a partially filled pharmaceutical reactor equipped with a retreat-blade impeller at different fill ratios njit-etd2013-029
Banerjee, Kashinath © 1988 Dr. Eng. Sci. Sorption and desorption of organic compounds by flyash njit-etd1988-032
Banerjee, Rudrani Contact the author © 2011 PhD Some contributions to modeling usage sensitive warranty servicing strategies and their analyses njit-etd2011-044
Banerjee, Sibabrata Contact the author © 2007 PhD Problems related to efficacy measurement and analyses njit-etd2007-041
Banerjee, Sumit © 1983 MS Computer simulation of cavity filling during injection molding process njit-etd1983-010
Banerji, Sugata Contact the author © 2013 PhD Novel color and local image descriptors for content-based image search njit-etd2013-065
Bang, Jongho © 2001 PhD Buffer management and cell switching management in wireless packet communications njit-etd2001-064
Banker, Kehur © 1995 MS Model parameter identification for rod and cone oscillatory potentials njit-etd1995-040
Bannier, Karin S. © 1992 M. Arch. A knowledge-based design system for a housing project for altzheimer's [sic] disease patients and their caregivers njit-etd1992-003
Bannon, Mark Contact the author © 2018 MS Interactions between polymer nanoparticles and blood plasma applied to drug delivery systems njit-etd2018-048
Banobre, Asahel Contact the author © 2018 PhD Silicon based uncooled microbolometer njit-etd2018-020
Bao, Jie © 1990 MS A stereo vision technique based on the multi-positioned camera criterion njit-etd1990-004
Bao, Jujiang © 1994 MS Building oriented surface generation through IGES specification njit-etd1994-062
Bappal, Arthika © 2004 MS Application of bootstrap resampling in fMRI njit-etd2004-043
Bar-Ness, Elisha Yegal © 1991 MS Performance analysis of symbol timing recovery circuits employed in digital communications systems njit-etd1991-004
Barannyk, Lyudmyla Leonidivna Contact the author © 2003 PhD Fully nonlinear interfacial waves in a bounded two-fluid system njit-etd2003-068
Baranski, Zbigniew Contact the author © 2002 PhD EM-Based iterative channel estimation and sequence detection for space-time coded modulation njit-etd2002-077
Barat, Robert Benedict © 1983 MS Flow tube reactions of selected chlorocarbons with molecular hydrogen or water vapor in a microwave induced plasma reactor njit-etd1983-001
Barner, Herbert Eugen © 1967 Dr. Eng. Sci. Kinetics of hydrogen reduction by manganese dioxide njit-etd1967-006
Barone, Justin R. © 1997 MS Microporous silicon dioxide/vycor membranes for gas separation njit-etd1997-041
Barot, Gautam Contact the author © 2006 PhD Constitutive modeling of the thermo-mechanics associated with crystallizable shape memory polymers njit-etd2006-109
Barra, Valeria Contact the author © 2018 PhD Numerical simulations of thin viscoelastic films njit-etd2018-021
Barrett, William A. © 1974 Dr. Eng. Sci. Synthetically-generated holographic memory system utilizing partially coherent light njit-etd1974-007
Barrios, Arleny C. © 1999 MS Rhetorical analysis of Sunoco, Inc. chairman and chief executive officer address to the World Fuels Conference : Requirements for Economic and Environmental Competitiveness in the 21st Century njit-etd1999-044
Barrow, Ryan Contact the author © 2006 MS Dry magnetic assisted impaction mixing of sub-micron boron and barium chromate for a time delay composition njit-etd2006-050
Barzani, Behrouz © 1993 MS Design and development of flexible manufacturing cells - a case study njit-etd1993-014
Basarab, Casayndra H. Contact the author © 2016 PhD Hamiltonian bifurcations in Schrodinger trimers njit-etd2016-094
Bashford, Curtis © 1995 MS Development of a multi-lead trans-thoracic impedance pneumograph for heart rate variability studies njit-etd1995-014
Basim, Swamy C. © 1999 PhD Physical and geotechnical characterization of water treatment plant residuals njit-etd1999-045
Basistyy, Roman Contact the author © 2015 PhD Mueller matrix spectroscopic ellipsometry of multiferroics njit-etd2015-014
Basnyat, Prakash M. Contact the author © 2013 PhD Investigations into b-o defect formation-dissociation in cz-silicon and their effect on solar cell performance njit-etd2013-066
Bass, Jr., Charles A. © 2002 PhD Application of chemical kinetic modeling to improve design and performance criteria for a practical incineration system njit-etd2002-014
Bateman, Andrew James © 1994 MS On issues of equalization with the decorrelation algorithm : fast converging structures and finite-precision njit-etd1994-063
Batiwalla, Bomi © 1972 Dr. Eng. Sci. Vibration and buckling of elastic plates with shear and rotatory inertia njit-etd1972-011
Batra, Vikram © 2000 MS Development and integration of a decision support system for electronic outsourcing into telemanufacturing service provider njit-etd2000-044
Bauman, Irving © 1954 MS Heat transfer characteristics of non-Newtonian suspensions njit-etd1954-001
Bayat, Abolfazl Contact the author © 2017 PhD Erosion behavior and scour risk of extremely coarse streambeds njit-etd2017-005
Beach, Lauren Elizabeth Contact the author © 2011 PhD Effect of dry particle coating on the properties of cohesive pharmaceutical powders njit-etd2011-045
Becke, Hans Werner © 1981 Dr. Eng. Sci. Investigations of gate turn-off structures njit-etd1981-004
Bedi, Tarun Preet S. Contact the author © 2004 MS Systems integration with DLSI njit-etd2004-044
Beggans, Michael H. © 2001 PhD Ultrathin silicon wafer bonding physics and applications njit-etd2001-065
Behi, Mohammad © 2001 PhD High solid loading aqueous base metal/ceramic feedstock for injection molding njit-etd2001-110
Bekker, Alex Yefim © 1987 Dr. Eng. Sci. Transient analysis of macromolecular blood-tissue exchange in microvascular bed njit-etd1987-012
Beldianu, Spiridon Florin Contact the author © 2012 PhD Vector coprocessor sharing techniques for multicores: performance and energy gains njit-etd2012-064
Belenky, Andrey Contact the author © 2003 PhD IP traceback with deterministic packet marking DPM njit-etd2003-105
Belfki, Zak © 1993 MS Comparison between stimulated EMG and natural EMG njit-etd1993-023
Beloni, Ervin Contact the author © 2008 MS Ignition of metal powder by electrostatic discharge stimulation njit-etd2008-005
Beloni, Ervin Contact the author © 2011 PhD Study of the heating and ignition of metal powder by electrostatic discharge njit-etd2011-046
Benchafia, El Mostafa Contact the author © 2015 PhD Polymeric nitrogen by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition njit-etd2015-015
Bennett, Dawn J. Contact the author © 2004 PhD Dielectrophoretic manipulation of biological and non-biological analytes in a microfluidic channel njit-etd2004-020
Benson-Worth, Kim Contact the author © 2013 MS Role of materials & design on performance of baseball bats njit-etd2013-059
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
Cada, Berzelius Ybanez Contact the author © 2004 MS Pulsed laser ablation deposition and optical characterization of hexagonal-wurtzite silicon njit-etd2004-001
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Cao, Mingzheng Contact the author © 2009 PhD I/Q imbalance mitigation for space-time block coded communication systems njit-etd2009-049
Caploon, Konstantin © 1994 MS Cervical spine bone anchoring system CSBAS pullout testing and comparisons njit-etd1994-070
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Chen, Xin Contact the author © 2016 PhD Magnetic reconnection in small and large scales on the sun njit-etd2016-029
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Chen, Yan Contact the author © 2008 PhD Abstraction, extension and structural auditing with the UMLS semantic network njit-etd2008-029
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Chen, Yunfei © 2017 PhD Optimization of the front end of CDTE solar cells njit-etd2017-124
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Chen, Zhihua © 2001 PhD Electro-magnetic control of cylinder wake njit-etd2001-049
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Chen, Zong Contact the author © 2003 PhD Handgrip pattern recognition njit-etd2003-022
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Cheng, Kung-E Contact the author © 2009 PhD Voting in group support systems : theory, implementation, and results from an exploratory study njit-etd2009-003
Cheng, Ruihua Contact the author © 2016 PhD Structural exploration and inference of the network njit-etd2016-099
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Chiriac, Vlad Mihai Contact the author © 2012 PhD Target localization in passive and active systems : performance bonds njit-etd2012-004
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Choi, Jin Soo Contact the author © 2012 PhD Wireless sensor network for health monitoring njit-etd2012-016
Choi, Kyungsub Steve Contact the author © 2004 PhD A discovery and analysis of influencing factors of pair programming njit-etd2004-080
Choi, Tae Ho © 1997 PhD Development of a mathematical model of gait dynamics njit-etd1997-049
Choi, Woo-Jin Contact the author © 2003 PhD Mobility modeling and management for next generation wireless networks njit-etd2003-107
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Chou, Chun-Chiao © 1995 PhD Experimental and numerical determination of fluid velocity profiles and turbulence intensity in mixing vessels njit-etd1995-017
Choudhary, Dipayan Datta Contact the author © 2017 MS III-nitride nanowire light-emitting diodes: design and characterization njit-etd2017-062
Choudhury, Mridusmita Contact the author © 2008 MS Multi well uni-axial stretch injury device njit-etd2008-010
Chouzouri, Georgia Contact the author © 2003 MS Modification of biodegradable polyesters with inorganic fillers njit-etd2003-038
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Chowdhury, Md. Shoaib © 2000 PhD Intermodal transit system coordination with dynamic vehicle dispatching njit-etd2000-014
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Chowdhury, Tazima Selim Contact the author © 2019 PhD Supercapacitors with gate electrodes njit-etd2019-027
Christian, Saskia Contact the author © 2005 MS Investigation of solid polymeric hollow fiber heat exchange devices for use in thermally-driven desalination processes njit-etd2005-099
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Christou, Charalambos Stephanou © 1998 PhD A low-cost high-speed twin-prefetching DSP-based shared-memory system for real-time image processing applications njit-etd1998-049
Chu, Dongliang Contact the author © 2016 PhD Accelerating data-intensive scientific visualization and computing through parallelization njit-etd2016-107
Chu, Fang Contact the author © 2010 PhD Variance reduction techniques for estimating quantiles and value-at-risk njit-etd2010-087
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Chuang, Chao-fa Contact the author © 2006 PhD Facial feature representation and recognition njit-etd2006-022
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Chung, Chao-Yi © 1994 MS Modeling arsenic transformation in clay soils njit-etd1994-077
Chung, Yichung © 1992 PhD Development of prediction technique for the geometry of the abrasive waterjet generated kerf njit-etd1992-015
Chung, Youngjin © 2001 PhD Buckling of composite conical shells under combined axial compression, external pressure, and bending njit-etd2001-099
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Ciulla, Carlo © 2000 MS Development and characterization of techniques for neuro-imaging registration njit-etd2000-002
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Clegg, Jill McNulty Contact the author © 2014 MS The winds of change: the political ecology of renewable energy transition in Vermont njit-etd2014-028
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Cohn, Simon © 1998 MS Dynamic friction measurement, modeling, and compensation for precise motion control njit-etd1998-005
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Coleman, Marilyn Louise Contact the author © 2005 MS Instruction of throwing events in track and field : an historical analysis njit-etd2005-005
Collins, Regina Contact the author © 2010 MS Web-based portfolio assessment : An open source solution for platform design njit-etd2010-051
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
D'Alessio, II, Jerry © 1995 MS Wear and friction of hylamer and polyethylene against cobalt chromium a pin-on-disc study njit-etd1995-009
D'Ambrose, Christopher Contact the author © 2016 PhD Laboratory studies of the biodegradation of chemically dispersed oil: effect of droplet size and nutrient amendment njit-etd2016-006
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Dagli, Shrenik © 1999 MS Effect of postural tilt on the autonomic nervous system in Gulf War veterans njit-etd1999-052
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Dai, Ge © 1994 MS A distributed network architecture for video-on-demand njit-etd1994-018
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Damcott, Megan Diane Contact the author © 2011 MS The effect of dynamic standing on the bone mineral density of non-ambulatory children: a pilot study njit-etd2011-116
Damcott, Megan Diane Contact the author © 2011 PhD The impact of dynamic and passive standing on bone mineral density and appositional growth in immobilized children njit-etd2011-090
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Damodaran, Mahesh Contact the author © 2002 MS Probability of a hazardous material truck accident in New Jersey njit-etd2002-061
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Danis, John G. © 1988 MS Modeling and simulation of robot arms with flexible links njit-etd1988-015
Darjani, Shabnam Contact the author © 2013 PhD Dynamic response of highway bridges under a moving truck and development of a rational serviceability requirement njit-etd2013-027
Das, Anirban © 1998 MS Removal of VOCs from superfactant-flushed wastewater by membrane based modified pervaporation process njit-etd1998-050
Das, Nandita Contact the author © 2003 MS The challenges of hypertext writers : a case study njit-etd2003-118
Das, Shyam © 1999 MS Production of pulsed low energy electron beams njit-etd1999-020
DasChaudhuri, Rashmita Contact the author © 2014 MS Public private partnership in transit projects njit-etd2014-029
Dass, Ananya Contact the author © 2016 PhD Schema-aware keyword search on linked data njit-etd2016-030
Dastane, Ajit Nachiket © 1989 MS Design of a gear driven anti-twister mechanism for a seal-less blood processor njit-etd1989-024
Datla, Vikram V. © 1997 MS Design improvement using reverse analysis in design for quality manufacturability njit-etd1997-050
Datta, Abhijit © 1995 MS Synthesis of silicon oxide/VYCOR composite membrane structures by an optimized LPCVD process njit-etd1995-078
Datta, Banshari Contact the author © 2014 MS Approach to flood mitigation - a post sandy study in New Jersey Meadowlands area njit-etd2014-067
Dave, Umang J. © 1998 MS Requirement elicitation and knowledge management utilizing relational database, client server and internet technologies njit-etd1998-051
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De Jong, Joshua H. Contact the author © 2011 MS Design and fabrication of a tapped densification apparatus for bulk solids njit-etd2011-030
De Michele, Patrick © 1967 MS Case history of a test pile program for the redevelopment of Newark Airport njit-etd1967-003
de Ruijter, Michel J. © 1995 MS Fundamentals of adhesion of organic compounds and aqueous cleaning of glass and metal surfaces : applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries njit-etd1995-110
De, Chandralekha Contact the author © 2012 PhD Example based texture synthesis and quantification of texture quality njit-etd2012-062
Deek, Fadi Pierre © 1997 PhD An integrated environment for problem solving and program development njit-etd1997-001
DeFranco-Tommarello, Joanna Contact the author © 2002 PhD Collaborative problem solving and program development model njit-etd2002-043
DeGregori, Alessandro Contact the author © 2007 MS Learning environments : redefining the discourse on school architecture njit-etd2007-034
DeMarco, Devin Peter Contact the author © 2004 MS The rise and fall of open market emissions trading in New Jersey njit-etd2004-048
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Demetriou, Charalambos K. © 1995 MS Economic and monetary union in Europe njit-etd1995-079
Deng, Na Contact the author © 2007 PhD High resolution studies of complex solar active regions njit-etd2007-017
Deng, Xiaoliang Contact the author © 2016 PhD Understanding bulk behavior of particulate materials from particle scale simulations njit-etd2016-004
Deng, Xinmin Contact the author © 2005 PhD Communications over fading channels with partial channel information : performance and design criteria njit-etd2005-065
Deng, Yi Contact the author © 2008 PhD Multiclass intermodal network model : the use of combined model on system evaluations njit-etd2008-030
Derr, Peter Haines © 1999 MS A signal conditioning approach for the extraction of the oscillatory petential from the electroretinogram njit-etd1999-054
Desai, Chintal Contact the author © 2013 PhD Stability and precipitation of diverse nanoparticles njit-etd2013-073
Desai, Dhawal Contact the author © 2002 MS Development of a method to examine shear stress on cardiomyocytes njit-etd2002-030
Desai, Dhruvkumar Contact the author © 2018 MS Passive planar terahertz retroreflectors njit-etd2018-045
Desai, Hemant S. © 1999 MS Study of reactive media for chromium removal from groundwater by permeable barriers njit-etd1999-008
Desai, Jagdip © 1997 MS Design of a mode of delivery for macrobead transplantation njit-etd1997-010
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Devrani, Gaurev Contact the author © 2008 MS A two dimensional model of magnetic field assisted assembly njit-etd2008-092
Dhaliwal, Harnoor Contact the author © 2009 MS Sustainable site remediation : a life cycle assessment approach njit-etd2009-022
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Dhar, Abhinav © 1995 MS Analysis of a design for its quality manufacturability in terms of misalignments and fastener related problems njit-etd1995-019
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Di Benedetto, Giuseppe Contact the author © 2009 PhD Precipitation of micro/nanoparticles in enhanced high energy dissipation mixing systems njit-etd2009-005
Diallo, Nafi Contact the author © 2016 PhD Termination, correctness and relative correctness njit-etd2016-031
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DiGironimo, Danielle M. Contact the author © 2004 MS OSHA laboratory safety standard 29 CFR 1910.1450 and achieving compliance in the microelectronic laboratory njit-etd2004-050
DiJoseph, Patricia Kathleen Contact the author © 2013 PhD Optimization of path based sensor spacing on a freeway segment for travel time prediction during incidents njit-etd2013-107
Dikshitulu, Sitaram © 1993 PhD Competition between two microbial populations in a sequencing fed-batch reactor and its implications for waste treatment applications njit-etd1993-031
DiMiceli, Jr., Francesco © 2000 MS Whose turn is it anyway : the impact of job rotation on the reduction of cumulative trauma disorders njit-etd2000-051
Dimitrijevic, Branislav Contact the author © 2018 PhD A method for assessing transportation impacts of new land developments using integrated land use and transportation network modeling njit-etd2018-035
Dinc, Abdulkadir © 1991 PhD The theory of bootstrapped algorithms and their applications to cross polarization interference cancelation njit-etd1991-020
Dincer, Cem Contact the author © 2003 MS Hop-limited routing for multihop cellular networks njit-etd2003-042
Ding, Jie © 1994 MS External cavity laser power stabilizer njit-etd1994-078
Ding, Yi Ming Contact the author © 2016 PhD Electrical characterization of high-k gate dielectrics for advanced CMOS gate stacks njit-etd2016-090
Ding, Yuan © 1995 PhD A theoretical analysis of volatile contaminant removal by the pneumatic fracturing process njit-etd1995-049
Ding, Yuqing © 2000 PhD Development and application of dynamic models for predicting transit arrival times njit-etd2000-052
Disque, Robert O © 1959 MS The plastic design of steel cofferdam njit-etd1959-001
Dix, Robert © 1970 Dr. Eng. Sci. Continuous esterification of lactic acid with n-Butyl alcohol njit-etd1970-003
Dobbs, Heather R. Contact the author © 2001 MS A comparison of risks from New Jersey chemical facilities and the benefits of risk communication njit-etd2001-016
Dobiszewski, Kyle F. Contact the author © 2013 PhD Characterization of neural ion regulation dysfunction during insult and evaluation of micro-opioid receptor activation during simulated ischemia in the pre-botzinger complex njit-etd2013-104
Doddi, Saraswathi Contact the author © 2005 MS Growth behavior of fibroblasts influenced by small changes in polymer structure njit-etd2005-101
Domiter, John Anthony © 1979 MS A new mathematical model for nephron macromolecular selectivity njit-etd1979-001
Dong, Annan Contact the author © 2019 PhD Blind separation for intermittent sources via sparse dictionary learning njit-etd2019-028
Dong, Jong-In © 1990 Dr. Eng. Sci. Mass transfer of hazardous organic compounds in soil matrices relevant to thermal desorption/incineration njit-etd1990-033
Dong, Qian Contact the author © 2016 MS A computational model for transdermal diffusion of lidocaine and tetracaine topical patches njit-etd2016-082
Dong, Weiqiang Contact the author © 2013 MS Model predictive control for building temperature regulation njit-etd2013-030
Dong, Yin © 2001 PhD A more efficient document retrieval method for TEXPROS njit-etd2001-059
Dong, Ziqian Contact the author © 2008 PhD Architecture design and performance analysis of practical buffered-crossbar packet switches njit-etd2008-031
Donia, Magd © 1993 MS The design thing : a study of design in practice and theory njit-etd1993-008
Donnelly, Diane L. Contact the author © 2003 MS Study of baroreceptor sensitivity index in chronic fatigue syndrome njit-etd2003-084
Donnelly, Diane L. Contact the author © 2006 PhD Characterization of hypertension through multivariate analysis utilizing linear and nonlinear methods njit-etd2006-108
Dons, Edwin M. Contact the author © 2004 PhD Characterization of ultrathin gate dielectrics and multilayer charge injection barriers njit-etd2004-082
Doong, Simon © 1998 PhD A folder organization model for information systems : exploring its architectural expressive power and predicate-based filing njit-etd1998-052
Dorval, Roger © 1994 MS A multi-dimensional model of passive MESFETS for use in non-linear microwave signal processing njit-etd1994-079
Dory, Gabriela Contact the author © 2014 PhD The experience of reducing environmental risks in an environmental justice community njit-etd2014-094
Doshi, Apurva Vinodchandra © 1986 MS Introductory guide to Bridgeport series I CNC milling, drilling and boring machine njit-etd1986-015
Doshi, Gunjan Navin © 1998 MS Analysis and applications of FTIR systems njit-etd1998-018
Doshi, Kunal Jayant Contact the author © 2008 MS Creating new visualization and human interface devices for theraputic video games njit-etd2008-012
Dou, Zuochao Contact the author © 2018 PhD Secure entity authentication njit-etd2018-022
Dresher, Kevin © 1980 MS A microprocessor based digital logic simulator njit-etd1980-002
Dritschilo, Anatoly © 1969 MS A rheological equation of state for blood at low shear rates njit-etd1969-003
Druin, Melvin Leonard © 1968 Dr. Eng. Sci. Viscosity-density correlation of Newtonian liquids njit-etd1968-008
Du, Bo Contact the author © 2017 PhD An artificial neural network model for predicting freeway work zone delays with big data njit-etd2017-003
Du, Fen Contact the author © 2012 PhD Design and automated operation of a condensation-induced depressurization system njit-etd2012-061
Du, Jun © 1990 MS The oxidation of methylene chloride over manganese dioxide catalyst njit-etd1990-011
Du, Shuang Contact the author © 2016 MS Infrared imaging - case studies and applications njit-etd2016-048
Du, Zongxuan Contact the author © 2016 MS Data analytics with mapreduce in apache spark and hadoop systems njit-etd2016-049
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Dzisah, Patrick Contact the author © 2015 MS Modeling of electrical behavior of graphene-based ultracapacitors njit-etd2015-066
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
Gabbard, Ronald G. Contact the author © 2002 PhD The development of h Homogeneous nucleation rate model for thermoplastic foams based on a molecular partition function and Fickian diffusion njit-etd2002-044
Gadangi, Ajitha © 1994 MS Implementation of an automatic mapping tool for massively parallel computing njit-etd1994-085
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Galbraith, Michael Thomas © 1999 MS In situ enhancement of well recovery by pneumatic media injection njit-etd1999-057
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Gao, Meimei Contact the author © 2003 PhD Optimal and intelligent decision making in sustainable development of electronic products njit-etd2003-108
Gao, Shengyan Contact the author © 2012 PhD Micromechanical study of two-phase flow during air sparging njit-etd2012-010
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Ghaly, Maikel Contact the author © 2015 MS Fem of electrospinning compared to inkjet printing model njit-etd2015-006
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Ghazi Sharyatpanahi, Seyed Behrad Contact the author © 2015 MS Structural health monitoring of bridges using wireless sensor networks njit-etd2015-070
Ghosh, Anushreya Contact the author © 2019 MS Blind source separation using dictionary learning over time-varying channels njit-etd2019-009
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
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Huang, Chihlin Contact the author © 2017 MS Heat transfer in silicon – experiments and simulation njit-etd2017-024
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
Iannello, Fabio Contact the author © 2012 PhD Energy harvesting-aware design of wireless networks njit-etd2012-056
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Imura, Yuki Contact the author © 2003 MS In situ laser etch-depth monitoring of the deep reactive ion etching process njit-etd2003-005
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
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Jadhav, Bharati Contact the author © 2014 MS Risk prediction with genomic data njit-etd2014-070
Jaiantilal, Abhishek Contact the author © 2006 MS Online clustering with single-pass topology based fuzzy clustering algorithm njit-etd2006-006
Jain, Adwitiya Akash Contact the author © 2006 MS Location estimation in a 3D environment using radio frequency identification tags njit-etd2006-056
Jain, Rahul Contact the author © 2007 PhD Design and implementation of split TCP in the Linux kernel njit-etd2007-072
Jain, Rashi Contact the author © 2011 PhD Sequential bayesian filtering for spatial arrival time estimation njit-etd2011-097
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Jana, Amitava © 1996 PhD Real time control of nonlinear dynamic systems using neuro-fuzzy controllers njit-etd1996-037
Jancerak, Craig Contact the author © 2001 MS Managing toxic and hazardous substances of concern in manufacturing njit-etd2001-013
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Janjua, Muhammad Mansoor Contact the author © 2009 PhD Electro hydrodynamic manipulation of the process of self-assembly of particles at fluid-fluid interfaces njit-etd2009-007
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Jelis, Elias Contact the author © 2017 PhD Development of low alloy steel by direct metal laser sintering njit-etd2017-017
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Ji, Xiang Contact the author © 2015 PhD Social analytics for health integration, intelligence, and monitoring njit-etd2015-105
Jia, Xieyang Contact the author © 2018 PhD Survival analysis using archimedean copulas njit-etd2018-026
Jian, Ruiqi Contact the author © 2014 MS Thermochemical properties of c3 to c5 unsaturated carbonyl alkenes: enthalpies of formation, entropy, heat capacity, bond enthalpy njit-etd2014-032
Jiang, Jun Contact the author © 2005 PhD Detection of network anomalies and novel attacks in the internet via statistical network traffic separation and normality prediction njit-etd2005-027
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Jin, Lei © 2000 MS Preparation and properties of tantalum silicide films on silicon substrates njit-etd2000-004
Jin, Quan Contact the author © 2007 PhD Direct simulations of cells motions and deformations in flow njit-etd2007-049
Jin, Tien Liang © 1975 MS Design of a YIG-tuned oscillator njit-etd1975-001
Jing, ju Contact the author © 2005 PhD Dynamics of filaments, flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) njit-etd2005-073
Jing, Rui Contact the author © 2005 MS A digital signature and watermarking based authentication system for JPEG2000 images njit-etd2005-010
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Johnson, Richard Contact the author © 2019 MS Mechanics of binder-particle interactions in composite battery electrodes njit-etd2019-011
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Jones, Abigail Andrea © 1992 M. Arch. Every day art : demonstrating a new approach to visual arts for children njit-etd1992-004
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Joshi, Chirag Contact the author © 2003 MS Characterization and corrosion of BCC-tantalum coating deposited on aluminum and steel substrate by DC magnetron sputtering njit-etd2003-006
Joshi, Yogesh Contact the author © 2009 PhD Discreet dynamical population models : higher dimensional pioneer-climax models njit-etd2009-055
Jou, Chih-Ju © 1993 PhD Engineering design of an anaerobic-aerobic system to treat chlorophenols njit-etd1993-035
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Jung, Dawoon © 2000 MS Thermochemical properties of methyl and chloro-methyl hyplochlorites and ethers and reaction of methyl radical with CLO njit-etd2000-057
Jung, Dawoon Contact the author © 2003 PhD Pharmacophore derivation using discotech and comparison of semi-emperical, AB initio and density functional CoMFA studies for sigma 1 and sigma 2 receptor-ligands njit-etd2003-075
Jung, Jongtai © 1994 PhD Oxidation of pollutants in a batch recirculation bioreactor with immobilized microorganisms njit-etd1994-033
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
Kabra, Rakesh K. © 1998 PhD Design and characterization of ultra high frame rate burst image sensors njit-etd1998-067
Kadri, Olufemi E. Contact the author © 2018 PhD Overcoming conventional modeling limitations using image- driven lattice-boltzmann method simulations for biophysical applications njit-etd2018-057
Kahali, Sudeepto Contact the author © 2015 MS Effect of endplate on the blast wave profile in a compressed gas shock tube njit-etd2015-099
Kakkad, Samata Mukesh Contact the author © 2008 MS Brain segmentation using endogenous contrast mechanism using breath holding fMRI signal for tissue characterization njit-etd2008-014
Kalambur, Ujwala G. Contact the author © 2003 MS Implementation of cyclic exercise protocol on two study groups - AIDS and insomnia njit-etd2003-090
Kalavapalli, Sreeranga © 1993 MS Techniques of petri net reduction njit-etd1993-006
Kale, Bageshri Contact the author © 2004 MS Study of design tradeoffs of DRAM and SRAM memories, using HSPICE computer simulation njit-etd2004-053
Kaleem, Hassan © 1999 MS A field study coupling soil fractionation and sonic energy for enhancing the in situ removal of volatile organic compounds in the vadose zone njit-etd1999-065
Kallepalli, Venkata R. Contact the author © 2004 MS Supply chain risk analysis njit-etd2004-054
Kallo, Judith Deak © 1997 MS The socio-economic role of crude oil in the United States and Finland njit-etd1997-061
Kaluyu, Japheth K. Contact the author © 2009 PhD Determinants of risky sexual behaviors of Kenyan immigrant men in the US and during visits in Kenya njit-etd2009-071
Kamad, Mukesh Kumar Contact the author © 2017 MS Thermal swing membrane based method for CO2 capture from flue gas njit-etd2017-074
Kamal, Zafar © 1993 MS Trouble shooting in plastic injection molding machines njit-etd1993-013
Kamara, Mayeanna Contact the author © 2010 MS Effectiveness of safety training njit-etd2010-105
Kamble, Amit Madhukar Contact the author © 2010 MS Motor data scaling by respiration frequencies in rest njit-etd2010-117
Kamdar, Rakesh © 1990 MS Multiprocessor system design tutor : expert system approach njit-etd1990-020
Kamel, Nashwa F. © 1997 MS Performance evaluation of CEBus power line communication in the presence of X-10 module signaling njit-etd1997-006
Kamel, Raafat Edward © 1994 PhD Blind detection in channels with intersymbol interference njit-etd1994-041
Kamolpornwijit, Wiwat © 1996 MS Remediation and reuse of Chromium contaminated soils through cold top ex-site vitrification njit-etd1996-003
Kamolpornwijit, Wiwat © 2000 PhD Feasibility study to extract iron and chromium from chromium contaminated soils njit-etd2000-037
Kanaan, Muzaffer © 1996 MS A simulation environment for CDMA wireless communication systems in AWGN channels njit-etd1996-011
Kanchanapiboon, Atipol Contact the author © 2009 PhD Optimizing replenishment order quantities in uncoordinated supply chains njit-etd2009-054
Kancherla, Krishna © 1989 MS Statistical multiplexing of video sources for packet switching networks njit-etd1989-018
Kang, Jae-Hong © 1996 PhD Development of a traffic safety index for urban intersections njit-etd1996-091
Kang, Yun © 2000 PhD Endotoxin removal from protein solutions by immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography njit-etd2000-023
Kannan Neten Dharan, Kannan Neten Dharan Contact the author © 2019 MS A comparative study of russian trolls using several machine learning models on twitter data njit-etd2019-024
Kanneganti, Kumud Contact the author © 2010 MS Design of drug delivery strategies based on well-stirred experiments njit-etd2010-058
Kaplan, Joel Howard © 1966 Dr. Eng. Sci. Kinetics of the lactic acid-butyl alcohol esterification reaction njit-etd1966-003
Kaplan, Kayla L. Contact the author © 2016 MS Effects of human development on aeolian sediment transport rates within an adjacent undeveloped backshore enclave njit-etd2016-013
Kaplinsky, Michael B. © 1997 PhD Multi-wavelength pyrometric systems for emissivity-independent non-contact temperature sensing njit-etd1997-033
Karam, Samer Nadim Contact the author © 2005 MS Sharing the big apple : a survey study of people, place and locatability njit-etd2005-050
Kardos, Lisa M. Contact the author © 2015 PhD Molecular modeling of sigma 1 and sigma 2 receptor ligands: pharmacophore development and comparison using discotech and bioactivity prediction comparison of ab initio and density functional comfa studies for spiro and other receptor ligands njit-etd2015-021
Karmaker, Avik Contact the author © 2004 MS SLIMSVM : a simple implementation of support vector machine for analysis of microarray data njit-etd2004-113
Karna, Upendra L. © 2001 D. Eng Characterization of the dependant pile capacity in glacial deposits by dynamic load tests njit-etd2001-002
Karri, Swetha Contact the author © 2008 MS Classification of hand held shapes and locations in continuous signing njit-etd2008-093
Karunakaran, Keerthana Deepti Contact the author © 2019 PhD A multimodal approach to investigate brain reorganization after spinal cord injury using functional magnetic resonance imaging and functional near-infrared spectroscopy njit-etd2019-032
Karunakaran, Kiran Kartika Contact the author © 2016 PhD A novel approach to user controlled ambulation of lower extremity exoskeletons using admittance control paradigm njit-etd2016-034
Karwa, Mahesh Kumar Contact the author © 2006 PhD Gas chromatography on self assembled single walled carbon nanotubes njit-etd2006-077
Karwande, Navin © 1997 MS Measuring the need for manufacturing flexibility and evaluating its economic benefits njit-etd1997-022
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Kaufman, Steven Thomas Contact the author © 2008 MS The use of instrumented measures to describe lower extremity joint mechanics njit-etd2008-050
Kaur, Manmeet Contact the author © 2010 PhD Perturbed spherical objects in acoustic and fluid flow fields njit-etd2010-022
Kazerani, Hamed Contact the author © 2012 PhD Inkjet printing of resistive-type humidity sensor for harsh environments njit-etd2012-054
Kehoe, Donald Contact the author © 2009 MS Game engine architecture : A comprehensive view njit-etd2009-084
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Keppler, Andreas © 1994 MS Authentication for mobile computing njit-etd1994-012
Kerobo, Charles Omotayo © 1982 Dr. Eng. Sci. Fractionation of multicomponent mixtures by staged sequence cyclic process and parametric pumping njit-etd1982-011
Kewalramani, Jitendra Contact the author © 2018 MS Intense ultrasonic waves in fluids: nonlinear behaviour njit-etd2018-006
Khaladkar, Mugdha Contact the author © 2009 PhD A bioinformatics framework for RNA structure mining, motif discovery and polyadenylation analysis njit-etd2009-053
Khalili, Shahrouz Contact the author © 2016 PhD Cloud-aided wireless systems: communications and radar applications njit-etd2016-035
Khamis, Adel A. © 1983 Dr. Eng. Sci. The effect of ultrasound on the hydrolysis of carbohydrates njit-etd1983-017
Khan, Md. Ekramul Hasan © 1990 MS An investigation of the dynamics of abrasive waterjet formation njit-etd1990-016
Khan, Md. Ekramul Hasan © 1994 PhD An investigation of the formation of turbulent water and abrasive water jets njit-etd1994-025
Khan, Mohammad A. Contact the author © 2016 PhD Context-aware collaborative storage and programming for mobile users njit-etd2016-109
Khandelwal, Rajendra S. © 1987 MS An investigation of electrical and optical properties of sputtered amorphous silicon nitride and germanium thin films njit-etd1987-007
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Kharangarh, Poonam Rani Contact the author © 2013 PhD Study of deep level defects of N+-CdS/P-CdTe solar cells njit-etd2013-076
Kharashgeh, Mohammad Contact the author © 2006 MS FPGA-based implementation of parallel graph partitioning njit-etd2006-101
Khayati, Khoosheh Contact the author © 2017 PhD Regulation of mTORC1 by homocysteine and its effects on autophagy in human and mouse neuronal tissues njit-etd2017-042
Khorkova Sherman, Olga E. Contact the author © 2008 PhD Mechanisms of ionic current changes underlying rhythmic activity recovery after decentralization njit-etd2008-035
Khubani, Vishal Contact the author © 2004 MS Electronic marketplaces and their roles in the staffing industry : an explorative analysis njit-etd2004-055
Kiani, Abbas Contact the author © 2018 PhD From geographically dispersed data centers towards hierarchical edge computing njit-etd2018-027
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Kim, Alyssa Misoo Contact the author © 2013 MS Engineering spores to display g protein-coupled receptors for directed evolution njit-etd2013-054
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Kim, Daekyung © 1991 PhD Mathematical modeling of mass transfer in microvascular wall and interstitial space njit-etd1991-024
Kim, Dongwook Contact the author © 2011 PhD The effects of periodic and non-periodic inputs on the dynamics of a medial entorhinal cortex layer II stellate cell model njit-etd2011-089
Kim, Eunhee Contact the author © 2005 PhD The effects of digital audio on social presence, motivation and perceived learning in asynchronous learning networks njit-etd2005-075
Kim, Haley H. Contact the author © 2017 PhD Sparsity based methods for target localization in multi-sensor radar njit-etd2017-015
Kim, Hansan Contact the author © 2005 MS Evaluation of UNIFAC group interaction parameters usijng properties based on quantum mechanical calculations njit-etd2005-051
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Kim, Jong Min © 1992 PhD Process technology and characterization for field emission devices njit-etd1992-023
Kim, Jong-Wook © 1996 MS Integrating key functions in product development : a conceptual product development model for the Korean context njit-etd1996-059
Kim, Kitae Contact the author © 2010 PhD Optimal train control on various track alignments considering speed and schedule adherence constraints njit-etd2010-023
Kim, Kwang Seok Contact the author © 2010 PhD Design of novel drug delivery system and optimal dosage regimens njit-etd2010-110
Kim, Minhee Contact the author © 2002 PhD A microfabricated microconcentrator for sensors and chromatography njit-etd2002-080
Kim, Neung Hyun Contact the author © 2006 MS Modification of clays with ionic liquids for polymer nanocomponents njit-etd2006-008
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Kong, Kang H. © 1991 MS Implementation of automated assembly njit-etd1991-025
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Koons, John Mark © 1994 MS Photoluminescence study of gallium arsenide, aluminum gallium arsenide, and gallium antimonide thin films grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition njit-etd1994-008
Korgaonkar, Akshata Anand Contact the author © 2011 MS EMG-based determination of upper extremity virtual trajectory njit-etd2011-033
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Koval, Aleksey Contact the author © 2011 PhD Security systems based on Gaussian integers : Analysis of basic operations and time complexity of secret transformations njit-etd2011-092
Kovalcinova, Lenka Contact the author © 2016 PhD Numerical simulations of dense granular systems with and without cohesive effects njit-etd2016-101
Kovvali, Anjaneya Sarma © 2001 PhD Immobilized liquid membranes for facilitated transport and gas separation njit-etd2001-111
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Krishnan, Ram Narayan Contact the author © 2003 MS Tree based reliable topology for distributing link state information njit-etd2003-091
Krohn, John E. © 1995 MS Hydrodynamic and water quality modeling of the Whippany river njit-etd1995-089
Krull, Scott Matthew Contact the author © 2017 PhD Formulation and dissolution of polymer strip films for the delivery of poorly water-soluble drug nanoparticles njit-etd2017-009
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Kung, Cheng-Ming © 1991 PhD Integrated anaerobic-aerobic system for the biodegradation of highly chlorinated aromatic compounds njit-etd1991-053
Kung, Michele Liu Contact the author © 2003 MS Interaction of disparity and accommodative vergence njit-etd2003-092
Kunta, Tirupathi Rao Contact the author © 2003 MS Design of an FPGA-based parallel SIMD machine for power flow analysis njit-etd2003-050
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Kwan, Anthony W. © 1994 MS CAD study of linear tapered slot antenna njit-etd1994-095
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
Labous, Laurent © 1997 MS Experimental investigation of collisional properties of spheres njit-etd1997-065
Lacontora, John Michael Contact the author © 2005 PhD Live, virtual, and constructive environments for performance support njit-etd2005-031
Lad, Nitin J. © 1995 MS Algorithms for the NJIT turbonet parallel computer njit-etd1995-069
Ladolcetta, Mark © 2000 PhD Deactivation and enhancement effects of sulfur on supported platinum oxidation catalysts njit-etd2000-038
LaFond, Ian Anthony Gerard Contact the author © 2016 PhD Plasticity of the cortical representation of finger extensors induced by paired associative stimulation njit-etd2016-005
Lagoviyer, Oleg Shlomo Contact the author © 2018 MS Mechanochemical nitration of aromatic compounds njit-etd2018-007
Laguna, Marinela C. © 1985 MS Automated EEG spectrum analysis system njit-etd1985-006
Lahiri, Soumi Contact the author © 2006 PhD Linear and log-linear models based on generalized inverse sampling scheme njit-etd2006-078
Lakdawala, Murtaza M. Contact the author © 2008 MS Derivation of the respiratory rate signal from a single lead ECG njit-etd2008-084
Lake, Pablito C. Contact the author © 2003 MS Detecting malfunction in wireless sensor networks njit-etd2003-052
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Liu, Zhiming Contact the author © 2011 PhD Face recognition using multiple features in different color spaces njit-etd2011-011
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Lo, Chun-Hao Contact the author © 2013 PhD Enabling sustainable power distribution networks by using smart grid communications njit-etd2013-077
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Long, Fei Contact the author © 2011 MS Digital image forensics njit-etd2011-077
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Lu, Haiyi Contact the author © 2001 MS Development and application of a computer simulation tool for ecological risk assessments njit-etd2001-004
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Lu, Weilong Contact the author © 2012 MS Magnetic targeted drug delivery system in gene therapy njit-etd2012-078
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
Ma, An-Yu Contact the author © 2012 MS Hydrogen storage in pt/carbon nanotube sheets njit-etd2012-033
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Author Year Degree Title ETD#
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